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Part 1: Chapter I: The Alchemic Boy and Girl

Atelier Escha opening

Music: Milk-iro no Touge

Music: Autumn Collapse -Autumn Collapse-

Escha intro

Music: Distant Memories

Logy intro

Music: Promise -Piano Version-

First day on the job

Music: Tails Numbers One and Two

Stop worrying! I was super-careful when I was packing.

You push yourself too hard sometimes.

That's not true! I'll be fine! Well, then, I'm off!

I'm just concerned. I mean... You becoming a government official is just...

Oh no, look at the time! I can't be late on my first day!

I was born and raised on an apple orchard here in Colseit, a small outpost town. My skills are...alchemy, which my mother taught me when I was really young. I'm only a beginner, though. Still, now I'm the only person in town who can do alchemy at all... That's why I'm helping the town government in order to earn a little money.

I still have a lot to learn, but I'm gonna do my best for this town!

Oh, there you are, Escha!

Beginning the job

Music: Spicy Sugar

This is Miss Marion, who will be my boss starting today. She's really hardworking. I've worked for the Colseit government for a few months, but every time I've seen her, she's always talking about her work, or her office is buried in paperwork. She's incredibly dedicated, though, and always gets the job done. I really admire her.

The most interesting story I've heard about her was that she recently finished up an assignment where she was responsible for investigating ruins faaaaarrrr to the east. She doesn't talk about that much, though.
Miss Marion! I hope I'll be able to live up to your expectations...

Haha, don't worry. Just keep doing what you've been doing for us.

*Ahem* Would you mind letting me do the speaking? We don't want the rules of order to break down out here.

This is Mr. Grumman. He's Miss Marion's boss, and the man who oversees her work, as well as everyone's work in the R&D Division. Although he seems really strict, he's really easy to talk to. O-Oh! S-Sorry, Branch Manager Grumman...

Now, now, there's no need to be TOO formal. You can keep calling me Colland. Or "Manager", if you need to.

Y-Yes, thank you... Manager!

Now, starting today, you'll be an official member of the Frontier Special Investigation Bureau. As you're aware, we are quite short-handed. Since you already know how we work, it'll be great having you here.

I see... Well, I'm not sure if I've been all that helpful in the past, but...

Don't be so modest. We brought you on board precisely because we feel you are necessary. But, unlike before, you will have much more responsibility. I hope you're up to the task. But, unlike before, you will have much more responsibility. I hope you're up to the task. That said, now that you're an official for Colseit, we need you to put forth all your efforts for the town's sake.

O-Of course!

Good. We're not too strict about divisions and assignments, so we'll end this meeting here. Marion?

Understood. Shall we go, Escha? I'm sure you already know where R&D is, but I'll show you just in case.

Yes! W-Well then, Mr. Manager... If you'll excuse me.

Hm. Well, hopefully this will solve our staffing problems at R&D. I'll leave the rest to Marion. Still... Two alchemists.

A new setting

Music: Look Up at the Sky

...Finally, I'm here. I knew I was in for a long trip, it was farther than I expected. So these are Colseit's balloon docks... According to the materials I got from Central, Colseit has always been considered a remote frontier town, established mainly for exploring and researching the ruins and geography nearby than a place for people to live. I'm surprised a town this small has this much room in its balloon docks, but it's also true that I've lived in Central all my life. I expect life will be a lot different here.

You must've come a long ways. Do you know where to find the local branch? You'll find it near the town square. I'm supposed to take you there myself, but something came up. Would you mind finding your own way?

I've read the file. I should be fine.

I'm really sorry. If you'll excuse me!

...At a new post already, huh? Well, at least I should be glad I made it here the first day of my assignment. I haven't even seen my lodgings yet, but... I suppose I should get to the Branch ASAP.

People usually call me "Logy" and I think I've grown to like that name. I had a job as an alchemist in a far-away city but, due to circumstances, I had to leave. Now I'm here in Colseit because I was told they're in need of alchemists. I decided to come here on my own. I hope I can get along in this foreign town...If worse comes to worst, I suppose things will work themselves out. I need to get a handle on the work here.

Headed to work

Thank you for coming such a long way. I'm the Chief of the Frontier Special Investigation Bureau here in Colseit.

