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Part 54: Part XLI: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Overflowing Love

Part XLI: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Overflowing Love

I never really stopped to think about it, but Linca and Marion... I ended up getting involved with them a lot more than I thought I would at first, and soon after I returned home, I found myself wanting them to be in my life forever. Although, Marion still has her job... I hope I was able to touch their hearts.

... And it's all thanks to your help. Thank you so much for all you've done up till now.

So you have to go home... Thinking about how you two will be gone... Makes me so sad...

Don't make that face. Being's the same for us, too. In a land where we've never been before, meeting and interacting with people we've never met before... We were able to make a smooth transition into this life right away thanks to you, Ayesha.

Because of you, we did not miss a meal. It is all thanks to you, Ayesha.

Okay... *sniff* Umm, will I ever see you two again?

Of course! ...Is what I'd like to say, but the truth is, I'm not sure. It all depends on the higher-ups whether or not we'll be included in the next expedition team to be dispatched...

Ayesha, being a gofer is hard...

This place is too far for me to visit on my time off...

What...? Then I really might never see you two again...? *sniff*

*sniff* *sniff* ...Huh? Something to talk to me about?

Yeah. I was debating about whether or not to tell you this, but...

But we don't want to pressure you. We want you to think about it for yourself and reach your own decision.

O-Okay... What is it...?

We'll be returning to the center. It's not the same as here, but it's not a bad place. To our land...would you like to...?

Would you like to come with us, Ayesha!?

Wha- me...? To your town...?

Rather than a town, it's run like a nation. Our nation provides courteous aid to alchemists. We have several alchemists like you, too. I really want you to think about it. It's a decision that'll greatly change your life. But if you feel like you want to come with us... We'll help you once we get there, just like how you helped us. Right, Linca?

Oh yeah...Mr. Keith came from the same place Marion and Linca did, and of course, he's an alchemist. If I can keep Marion and Linca in my life, then...

Of course. Ayesha is our companion, our buddy, our pal.

Marion, Linca...thank you so much. I...!

There's only one thing I should do!

Sorry about that. I didn't think we'd get transfer orders on the boat ride home. That was totally unexpected... *sigh* is hot. Requesting permission to cut my hair.

No, absolutely not!

Then, requesting permission to take off my clothes.

What?! That's an absolutely not, too!

Besides, it gets drastically cold at night. So just wait till then.


*hah* *hah* Oh, Marion! There's water over there!

*huff* *huff* C-Cold water!

Huh? I can assure you, there isn't any water around here. It's just a mirage. Don't bother running after it.

Wh-What's a mirage...?

An illusion that makes you see water on a hot day. You'll have to wait till we return to the center to get cold water.

And when will that be...?

What!? You mean three years!? That can't be...

This is all because Marion is a gofer...

What did you say!? It's not like I asked to be transferred! Ugh, fine then! I've come this far, so let's finish this!

Ayesha, what Marion is trying to say is that life is full of uncertainties that point to a dark future.

*hah* I guess...that's one put it *hah*

Gaaahhh. But being dark might cool things down...

Hey, you there, cut the chatter. You're just gonna make your throat dry out.

I didn't expect things to work out like this, but I did decide to stay with Marion and Linca. It's not so bad, though...I'm sure we'll create wonderful memories together. Now, and forever...

And have a cute piece of Hidari artwork some dude on the Internet so kindly decided to upload. A sneak peek at what Linca, Marion, and Ayesha living together might be like.