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Part 3: Chapter III: The Pint-Sized Merchant and Herbalist

I'm just saying, you can't go around and assume everyone is telling the truth about everything they say. That can be dangerous. Have you even ever seen her do magic?

Well, no... But she's teling the truth! Can't you see how many mysterious jewels and items she has?

That's not convincing. If she can't do magic, then there's no point to all that stuff.

I guess so...but I still believe her! Let's just focus on the task, okay? Brother says there's some good stuff to find near here.

This must be the remains of the actual village. There's houses we can go into as well. Let's make sure to check this whole area.

Amazing, it's like everyone just left right in a hurry and left everything behind. There's still chairs, and beans in the bags... People could have been living here yesterday. I really wonder what happened to this village...

Awww...I thought we'd find some amazing treasure. It's just a shirt.

Even considering it's age, it's still pretty strong. You can probably get more benefit from it than me. Your clothes don't seem too sturdy, and take a lot of damage from even Ore Rat attacks.

Yeah, you're right.

Logy! Logy! Look at this! It's a cog! It's in bad shape, but with alchemy, we can make windmill parts from this!

You're right. Awin has good senses...who would have guessed that something that like would be here? It's a good thing we found the materials after only a few weeks. There's no telling how far we'll have to search for materials in the future. I look forward to seeing how you make good parts out of these, Escha.

Of course! Leave it to me! Come on, we should find more parts, too.

Yeah... All we have to do now is go back and Synthesize the parts for the windmill. ...Don't you think we should look around a little more while we're here?

Haha, I don't recommend taking too many detours. This is Marion's test for you guys, isn't it? If you miss your first deadline, I can't guarantee that you'll get to keep your fancy new jobs.

Good point... Escha, we should go back for now. If we need more materials, we can come back later.

Okay... But are you sure we can't take a little detour?

I won't stop you, but part of this job is going to be learning how to manage our time carefully. If you think you can find better materials, we can stay here, but I'd like to see how you make something more complicated than a Healing Salve.

Okayyyyyyy...I guess we can go back now.

Heh, I'm leaving this one up to you, Escha.

This'll be my first official Synthesis for m job... I have to work!

Yeah, do your best. While you're working, I'm going to ask Marion how we prepare reports. I'm sure she won't mind for the first time, but in the future I'll need to learn how to do it.

Uhhh, wait! Logy, can you teach me how to create this? I've never created metal with alchemy before...

Hm...okay. The most important thing to remember is to be careful adding the Bent Screw and Rusty Cog. You should add the Rusty Cogs to the cauldron first. They'll sublimate in the cauldron and prepare it to receive the Wind Flowers and Bent Screws. It provides a metal base that will form the Windmill Parts according to the plans Awin gave us.

After the Cogs have been added, you should wait at least half a day before adding the Bent Screws. After that, you can add the Wind Flowers. You should give yourself plenty of time to make the actual Windmill Parts, it's going to be a little tricky. I'll tell you what I can, but it's up to you. I'm sure you can do it, Escha. Okay, let's begin.

Three days, and nine materials...okay, I can do this!

Whew...I did it!

Music: Germination

Wow, you really can create a lot of things using a cauldron. I'm impressed.

Thank you so much for teaching me... Um, nothing's ever gone this well for me on the first try!

Heh, I'm just glad I could be useful. If we keep this up, we'll make amazing things in no time.

Yes! I'll do my best, so we can create more items!

I need to start Synthesizing to help out, too. We won't be any good at our current rate.

Having you help me made the process go really smoothly, though. I think this arrangement will work for now!

I'm glad to hear you say that, but I do feel a little useless. Maybe I can do something besides Synthesis. ...But first, we should bring the parts back to the apple orchard.

Got it! Let's go right away! (Whew... I'm so glad that went smoothly. I'm sure Clone will be surprised that I built this!) Actually...I'm kind of hungry. Maybe we should go visit Duke...

That's a good idea. I haven't got a chance to eat there yet.

Duke's bar is pretty cheap, and he gives you big portions. It's really popular with the branch employees.

Hi, Duke! You look pretty busy, as usual.

Hell, yeah! But, these are all just my regulars, so it's nothing to get excited over. I need to get some new blood in this place, but it's been a little tougher than I thought it would be.

Yo, old man! Where's my food?

Hahah! When I said your cooking's worth waiting a year for, I didn't mean starting right now!

All right, I hear ya. You just hang tight, ya knuckleheads! Sorry, it's getting a little rowdy in here.

Th-That's how you treat your customers...? I'm surprised they don't get mad at you.

Well, we've all known each other for so long here, we can throw some friendly jokes back and forth. Hah!

Heh heh... I always see these guys here in your bar.

Oh, yeah, we were all partners in the branch. Ever since I retired, they've been really supportive.

Huh? Wait a second, do you mean to tell me...

Yep, I used to work for the Colseit branch, once upon a time. When I retired, I decided to buy this bar. It's not really done anymore, but in my day, when a newbie joined the branch, they'd throw a party here. Pretty soon, this bar would become the favorite watering hole of every single person in the branch.