I've heard Central has a number of these kinds of branches throughout the world, but this is the first time I've seen one of them in-person. This town, though... It's larger than I expected. All the material I got from Central said that this was a barely-functioning town on the edge of the known world, but I guess people can live anywhere. The name's Logix Ficsario. I look forward to working with you.

Mm. I've been briefed on your history. Looks like you've been through a lot, for such a young age.

...It's of little concern to me. I guess there's no use trying to hide what I've done from an official authorized by Central to manage this area. One day, maybe I'll get a chance to tell you about it...

Well, I'm sure you already know, but we're on the edge of uninhabited land. It's quite far from where you're from. On top of that, we're short-staffed and short-supplied. The accomdations may not exactly be up to par, either. Of course, I'll do what I can to help with that, but I doubt it'll ever come close to where you used to live.

Please, don't worry. Thank you very much for your consideration. There's no helping it, since Central usually spends what money they have on their own projects. I certainly wouldn't expect a town this remote to have the luxuries of home, but I can get used to this.

Good answer. now, if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. Starting today, you work for the town government of Colseit. I hope you dedicate your efforts to improving it.

Much appreciated. I will be in your care.

Well, now that I've said my piece, you're officially on board. I'll have you sent over to your R&D division. There's someone waiting for you in the hallway. It should be easy to find in any case.

Understood. If you'll excuse me.

Still... I don't have any idea what I'll be doing. I hope I can live up to their expectations. ...No. I can't let myself get caught up in those thoughts. I have to do whatever I can here. The most important thing is to make a lasting first impression... All right. I hear some talking on the other side...two girls, it sounds like. I hope they haven't discussed anything important yet...

Getting to know the boss

Excuse me. Is this the R&D Division?

Oh, there you are! We were waiting for you. I'm the research lead around here, Marion Quinn. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Um, Marion... Who's this?

Like I was saying, he's the other new member joining the R&D team. Now, why don't you introduce yourself, Escha?

H-Huuuuh!? U-Um, I'm... Escha Malier!

She seems...odd, but this is the first I've met her. More importantly, where did she get that outfit? I'll ask her about it later. My name is Logix Fiscario. I'm still not entirely sure how you do things here, so I hope you'll show me around.

Um, I look forward to working with you, Mr. Logix!

...As do I.

Hahaha. Oh, you kids... That was a stiff introduction! Relax a little. You'll be working together a lot!

Y-Yes... I suppose you're right. I'll do my best. They're usually sticklers for protocol in Central, so I guess I shouldn't expect the same thing outside the city. Hopefully Marion didn't get the wrong idea of me from that.

S-Sorry... Clone always told me to be polite meeting strangers, and I'm also in front of Marion. I should get comfortable working with Logy really soon.

By the way, Ma'am, where is the rest of the team?

There's technically one more member, but because of a mission, I'm afraid we're all we have today.

...Is that normal? This seems rather, um...small for a team.

It is quite small. In fact, we shouldn't even be operating, considering how short-handed we are.

Now that you mention it... When I helped you out before, you didn't have any members, either. Why is that?

Truth is, R&D's always been under-staffed, and unable to operate. And that led to poor marks from above. When I was put in charge the entire department was all but disbanded.

So, then, transferring you here really didn't solve any problems, did it?

Absolutely not! That father of mine... "I'll give you a promotion" my foot!

Ms. Marion can get scary sometimes, but when it comes to work, she always seems stressed. I wonder if she ever relaxes...

...Sounds like you've been through quite a bit.

But all that ends today! Now I have two brilliant underlings. ...And both of you are alchemists! Now nobody can tell me my R&D's department's just a bunch of dropouts.

You mean you're an alchemist, too, Logix? Wh-What a coincidence...! There's so much about alchemy that I never learned. It would be amazing if you could teach me! Alchemy isn't a lost art, but there are only a handful of people who really know how to do it. I haven't been able to learn much until now, but I can do basic alchemy. I wonder what Mr. Logix knows.

I...see... Well, I'll do my best, but I'm not sure that I know enough to teach others, either. Still, it's uncommon to hire on two alchemists at the same time...

I know, right? That's what I asked for on the application, but I never expected my request to come through...

