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Part 18: Bonus Update 3

Bonus Update 3

Powerup Meeting
Great Monster War
Harvest Festival
Southern Ruins
Upland Forest
Escha concept art 1
Escha concept art 2
Logy concept art 1
Logy concept art 2
Logy concept art 3

Episode 5 ending card
Episode 6 ending card
Episode 7 ending card
Episode 8 ending card

I have to say, I really like this "ending cards by different artists" idea they did for the show. Very interesting to see different artists' takes on the characters. The first one in this batch is the best. I love the Harry balloon. You can spot all sorts of things from the game in that one. Interestingly, Watanuki Nao did the character designs for the early Atelier series.

Dorothy's Tiger
An important aspect in a boss fight is conveying fighting spirit. The player should feel changing emotions, ranging from burning passion to doubt and despair, as the drama moves along. The most important mission with music is to convey and support the emotions that the player experiences. (Kikuta)

The bouzouki and bass played in this track were also done by Dani. The bouzouki used by Dani was actually an acoustic guitar remodeled into a 5x2 string (4x2 is normal). The bass also has 5 strings (4 is normal) so there's always an extra string. It's also extra trouble (lol). (Achiwa)

Decaying Light
The guitar, bass, and bouzouki were played by Dani. The idea was to convey the image of long shadows around sunset. Going to the park on a lazy Sunday evening evokes a sad feeling. (Achiwa)

Micie's theme. I wanted to make this track sound elegant and composed, yet avoid making it sound too grown-up. Every time he says something cool I want to throw flower petals in the background... No, that would be too gaudy. (Yanagawa)

Too Late
Referring to me? Stop it! The shaky tones from the trumpet fit very well and are quite moving. Brass pieces are not just for grand themes, but can be used like this as well. (Achiwa)

Rut of Time
Here I go again, using uncommon words to look smart. Even though I'm not. A tragedy with a touch of grandeur. (Achiwa)

Alchemist's Dialectic
In 19/8 time, with 4 note chords, and key changes, I wanted to make a light track that was difficult to grasp, just like a mysterious lithograph. (Shimoda)

Ringo no Negoto ~Ring on one, go to... (Sleep-Talking Apple)
The song is by Amaoto Junka, the bass and guitar are played by Dani, and the drums are played by Shimoda! I don't have many opportunities to write cute songs like this, but I personally enjoy it. Your impressions may change after clearing the game and listening to the song again. (Yanagawa)

Agame yo, Ware no Shinki (Worship Me, The Demon God)
The song is by Haruka Shimotsuki. With a simple 7 time rhythm, an ethnic melody, and grand 4 note choir, we felt Shimotsuki would be a great fit. Many thanks! Shimotsuki and Kikuta have worked on music together before, and I am very grateful to work alongside them both. (Shimoda)

Sora no Kizuato (Scars in the Sky)
This song is by the popular Annabel, who has featured in many anime theme songs. The guitar and bass are by Dani. I composed this song to convey the theme of past regrets, but I think students preparing for examinations or buried under endless homework will find it quite profound as well. (Achiwa)

Annabel, if you'll recall, also did the ending theme for Ayesha. I love her voice, so I'm quite glad they got her back for this game and Shallie.

FJ: The Pen and the Sword Part 3
This tune has an intense feeling. Linca, finish them! Linca's graceful swordplay during her Finishing attack is fun to watch, but her support guard pose is nice, too. She's great for both offense and defense. (Shimoda)

Micie Suspicious scene - Escha version

Buying the book for 100,000 Cole With a special sneak preview of Escha's second alternate costume and Logy's alternate costume. I'll be using these starting next update.