I can see why you'd take the place over, then. It does seem relaxed and casual in here.

Don't forget about all the great food!

Oh, and we usually have a decent stash of ingredients, if you happen to need any. I'll sell 'em cheap!

Th-That would be really helpful! If we ever need any, we'll stop by!

Music: Kitchen Dance

These are some nice ingredients, but we don't need have enough money for the most important thing - more alchemy recipes. It's probably a better idea to wait until our first stipend to buy it.

Hey, do we need any materials? if they sell them in town, I was going to pick some up.

Ooh, I do need a few things, but I don't know if the regular stores have them for sale. Chemicals for the cauldron, a new stirring stick... It's always important to only do alchemy when you have all the materials in front of you, after all.

I doubt we'll find anything too obscure. Central City had some specialized stories, though.

Hey there, sir and madam. You wanna take a look at my wares?

Here in Katla's Shoppe you can find all kinds of rare items and fine masterpieces. Take your time!

Hey, it's her again. I've seen her around town, but... Huh? There's a store here...?

There is now, thanks for noticing! See, my previous location didn't get much traffic, so I moved here. Perhaps it was Fate that brought you through my door today... Why not take a look around?

Sorry, we've got everything we need. Maybe next time.

But I understand, though... It's bad form to interrupt such a cute couple on a date!

Whoa, hey, we're just coworkers! And we're on the clock right now.

Oh? Okay, pardon me. But don't you think it's important to take breaks from work now and again?

Why don't we just take a little look? There could be some interesting finds in there!

...If you must.

Honestly, Logy, you should be a little more curious!

Please, please, come right in. All our products are lined up right here. Take your time!

Wow, you really do have some rare things in stock... Quite a few of them, no less.

There's so much stuff! Maybe we could use this! Look at this! And this! And this! Wowza!

Maybe I should manage the money from now on...

I can tell you're not an average customer. You've got good eyes... So, what is that, anyway?

Wh-What is that--! This is YOUR shop! Aren't you supposed to know what you're selling!?

Whoa, that was just a slip of the tongue. I meant, what a good bargain you've got there!

Um... We're alchemists, and we started working at the local government branch recently.

I see, alchemists! No wonder you two have such fine faces and great style. It makes perfect sense!

...Do you have any idea what alchemists do?

You can tell me all about your job next time. For now, just keep browsing! Drink it all in, yeah. If you find what you're looking for here, then always remember to stop by the humble Katla's Shoppe. I'm constantly updating my stock, so it wouldn't hurt to check in every now and again, I promise.

(...What a charlatan. But she does have a number of materials. I guess looking in here won't hurt.) So Escha, who is this girl, anyway? Why does she talk like that?

I don't know much about her... A few months ago, she came into town and set up her shop on the main road. Someone told her to move, and I've seen her around Colseit ever since then. This is the first time I've seen her here, though. She's a little strange, but she's got some nice stuff, right?

I guess, but still, we should probably be careful with her...

A lot of old materials, but nothing we probably need right now. She's right, though, she may come across some amazing things that will really help us with our job.

Ms. Wilbell stays in town when she's not outside. I think she said she was studying magic. She wants to learn more about the spirits in this area of the world, since where she cames from she said she had already made a "pact" with the most powerful spirit, someone she called the Wind Ruler.

This story is only getting more silly. I'm telling you, Escha, there's no such thing as "magic".

Fateful girl

Hmm... She should be around here somewhere.

Huh? Escha? What are you doing here?

Music: A Flower Blooming Nearby Part 2

This is Miss Nio, an herbalist who came with Miss Wilbell from far away. She lives in a different house in the apple orchards, since she wanted to start living in Colseit, and me and Clone had another house we could give her. She's a big help around the orchards, so me and Clone are happy to have her around. Oh, Miss Nio! Do you know where I can find Clone?

She just went right over there... I think she should be back soon.

Oh, thanks! I guess we'll wait here for a while.

Another friend of yours, Escha?

Hello! My name is Nio. Escha's house has been really good in taking care of me.

My name's Logy. I'm an alchemist working with Escha at R&D.

Oh, really? I thought Escha was the only alchemist in this town.

Well, I just arrived here from Central City. But, do you mind explaining what you meant just now?

Miss Nio's a pharmacist on a journey from far far away. She just came here recently.

Because of some unforeseen circumstances, I'm going to be staying in Colseit for a while. And Escha was kind enough to let me stay with her.

...A lady traveling alone? That seems dangerous.

I'm with Miss Wilbell, so I think I'll be fine. But, I guess I won't be traveling for a little while.

I see. From your looks, I would estimate that you're around the same age as Escha.

Yeah... But Miss Nio does a lot of really difficult stuff with medicine! She knows so much!

Also, you don't have to keep calling "Miss" Nio, okay? It's embarrassing.

Aww... And I was just getting used to calling you that! You seem so much more mature than I am, too...

Ah, I think I get it now. Something about the way she talked to you sounded a little strange.

Heh heh... I'm hoping she gets used to it after a while. Oh, yeah...! I gather materials for medicines and sell them. If you ever need something, just ask.