Hmm...maybe they wanted to get rid of me...

I-I see... So that's what happened.

At any rate, I'm gonna put the both of you right to work! You're gonna help me raise our ratings and make people realize that we're the best our Division has to offer.

I'll do my best! (Hmm... So I have to work with a boy now? He looks really capable, but I'm a little nervous...)

Understood. (Hmm... So I have to work with her? She looks really honest and diligent. Hopefully things will go smoothly.)

Hello! I've returned.

Music: The Pen and the Sword, Part 2

Oh, welcome back, Linca. This is Ms. Linca, Marion's friend and assistant. I don't see her in town much, but that's because she usually goes out and fights the monsters who roam around town to make things safer for everyone. She can be hard to understand sometimes, but there's no doubt about her fighting skills, and Marion really trusts her. They have a great relationship.

Well, isn't this perfect timing... You remember Escha, right, Linca? Let me introduce you to Logy. He's one of the alchemists joining us today.

I've heard about you...

This is Linca. I suppose she would be your senior here.

Oh, she's the one you said was out on a mission?

Yes. She has a lot of assignments to keep the monsters at bay. In fact, your next deployment's been decided. She might be a little rough around the edges, but she knows how to swing a sword. Feel free to ask her for help.

It's good to meet you, Escha, Logy. Let's do our best, yeah?

U-Umm... It's nice to meet you, as well... Linca.

All right, well... Time for your first job. But before that! Logy, you don't really know much about Colseit, right?

Only what was in the file... I tried to find out as much as I could.

Well, Escha grew up here, so she knows all about the town. If you're ever confused or lost, go and ask her.

Got it! I-I'll do my best!

The windmill? Now that you mention it, I heard there were some problems with it...

I've already sent someone from Maintenance to figure out what's wrong. But, I'd like the two of you to find out what's going on down there. Show Logy around town while you're at it.

Show him around... Y-Yes, I understand! I'll be fine!

Thank you very much, Ma'am, for your consideration.

Don't mention it. You two'd better get to know each other, because you're gonna be doing a lot of work together! If you ever have any questions, come find me or Linca.


What do you mean, "Huh!?"!? It's our job as seniors to help teach the newcomers.

S-Sorry... But with all the missions outside, I really don't know the town that well, myself...

She lives in town and doesn't know it that well? Is this going to be alright...?

Oh my goodness. Well, you make sure you're able to answer any questions these two might have. You got it?


Hahahaha. Well then, we'll be counting on you, Linca.

I will do my best.

(You two never change, do you...? But Linca does go out a lot, and I'd love to hear more of her stories...) But first, I need to show Logy around town. He's going to be living here for a while, after all!

Around town

Music: Because the Sky is Red

Sure! But what should I show you first... U-Um, Mr. Logix...?

Ah... Heh. You can just call me "Logy". I'm not used to being addressed so...formally.

Okay, L-Logy. Is there anything you would like to see?

Hmm, well... I saw a large ranch on my way here. I was curious what that was...

Oh, that's our apple orchard. My parents' house is actually an orchard, too! Colseit has a lot of orchards. Our town specializes in producing apples, you know? And they're delicious!

I see. Perhaps I should try one later. Hm...? If your parents run an orchard, why did you become a government worker? Would you inherit in the farm?

I've thought about that, too, but... Since I can use alchemy, I thought I should be putting my skills to use. And, I want to use my alchemy to help as many people as I can...and my father actually agreed!

I...see. That's a nice story.

Y-Yes... Ahaha, I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous right now.

...Hahaha, sorry, so am I. I'm just not used to situations like this. How about we keep on going? Show me the way, Escha.

You got it! Let's head over to one of the apple orchards. They're right on the outskirts of town.

By the way, Escha... What is that you're wearing? I've heard traditional alchemists typically wear strange outfits, but that reminds me of...

A witch, right?

Well, yeah...

Hehe, it should. I got this from a friend of mine. Actually, she also lives in town, but I think she's out on business right now. I hope you can meet her soon. She's really interesting.

I...see. Escha sure has some unusual friends...

Big man around town

Um, I'm sure you already know this by now, but let me explain it to you one more time... This city is called Colseit, and it's built on top of ancient ruins.

