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Part 57: Part XLIV: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Ayesha's Fortune

Part XLIV: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Ayesha's Fortune

Oh yeah, did I get a letter from Mr. Harry...? He says he has something special for us. I wonder what it could be...

He does? I bet it's really interesting! Maybe he found another new ruin. Or maybe he got something cool. This sounds really fun. I wanna go see, too...!

You sure are extremely fond of Mr. Harry's hobbies, aren't you?

Yup. Hey, can I tag along with you?

Of course. If you go, I'm sure Mr. Harry would be happy as well.

Then it's decided. Tomorrow, let's go to Vierzeberg and check out his special something!

We found Mr. Harry in Vierzeberg, but he said his special something wasn't in town, and we should go to Hornheim as soon as possible. I wonder why?

I wonder what Mr. Harry's special something is all about...

He didn't give us any hints in his letter. Hmm, what could it be?

He said he wanted to surprise us, and that we should go to the bridge in Hornheim. I'm starting to get nervous...

Hmhmhm, I'm starting to get excited. Let's hurry up and go!

Hello, Mr. Harry! Whoa, that's a big balloon...!

Hmhmhm, surprised? This is my special, custom-made balloon... I have christened it "Knowledge and Freedom Explorer"!

Wow. That's...a powerful name!

Well, of course that was part of it. However, there's more to it than that. Because, I had this balloon custom-made for you!

Oh... Huh!?

For the past three years, you've been remarkable. You found various treasures, hidden items, and rare articles. Honestly, I was jealous of your skills... The skills possessed by such a young adventurer.

But I'm not an adventurer, I'm an apothecary...

However! You cannot allow yourself to believe that you've reached the top... Because this world is still full of hidden treasures that we don't even know about.

That's...true. The things I found were only a small portion, compared to everything there is...

Yes, exactly. Just thinking about it is enough to get your blood flowing!

I wonder... It kinda makes me excited, but also kinda doesn't...

Hmhm, just be honest with your feelings. I can hear the voice of your heart.

To pursue unknown also your vocation! Let me ask you... Undiscovered treasures are still hidden all over the world. Would you like to find them together!?

Umm, does that mean...that you and I will travel together to hunt for treasure, Mr. Harry...?

Exactly. This balloon was prepared for just that purpose!

Oh wow, now this is something. Sis, are you gonna go out on this adventure?

Hmhmhm, I'm sorry, but I'm going to borrow your sister for a while. Don't worry. You won't have to wait too long. After a month or two, we'll return... With this ship full of unidentified treasures!

Whoa! I wanna see all of it, Sis! Do your best to bring back lots of treasure. And you too, Mr. Harry! I'll be waiting for SUPER treasure!

(Hmm...Mr. Harry's plan does sound kinda fun. But I have my apothecary jobs and other promises... Ergh, what should I do?)

Hmm...if it's only for a couple months, it should be okay. Juris said he wouldn't hunt too far from Vierzeberg, Nio can take care of the workshop even if I'm away, as long as the requests don't require alchemy, and she could probably teach herself the basics. Bell, Regina, and Linca all told me where they were going, so I should be able to keep in touch. Mr. Harry looks like he's serious about this, so maybe being a treasure hunter would be really fun!

Well, this is all so sudden and I'm starting to get a little confused...

There's no need to have doubt. Just give in to your heart's desires and scream, "Yes!"

Umm, then... Yes!

Good, it's decided. Then let's leave at once!

Excuse me... Do you mean, like, right now?

Yes. The treasures that still sleep all over the world are awaiting our arrival. The world will be a strong opponent. However, if we team up, there's nothing for us to fear. We should be thankful for being born into this world full of mysteries and treasure. Hmhmhm, how wonderful is it that our world is so full of hope!?

Wh-When you put it that way, I think this trip is getting more exciting... Okay! Let's do this, Mr. Harry!

There's not even the slightest sign of an exit...

Hmm, well, that can't be helped. I mean, this is a jungle... But don't worry. In my best estimation, we're almost at the halfway point. Take a look at this map... Our current position is probably here and-

What!? Mr. Harry! Your map is upside-down!

Huh? Whahahaha, it's easier for me to read it this way. Hmm...then...where are we?

Mr. Harry, did you just ask, "Where are we?"

Hmph. Hahaha, what are you talking about? Of course I didn't.

Waaah, I wanna go home...

We've hardly found any treasures... Mr. Harry thought there was going to be an amazing ruin, but we couldn't find it. We did find a ruin, but it's nothing like the ruins back home. The creatures around here are pretty scary, too, and it's tough to make a campfire and get some nice places to sleep. Maybe I was too greedy...

Umm, maybe it'd be best to head back to that Homunculus village we found yesterday... That place had a hot spring, so we can take a bath, refresh our spirit, and then carry on from there! Plus the food at that village delicious!

I guess that's true, but...I don't like how they treat us like gods.

That is true. However, that also points directly to the ancient god that sleeps somewhere in this ruin... It proves that the secret Wilggenwig stone is somewhere nearby.

I'm fine. I don't need some secret stone. I just wanna go home... Huh? Mr. Harry? What was that noise...?

Ohh...hmm, it seems like I might've stepped on another trap...

How many does that make now?

Hmm, it's been more than 20 times for sure. I can't keep track anymore. It seems that I'm blessed with the talent of getting caught in traps. Well, are you ready?

Way to get ready. Then...huh?

Oh no... Maybe this wasn't a great idea...