That would actually be a great help. We'll be sure to come see you.

She seems so smart, and she knows so much... I bet she knows a lot about magic after traveling on the road so long with Miss Wilbell. And, I don't know...there's something strange about her.

I just like saying "Barrel"!

So do I, actually... I don't know what it is about the word, but I just like saying it. Anyway, we should get back to work and give Clone the Windmill Parts.

Understood. Thank you very much.

Still, I'm impressed that you knew enough about alchemy to be able to create this.

Hehehe... We're awesome, huh?

Indeed. I believe we may finally be able to put our problems with that windmill to rest. It is all thanks to the two of you. Thank you so very much.

Y-You don't need to be that thankful...

Don't be so humble. The two of you are no doubt contributing to our city. Please, take pride in that.

...Yeah! Thank you, Clone. I think I'm really beginning to love my job.

I didn't know that our work would make so many people happy.

My, oh my... You've only just begun your work. We are all cheering you on.

Our boss said that the job isn't over until we report to her, remember?

Y-Yeah, that's right... We've got to go talk to Marion.

Oh, is that so? You must take care to remember what your duties are...

Aww... We're fine!

We haven't learned what to do when we make our report yet... Let's get back. I'm still amazed by Clone's ability to talk and act like a human. It's obvious she's an automaton, but whoever made her did an excellent job. I want to talk to her later about that.

Is that so? Well, good job, you two. Well then, now that that's over, I think it's time you both learned how to submit a report.

Right... What exactly do we need to do to write it?

I'll give you an overview, but there's really no specific format to doing these. Okay, let's start at the top. First, when ou come back, let me know how much progress you've made.

Um, so we start by talking to you... Got it.

...This reminds me of when I began my first job. It's like I described it to you last time, Escha. I'll make a brief report of everything we do when we go outside town, and that will let Marion know our progress toward the various tasks each assignment. I'll try and keep everything organized, but I do want you to learn how to do it, too.

I told Marion about everything we did in Twilight Forest, but in the future, we'll be going to more and more distant areas, so I'll need to learn how to write reports. You just worry about the synthesizing for now. Even if we haven't completed the other tasks, as long as we accomplish the task in the center of the paper, we'll have completed our assignment.

This means we've completed our goal for the month, then, right?

That's right. And it's a good idea to prioritize your more important tasks, like this one. But when you complete smaller tasks, I can mark those off as work completed by the R&D Department. if we keep this up, our ratings will continue to rise.

So, whenever we finish something, we should come report it to you, right?

Yeah. That would certainly be helpful...and it'll increase our expense allowances. One more thing: You designate which report will be the last of the term. So, if you have any outstanding tasks at that time, they will all be marked as "incomplete".

So, we should save our final report for when we've completed everything else, then?

That's the tough part... You have to submit your final report at the end of each term. In fact, if you're late the ratings of the R&D Division will drop. I need you two to keep on the ball.

So, whether we choose to work on tasks until the last second or report earl, we need to report in.

Once you've submitted your final report, I'll give you new tasks for the next period. So keep completing your assignments, and report to me every now and then.

Got it. What should we do now? We've completed our big job for this term...

Until you make your end-of-term report, you can do as you please. Roam about, or work on Synthesis.

Um, about that... It seems like the cauldron's a lot for me to wrap my head around so quickly. Would it be possible to bring in equipment from Central City? I can't keep making Escha do it all.

I guess I didn't do a great job of explaining it... It is really hard, when you think about. Knowing what chemicals to use, what order to use the materials, how you make good items, and knowing how to stir... My mother taught me a lot more than I ever thought...

Hmm... I see. Well, give me a list of all the equipment you need. I can't promise that I'll get you everything you want, but I'll see what I can do.

Sorry for the trouble...but it would do wonders.

Really!? Yay!

That was a pretty easy task. If we couldn't do that much, I'd say we were in real trouble.

I'll give you general feedback on your work at the end of the term. Until then, you're on your own.

I agree... I'm a little fatigued myself. That was quite an assignment. Still, I'm glad Marion thought we did a good job. It's always a good idea to make a good first impression.

Ah...! Was it my fault? Did I stress you out!?

No, that's not what I meant. You did really well. It's just... I was a little worried.

Worried...? You were, Logy?

I thought everything would itself out at first, but when push comes to shove, you never know... When I came here, though, everyone welcomed me so warmly, and we finished our task, so I... I think I'm confident that we can do reall good work together. That's why I'm relieved...

...Me, too! I wanted to work hard for everyone, but I wasn't sure that I could... But you and Brother are so nice and supportive, I'm so relieved.

Ha, so we were both worried about the same thing, huh?

Looks that way... If you ever have anything on your mind, please don't hesitate to tell me. I'll do my best to help.

Same here; you can lay your worries on me. I think we'll be spending a lot of time together. Hah, well, we still have some work to do.

Right! Let's do our best at everthing, no matter what, and help everyone! But I'm hungry now! Let's head to Duke's! C'mon Logy!

Yeah, good idea... My new life starts now.

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