So the city acts as a hub for all kinds of research.

Yeah. It used to be a small farming village, but once the government got involved, it grew and grew.

Right. It's large for a city out on the frontier. The streets are bustling, too.

We're in the town's square right now. You can see all the billboards and shops! There's a lot of businesses around the airship port... That's why this is the center of town.

I see... So it's not just the hub for research, but also a growing area for business. I've heard of towns supported by the airship trade, but it's interesting to see it in person. Central City has been investing a lot of time and money into airship travel, and it's allowed numerous settlements to pop up around the world, especially areas like this one with a lot of ruins. ...Honestly, I was expecting something a little more rustic, but I stand corrected.

Hahahahaaaa! So you were expecting us all to be in furs, living in log cabins out in the sticks, kid? Sure, it's not huge, compared to Central City, but wherever people and money go, you get a good crowd. Throw up a store here, and you'll get all kinds of customers. And that's how cities grow, my friend.

Music: Rice and Meat Anthem

I-I see... Umm...

Oh, hello, Mr. Duke!

Hey there, Escha! I just finished prepping for tonight. Are you out running errands?

Yes! I'm going to my job now! Um, Logy, this is Mr. Duke, and he runs this store here.

...It's nice to meet you. I'm Logy. I've been assigned to the local branch's R&D department.

Ah, I see, I see! Well, thanks for coming by! You're always welcome here. You still don't know much about this city, right? Well, now y'know where to go when you get hungry. Technically, it's a bar, but I've been putting a lot of work into my menu, too.

That would be a lot of help... I still don't know anywhere to eat.

Anywhere to eat...? I could always make food with alchemy...I think.

Well, now you do. Heck, you can even have dinner here tonight if you want! You're a man! Eat up!

But, if we ate at your bar every day, Duke, we'd be, uh...unable to move.

HAHAHA! Well, I do cook for real manly men. It might be a bit much for a wisp of a girl like you.

You can eat well, despite this season's poor crops...? That's good to hear.

Oh, don't worry about it! All right, Mr. Duke, if you'll excuse us...

Yeah, good luck with your work. Take care of Logy, too!

Thank you very much, Mr. Duke. (What a hearty man...but he seems easy to talk to. Perhaps I should stop by his bar later on.)

What do you think of Mr. Duke?

Hm? Oh, he seems like a nice man. I'm not old enough to be drinking, but I will see if he has good meals to eat. I don't eat a lot, but staying nourished is an important part of any job. Do you cook, Escha?

Um, not much... I mostly know how to make stuff with alchemy, and mostly sweets.

You can make food with alchemy...?

Oh yes! Food made with alchemy tastes great. I'll have to make something nice soon. Most of the cooking done at my house was done by Clone. I'm sure we'll see her when we arrive at the orchards.

(What an odd thing to do with something like alchemy...)

The apple orchard

Music: Apple Tree

So these are the apple orchards...? Whoa.

Isn't there anything like this where you're from?

I'm not sure... At the very least, I've never seen it up close. This place somehow feels really fresh.

Not only fresh, but the scale... There are a lot more trees here than you would think from a remote location such as this. I wonder why... ...Does it come from growing on top of the debris from the ruins? It must impart some vitality.

My oh've returned already, Escha? Have you forgotten something?

Music: Miss, Why Don't We Eat Apples Together?

N-No, I haven't! I'm here on business, really!

Ooooh, did they put you to work already? They're sure keeping you busy, aren't they?

What a strange person... Is she a friend of yours, Escha?

Ah, I'm sorry. This is Clone. She manages the apple orchards, and she's...well, like a mother to me.

Hello, my name's Clone.

("Like" a mother?)

Clone, this is Logy. He's going to be working with me starting today.

Umm... Hello. It's nice to meet you.

I see. Well, I'm sure Escha will be a handful, so please look after her.

You, too... Um... What exactly do you do as the manager here?

We harvest a great number of apples every year. Please feel free to stop by, and I will give you some.

Wow, that would be amazing. I would love to try one if I get the chance.

Oh, but did you say you were here on duty? Is this in regards to the windmill?

Oh, that's right! Um... Someone's supposed to be here already, but...

I think I know where to take you. Please, follow me.

