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Part 59: Part XLVI: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Searching for Hope

Part XLVI: Hear the Footsteps of a Dream - Searching for Hope

...That's right. I forgot something important. There's something I need to research...

You need to study? But Sis, you're already good enough to be a teacher.

Haha, I'm still not to the point where I would feel comfortable teaching someone. There's lot of things I still don't know about. I still have a lot of hard work to do. Maybe it's more like a pure interest in alchemy, rather than having to study...

I don't really like reading books...

Then, do you wanna stay home? I'll be gone for a couple days.

Uhh, I don't want that! I'll go with you!

Haha, Nio... I don't think she exactly knows what I'm talking about... it's too difficult to explain to her how I'm feeling.

Hehe, wanna read some, Nio? There are a lot of interesting ones.

Hmm, do you think they have books that even I can read? I'm gonna go look around a bit!

Sorry, Ms. Odelia. Nio begged me to bring her along. I'll tell her to quiet down later.

I was a little concerned, but there don't seem to be any aftereffects...

Yeah, she's so full of energy now. She's way more sprightly than ever before.

That's good. Girls her age chirp like little birds... Are you looking for something?

Yes... I just thought I should try to learn more about "him".

That's good. I'll be leaving before too long. With you around, those slags will have some competition.

Mr. Keith, are you going somewhere? There are still a lot of things I wanted you to teach me... When will you be leaving?

Master, the "door" is ready. You can depart this evening.

There's your answer.

P-Please wait!

Ever since I defeated the Yggdrasil and saved Nio, it's been weighing on me... The one who designed it was an alchemist, just like me. He used the same techniques I did, he drew from the same knowledge, and maybe even some of the same books. But simply because I wanted to fulfill a personal wish, I destroyed what he might have worked his life toward.

Was what happened written in the stars? Was this a fate that was meant for me? Is my own personal study of alchemy more important than that designer's? Mr. Keith doesn't have any doubts about what he wants to do. But me and him come from different backgrounds, and he knows so much more than me. Is he right in thinking that the more I study alchemy, the worse it'll be for me? I have so many questions, and there's only one way to find my answers...

For some reason, Keith's actor says "Hmm, you look more determined now". Which is...completely different from this text box. Wonder what happened there. I do think what's said makes more sense, though. Maybe that's the reason.

Yes. I've made all the preparations for the journey.

How prudent. ...Is what I'd like to say, but... Pursuing the truth will be a long journey. To part from this land you were born in must be accompanied by unbearable attachments. Even if you are able to return to this land, you may be quite advanced in age by that time. Knowing that, will you have no change of heart?

...No. I've already decided. I need to find the answer about what I did in this land. In order to do so, I want to master the path of alchemy as much as I can.

Hmm, is that even possible? You would, at the very least, have to surpass me.

If it's to discover the truth, I'm fully prepared to do that.

If that is your decision, I won't allow you to go back on it, understand?


All right. Then I shall ask nothing more from you. However... It's none of my concern, but has your sister given her consent?

I'm not sure if she agrees or not, but she said she'll be waiting. As long as we're both alive, we can see each other whenever we want... Even if we're apart...we'll be okay!


I'm gonna go with you! Even if you say I can't, I won't back down! So...take me with you...

Nio, you're always causing trouble... Mr. Keith...!

Will you return?

No. I won't take back what I said. But, is it take her with me?

It'll be a hard journey. The burden will be too much for your sister to bear.

We'll be fine! If we're together!

Hmm... Hmhm, I guess you two are strong. Or perhaps just optimistic... I guess I should follow your example, as well.

Master, it is almost time for the stars to align.

Oh, then I shall open the door. All right. As your teacher, I shall pass down everything to you.

Music: Altair

Where one story ends, another begins. The light I saw that day draws me toward a new horizon.

I'll plant the seeds of a new future. What blooms from that will show me what path I should walk on.

I'll find the truth. I'll find my answer. I know I will.