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Atelier Escha & Logy

by Sylphid

Part 29: Chapter XXV: The Crimson Bow and Arrow

What the--? Where did you get that book, Escha?

Oh...I found it in my mother's house. Clone always said the recipes in it were too hard for me, but I think I can do it now. There's some incredible things in here!

Let's try making the Demon Crucible!

Let's see here... It warps the space around the user and creates a field where time goes much slower than in the outside world. How on earth do you make something like this?

That's why Clone said it was really hard, but...let's see!

Escha, I can see a really tight Water effect need to be really careful during the synthesis if you want to see what it does. It says it will only accept a Water value of around 8-9 to make that effect.

Wow, that's really...

Well, we need to add that Cup of Life, but that makes the Water value go way too high... What if you used too much space in the final synthesis to add the Water value? That might work.

But we still need to have SOME Water value! Let me see... Maybe we should change the Moon Tablet for a Medical Solution.

I got it! We add the Medical Solution, then we Absorb Attributes using the WInd power of the ingredients! Then, that will draw enough power from Water to unlock that effect! Then we follow your suggestion and use too much space to add the Cup of Life!

Yeah, that will do it. Now you don't have enough space to add the Cup of Life, but you can finish the synthesis.


That's amazing, but be very careful with this one, Escha. It looks really dangerous.

What happened, Duke? You seem a bit more serious than usual.

...Have I ever told you kids why I left the branch's Strike Team?

Huh? Now that you mention it, I don't think you have.

I see. Well, this is gonna be an old man's story. Bear with me... I was the strongest guy in town... I did lead the Strike Team, after all. We even took down dragons.

Yeah, I've heard that.

One day, we started a campaign to drive away a certain dragon. We did everything we could... ...But we didn't stand a chance. I stayed to let my comrades escape, but was gravely wounded.

Is that why you retired?

When I was able to move again, the dragon was long gone. I hear the dragon's gone back to its nest, staying deep within...not even attacking our animals.

So, it doesn't even go out to get food? That's a really strange dragon...

"Strange doesn't even begin to describe it. It's clearly not like any other dragon we've faced. I know you kids have grown a lot, but whatever you do... Don't go near that monster, you hear me?

As long as it's no threat to us, I suppose it's all right to leave it alone. Should we go look, anyway?

I am really interested! long as we're well-prepared, I don't think there's any huge problem with that.

All those apples...

It's delicious! And good for you!

The Unexplored Ruins are far to the north of the Lab of Eternity. There's a huge debris field surrounding the ruins, but we made this dreadnaught to reach the Ruins. After we investigate the dragon, we can...

Head to the Ruins!


I can feel it... There's something on the other side!

Eeek! Let's run away... It's time to back off! This is awful!

D-Don't get so scared, Lucille. We'll lose our momentum.

We could back off if we have to...

L-Let's go, Logy! We need to avenge Mr. Duke!

Huh!? We really shouldn't be doing this!

I guess we'd better prepare for the worst.

...It's not attacking us. What do you think's going on?

I-It spoke-!?

You would still challenge me, knowing what we have done?

I-I'm so sorry! When you're here, it makes things really hard for everybody!

You're hurting the lives of a great many of our people. I'm sorry, but we can't let you stay.

I only follow the laws of nature.

...What are you trying to say?

I say no more than absolutely necessary. There is one language that transcends all others. Let us speak in that language now: battle.

Dragon King

The most powerful dragon...

Alright, let's go!

How can it use so much power!?


Escha, get ready!

Escha, are you alright!?

Don't worry, Logy! I can do it!

Escha, if you combine Awin and Threia's attacks, we can defeat the dragon before it unleashes its power again.

Let's finish this!

This must be fate as well. I go to join the Dusk!

It was clearly different from any other dragon.

Who knows? But I don't really feel like it's gone for good. Are you sure we defeated it? Why do you think it came down...?

I don't know... Did we do the wrong thing by defeating it, Logy?

I don't know, but I don't think the dragon would think we did. It was talking about the rules of nature... Maybe by fighting it, we were making it happy.


Alright, if there's no other problems, Escha, I think we can go to the Unexplored Ruins now.

I'm ready... I'm ready!

Alright, this is where it gets fun!

Into the breach

Music: Exiting the Mad Cloud

Logy, the clouds!

It's fine! We're going in! Just hold onto something!

Aaaaahh! Are we doing okay!?

Awin! This is reckless!

The controls aren't responding!

Huh!? What!?


Are you okay!?


(I thought I saw something... But we've got bigger things to worry about right now!)


What the hell was that...? Huh?

Huh? It's clearing up ahead...

Did we really make it? Unbelievable...

These are...the Unexplored Ruins!

Top of the world

Music: In the Nest Without a Worker Bee

Did you get everything, Escha?

Yeah, I have everything... I'm still a little nervous.

I know exactly how you feel...

We're at the Unexplored Ruins... We're really here! Wow!

How does it feel to have your dreams come true?

