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Part 53: Part XL: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Bundles of Joy

Part XL: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Bundles of Joy

Regina really has changed a lot since my journey began. When I started, she was still living as the greatest of all prospectors in Riesengang, and her strength helped me during some of my worst moments. After the Regina Kurtis Bridge got built, I stopped by her house one more time before she left, and it looked so empty without all her stuff in it. It was a little sad, but her new life began at the same time mine did...

Look! Look at her palm! It's so small!

Haha! Thanks for coming all the way out here to visit me. I've been wanting to see you for a while now, but... With these kids here, my mobility is kinda limited.

No, no, going on a bit of an outing is nothing, I mean... I was able to meet such a cute baby!

Hmhm, it seems like she can hold up her head on her own, so it feels like the first stage is complete, but... It just gets harder and harder from now on.

I see. Regina, you're totally a mother now! It's only been half a year since I saw you last... Huh? Something doesn't add up here...

Whoa, hold on there! This is my little brother's baby. He totally got married and had a kid before his big sister.

Then...the one behind you...?

Oh, this is my youngest sister. I guess I never told you... Go on, say hi to Ayesha!

Oh my gosh! She's soooo cute!

Oh my, hello! ...Hehehe! She looks just like you, so I totally thought she was your kid.

You'd be even more surprised if you saw my whole family together. We all have the same face! Hmhm...

Regina, you seem to have gotten softer.

Have I? I've been taking care of these two kids lately. Maybe that's why... When I was prospecting, the only people around me were beefy men.

You were really cool back then, but now you're really cute.

Hmhm, living a tranquil life in the countryside makes both your personality and your body rounder.

Haha, now that you mention it, have you gotten a little plump?

Hey, you're supposed to say that I've gotten more feminine. If you had to take care of a baby, I'm sure you'd become much more feminine than you are now, too, Ayesha.

Really? Hmm, I"m not sure if that would work for me... But babies...are nice. I want one, too.

Oh? Now that's an assertive statement. So, do you have a special companion?

That' know... Haha, my goodness... What about you, Regina?

I'm eagerly striving...

Then I'd have to say that also applies to me. Hehehe!

If you want to hug a baby, come visit me again.

A family... I'm 21, so maybe it's time to start thinking of getting one. I mean, I can't be just an apothecary forever, right?