(Is this automaton? What is she doing out on the frontier?) Automata aren't living beings, but appear as lifelike as anyone else on the outside. Due to the extremely complicated nature of constructing them, only a few are known to exist. Clone seems extremely advanced, although it's clear she's an automata, but that still doesn't explain why such a relatively small town has something like this. Maybe Escha knows something?

Music: Glass is Boiling

Hey, Escha. I was wondering where you were today.

Isn't that the man I met at the docks? I didn't know he knows Escha.

Ah, Clone, you're here, too. I just finished my check-up.

Oh? Over so soon? Thank you very much for you hard work.

Well, it still works, but barely. There's only so much I can do here without getting some new parts.

Hmm... That's not good. I will leave the matter to you.

I get it now. So you were the one who got here before us, Brother!

So it would seem. And windmill repair isn't exactly my specialty. Hmm... Did I see you near the depot, by any chance?

Yes, thanks for remembering. I didn't know you were Escha's brother, though.

Haha, we're actually cousins, and we've got a few years between us. We're not siblings by blood. My name's Awin. I'm an engineer, and I maintain the airships around here.

I'm Logy. I've recently been assigned to the Colseit branch. I look forward to working with you.

Same here. And, uh, you don't have to be that formal with me. I'm not that much older than you, you know?

I... I see. Well, I guess... I'll work on that, Awin.

B-Brother... You sure get to know people really fast, huh?

Heh heh heh. We're going to be working together a lot. No need to be such strangers, right?

I-I guess you have a point, but... Why do I feel like I'm lost here...

So, what are the two of you doing together?

I've been assigned to the R&D Division with Escha. She's been kind enough to show me around town.

Oh, that's right. You started your new job today too, Escha. Sorry, I completely forgot about it. So the other new trainee I heard about is actually you, Escha? Heh, it all makes sense now.

Huh? New trainees?

The R&D Division's been under-staffed, so Marion asked me to take care of her new recruits. So I guess that makes me something like your instructor now. Start looking forward to it!

You're an airship engineer, but you repair windmills and teach, as well? That's quite a handful...

Well, engineering is just a part of what I do... In all honesty, I'm more of a jack-of-all-trades.

So, what exactly should we be doing?

You see that windmill? I think I've done about al I can with just normal repairs. That's why I want the two of you to help me make some new components to fix it.

Th-That sounds really difficult. Are you sure we're qualified?

Hahaha, you can leave the actual technical work to the engineers. Your part won't be that hard. Marion should be able to give you more details about it. Well, should we head back to the branch?

I understand... I'll ask our boss. (He seems a little laid-back, but he's really easy to talk to. I should come to him for advice.)

I wish I could show you around the orchards more, but we really should get back to the branch.

I understand. It's not like it's going anywhere.

The docks

Actually, it's a good chance to show Logy around, too. He should get to know the place.

You're right. If you're going to live in Colseit, then you have to see the depot.

Um... I came on an airship, so I've already seen it. Well, I guess I don't have a choice.

Music: Cloud Harbor

Right? We can even accommodate airships coming from Central City.

Haha, pretty good, huh? This is our town's other pride and joy, aside from the apple orchards.

Awin, you're back! What the heck were you doing out there? I told you report back to me!

Sorry, I gotta go take care of this. Can you wait a second? I'll be right back, I swear.

This thing really is well built... I can see how they'd be able to accommodate a large ship. The ports are separated into different levels, so there's little traffic, too. Very efficient.

Wow, you can tell all that just by looking at it, Logy? Amazing! You must know a lot about airships!

Ergh... N-No... Not that much...

Huh? But the way he was talking...

Hey Escha! What was that you were saying about airships?

Oh, hi, Mr. Heizman. Logy was just saying how there are ports on different levels to avoid crowding. This is Mr. Heizman, the head of the Maintenance Division. He's responsible for keeping the town's infrastructure in good shape. He's been working closely with R&D, mainly because we don't have many people...

Good eye... Not too shabby, for a youngin' like you. I respect that! The name's Heizman. I do most of the maintenance around here, and I'm Awin's boss. Good to meet you.

I'm glad to meet you, too. Um, do you mind if I ask... How can this town support such a large depot? I heard that shops and businesses attract a lot of people, but still, it seems very well maintained.

