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Part 55: Part XLII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - The Hunters and the Hunted

Part XLII: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - The Hunters and the Hunted

Juris decided not to travel too far from where I lived in his pursuit of strong enemies as a huntsman. That works great for me! If I can divide my time between going on hunts with Nanaca and Juris, and Nio managing the workshop while I'm away... I think I'm going to have fun. I've gotten a lot stronger since I began this journey, and even Juris has acknowledged my strength. Someone has to help him out there!

The wings of a bat, and even has a centipede for a tail.

Hmm, sounds like this target doesn't have a specific identity...

It's so big, it's about as tall as that dragon we defeated a while ago. And its savagery is even bigger than its size.

I see. It's gonna be a formidable foe. Oh, but... If it has a cat head, then it has to be vulnerable to orange peels.

You mean, not the peels themselves, but the liquid you get when you squeeze the oranges, right?

Yeah, yeah, that's right!

Well...our target simply looks like a cat...

And that doesn't necessarily mean that oranges will be its weakness...?

Whaaat!? But, we'll never know for sure unless we try.

I agree. Then, let's go into town and buy some oranges...

Hold on. We don't know when it'll pass through here. You might not get back in time if you go shopping now.

Oh, that's true. Hmm, this sucks...

Oh, hold on! Now that I think about it, I have some oranges with me!

Wow! Nanaca, you're totally prepared!

Hehehe, they looked so delicious. Here, Ayesha, this one's for you.

Thank you, Nanaca. It looks so tasty!

Here, and this one's for you.

Oh, it's so tangy and sweet and delicious! It's perfectly ripe.

Why are you eating now? You two, listen, hunting is-





Ah shoot, it passed us by! We're going after it, Ayesha!

Huh? But I'm still eating my orange, and...

Now's not the time for that...!

I-I guess you're right. L-Let's go after it.