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Part 12: Bonus Update 2

Bonus Update 2


Escha and Logy artwork
Threia artwork
Reyfer artwork
Harry artwork
Lucille artwork
Scars of the Past
Big Eater
Imbuing Background
Imbuing In Progress
Plaza artwork
Dragon Fist Tavern artwork
Balloon Docks artwork
Apple Orchard artwork

As mentioned in the last bonus update, each episode of the anime had a special ending card done by a random artist. I'll be including these now, but in the future, if a link ends with "Ending card", it's from an episode of the anime. Also, now that I've seen a little of the artwork in the artbook, I'm going to have to get the artbooks for Ayesha and Escha and post scans of all the nice concept art and artwork. The last image is to a magazine cover with art by hidari and the artist who did episode 4's ending card.

Episode 1 ending card
Episode 2 ending card
Episode 3 ending card
Episode 4 ending card
Magazine cover featuring Escha


Love the Dragon -Don't Kill the Dragon-
Many games feature dragon slaying, but nowadays it feels like any good dragon fight requires a choral piece, so I tried adding many choral parts to this track. (Shimoda)

Chance Meeting
Opa! No, this word isn't used very much. "Yesterday I had an encounter with Sakamoto!" would be a strange thing to say. The soft bass and ethnic sounding bouzouki were played by Dani. (Achiwa)

To the Land Without a Name
I wrote a pretty standard tune again-- However it feels less like watching the "Marco" movies alone, and more like being with friends. (Achiwa)

Achiwa's mentioned the name "Marco" a few times, but I've always been a bit confused what he was talking about. Turns out he's talking about an anime series called "3000 Leagues in Search of Mother", which stars a boy named Marco and is called "Marco" in some countries. That's the only thing related to the name "Marco" I could find that relates to movies. Between Marco, PreCure, and that baseball anime he talked about in Ayesha's composer commentaries, seems Achiwa is fond of anime.

At the Foot of the Hill
This tune is for a field map, not a town, yet I didn't want it to sound very dangerous. (Achiwa)

Adventurer's Bolero
Harry's theme. I really like this guy. I think the ability to find value in things most people couldn't is a great skill. Certain people who find faults in everything could learn a lot from him. (Achiwa)

Belly's Bullet
Reyfer's theme. Dani's country slide guitar and bluesy electric guitar are great! When I first saw this character's illustrations, I thought he was a super-ultra-sexy-samurai-gunman. (Achiwa)

Lady of the Mist
Threia's theme. She is quite the fascinating type. The rustic flute interlude sounds like Ukkari Hachibe, so I really like it. (Achiwa)

G-protein Covered Receptor
Lucille's theme song. I tried making a soothing, relaxing tune for her. Like sitting in the sunlight with a cat, while sipping coffee. (Shimoda)

A Curious Shop for the Curious
For Katla's theme, I wanted it to feel like a toybox, full of fun and strange objects that could come jumping out. (Shimoda)

I mentioned last time, but Katla's theme doesn't seem to be on the actual, physical OST for this game, but it is in the game. It's a pretty good theme, I have to say.

The Story of the Sky, the Balloon, and the Climate Geomorphological Sun
I wanted this track to convey the feelings of excitement and nervousness while setting out on a journey. I mixed in polyrhythmic marimbas, along with Mellotron strings to add a progressive flavor, and I think the result is a pretty catchy tune. (Shimoda)

"Regret" sounds like "cultivation" in Japanese. It reminds me of the Privatization of Reclaimed Lands in Perpetuity. The prior Three Generations One Body Law sounds like the ability a third generation hero would use to transform and power up. (Achiwa)

Alone in a Room by Yourself
A very lonely feeling. If I listen to a track like this while looking at a middle-aged man, for some reason I start to think he was laid off. BGMs can really change perspective. (Achiwa)

Let's Go, Development Team!
A circus march that plays during a certain event. I go to see plays and musicals every once in a while, but I've never gone to see a circus. Plus, I see that clowns appear often in horror, so they have a scary image to me. I would still like to go at least once, however... (Yanagawa)

Kaiyuugyuo no Genfuukei (Landscape of Migratory Fish)
The song played when acquiring the balloon, from Nasu Asako's first album "Landscape". This song is the only track not specifically written for this game. We felt the music and Nasu's voice matched so well, we simply had to ask her to feature it here. (Okamura)

Apparently Okamura likes her voice, since she's in this game and has a track in Shallie.

During April Fools', I got very excited when a certain website turned their map into a treasure map. All men always have a part of them that remains a kid. (Yanagawa)

Please Hold My Hand in Yours
The feeling here is like holding hands at a crowded festival, so you don't become separated. I did corny things like this a long time ago... Too bad it was only with another guy. (Yanagawa)


Hot air balloons in this region run on wind power and simple engines. Skill is required to control them.

Official Alchemy
The new alchemy techniques are a result of special research. It requires highly specific tools.

Imbuing Device
An alchemy technique that transfers material effects without destroying them to strengthen items.

Disassembly Device
A specialized device that analyzes items for their material composition and disassembles them.

The latest in transportation. No evidence of such vehicles existing in the past age has been found.

Creatures that attack humans. Despite a massive eradication effort their numbers are increasing.

A mysterious group of powerful creatures that dwells within nature. Most view humans as enemies.