Ruins... Now that you mention it, there was a mention of ruins in the documents... What are they?

They're ruins, floating in the sky not too far from here. People began to call 'em the "Unexplored Ruins". This town was first built as a hub for sending researchers to the Ruins, as a supply depot.

So, these floating ruins are confirmed to exist... But no one's been there? Why not use airships?

That's the thing; we can't. The airstream there's so turbulent, it's impossible to approach them.

Not only that, but there's rubble floating in the air. You get caught up in that, kiss your ship bye-bye.

I see... So no one's actually gone into them. This is the first I've heard of ruins like that.

Isn't that strange!? Ever since I was a child, it's been one of my dreams to visit those ruins... Doesn't the fact that no one's ever explored them before just make you want to do it even more!?

Heh, I suppose so, but if airships can't get you there, it would be quite difficult.

Y-Yeah, I guess you have a point.

What are you talking about? Reaching the Unexplored Ruins is a dream everyone in Colseit shares.

It's true. Now that you're a government official here, you'd better remember stuff like this.

I... I see. All right, I'll try to remember.

Now, you kids still have work to do, right? Well, get to it.

Hahaha, looks like Heizman was in a really good mood.

He loves airships, so I think he was glad to meet someone who knew his language. You're smart, Logy!

...I... Really don't know anything.

Huh? That's the second time he said that... Anyway, we should get back to the branch.

Escha and Logy's atelier

Music: Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

We explored a lot, and talked to lots of people.

I think I have a good idea of what's around the town now.

Well, that's good to hear. By the way, what happened to the windmill?

I think it's pretty close to breaking down completely. It's going to need a lot of new parts. Despite that, I don't think it'll be hard. And since it involves the orchard, it's perfect for Escha.

True. Well, then, why don't we use this as a learning opportunity? That's right... I haven't shown you two to your atelier, have I? Since we have a few minutes, why don't you take a quick look? You'll be spending a lot of time there. I'm going to speak with Awin about the other outstanding tasks.

You're right... I completely forgot about that!

Yes, it would be a good idea to see the atelier, since we will be doing all our work there.

Ha, well, this way. Follow me.

Hey, did R&D ever have an atelier before? This is the first time I've ever heard of you having one...

Actually, we had to put it together in a spare room. But we need it, since now we have two alchemists! Ah, there we go. Make sure you have everything you need in there. When you're done, come back and see me.

Of course! I wonder what it looks like...

Music: What Should I Do?

Heh... So this is our workspace now?

It's got a sofa, and a desk...and a cauldron for alchemy!

A cauldron...? What is something so dated

Haha, of course there's one! It's an atelier! Oh man, this is going to be a blast!

I can't believe such old methods are still in use... I have no idea how to Synthesize using a cauldron.

Huuuuh!? Logy, you ARE an alchemist, aren't you!?

I am...but how should I explain this... In Central City, we don't do things with a cauldron anymore.

Y-You don't...? I thought this was normal, but... There's other ways to do it, too?

Normally, we have specific equipment for each process. Hmm... I wasn't expecting this.

Then you mean that you can't perform your alchemy here...?

Not right away, at least. Hm... This isn't good. I know next to nothing about cauldrons.

Oh no... I was going to learn a lot from you, too! I guess we don't have a choice. I'll be taking care of all the Synthesizing, m'kay?

W-Well, there are two of us here, after all... We should split the work.

In exchange, I'll support you in any way I can. The methods may change, but the materials don't.

Oh! Then, can you teach me what you need to mix to make certain things? I only know very simple alchemy...

Hmm... Then why don't you handle the Synthesizing in the beginning, and I'll handle everything else.

Got it! If we work together, I'm sure we can make all sorts of amazing stuff!

There's no point in complaining about the facility. I need to figure out what it is I can do.

H-Huh...? What's this, all of a sudden?

Um, well... We are going to be working together and I thought we should be friends.

I...see. No point in being weird about it, I suppose. I should've been more considerate, myself. I may not know much about these methods, but I hope to do my best, too... I'm counting on you.

Yes! Leave it to me!

Thanks! Now that we've seen our accommodations, how about we go back to Marion?

We're finally going to use our Atelier! I'm so excited.