Hmm... It's hard to describe. I don't really feel different, but my legs won't stop shaking.

Whoooooa! We're so high up! If we fall off of here, we're goners!

Huh? What's the matter, Linca? Let's go!

U-Um... I'm going to stay and watch the ship. D-Don't mind me.

Is it possible that you're afraid of heights?

Ahaha, everyone's got things they're good at, an things they're not so good at.

The ground's a little unstable here. I think it'd actually be better if you came inside.

R-Really!? V-Very well, let us go inside, posthaste!

W-Wait, Linca! Let's stick together! It could be dangerous...

What's the matter, Logy? You've been pretty quiet.

There's no wind here... It's completely different from when we were going through the storm. I was wondering if the climate was being controlled somehow... Perhaps to keep anyone from making it here.

*Sigh* I suppose you're right... That is a little strange.

You don't seem too interested in it, though... Doesn't it bother you?

Hmmm... I'd rather go take a look inside!

Heh... That's very like you, Escha. I guess we'll keep on moving. Standing here all day won't help our investigation.

Besides, Linca keeps rushing forward.

...Hm, I guess I'll think about it more later. Let's move.

There is absolutely no telling what we'll find here. We have to be very careful and move slowly.

I've never seen materials like this before...

That's not surprising. If these ruins have been in the air for hundreds of years, it's no wonder why there's super rare ingredients here. We should collect as many samples as we can.

This view is amazing...

This is an...Elixir Base! It's the source material Elixirs are refined from... I never thought I'd see something like this in my life!

Sentinel of the skies

Damn, more slags. Let's take care of this one fast.

We have this.

Must be a new model of slag.

We did it!

Alright, we should be entering the ruins soon.

Ancient alchemy

These facilities are amazing... But something seems strange.

There are still some working facilities here. I wasn't expecting to find this in a ruin...

It's not unknown, but they are few and far between. Locals have reported seeing something floating. But these aren't "ruins" at all... They're sitll operational. What could they have been researching?

Hey... *sniff sniff* Does anyone else smell something really good? I wonder what it is...?

It smells How is that even possible...? Hah, in any case, we're looking for other this! It's probably worth a bundle!

Wait! The equipment here is still in working order! No one make any hasty moves.

Yeah... I'm actually a little scared at the moment. Thanks for the tip. No, really.

Hmm... I'm only guessing here, but I think they were raising plants in this facility.

Now that you mention it... There were plants all over the place. Did they come from the facility here?

The evidence sure seems to suggest that. The bigger question is, why would such a facility exist?

I mean, if they wanted to research plants, they could do it on the ground. Why do it way up here?

Perhaps the earth was decarying at the time, and soil lacked the nutrients to raise plants?

If that's true, shouldn't we find more ruins like this one all over the place?

You're right... We find ruins with plants every now and then, but nothing like the Unexplored Ruins.

That confuses me, too. What sets these ruins here apart from the others that seem so similar?

They must've been doing something else here besides researching plants.

Still, if they were doing research here, then I guess there won't be much I can exchange for gold.

I wonder... The facilities and discoveries here may still be put to use to improve our farms.

Oh! An excellent point! But how am I supposed to bring this back home?

Hey...isn't this...?

What is it, Escha? Did you notice something?

It couldn't be... But I suppose it's possible.

Looks like we still have lots of areas to investigate. Let's keep moving.

Agreed. Come on, let's see some treasure! Treasure treasure treasure...

There's a slag up ahead. Let's take care of it quickly.

I'm still amazed by all of the ruins...

That settles it.

Wow, this is an amazing recipe book. Let's make sure to take it!

Ghostly girl

Who knows? I'd at least like to find out how this place floats...

Who are you? Where are you...?

...Did you just hear something?

Wh-Wh-Wh-Why are we hearing voices? Are there ghosts...?

Who's there? Come out!

Music: Lonely Queen Bee

It's a ghost! GHOST!

Calm down, Escha. It's not a ghost. We find devices like these in ruins from time to time.

And why does she look so familiar...?

It has been a long time since I've seen humans. It seems you have not changed much... On the inside, or out.

...This child can see into our bodies. She's still alive.

Y-You see, we came to investigate these ruins. Um... Do you understand that? What kind of facility is this...? Do you know why it exists?

Why it...? Yes. There was something that needed to be done. The world...needed to be saved. Promise. Yes, I made a promise... Everyone's dreams, everyone's hopes...

A promise? What's she going on about?

They're starting to shake!

Come, Gullveig. You must not let the humans get close. They are no good for the seeds. Just a little longer... Just once more, please, lend me your strength.

Wh-What could have have been...? And why does that child feel so...familiar?

...Let's go. I think we'll find the center up ahead.

And what's...Gullveig?

I hope I'm not right about what it is...

C'mon, Logy, the center of the ruins is just ahead!


Linked Horizon

Is this...the center of the ruins?

So it appears. What is that thing? Is that what's making this entire island float?

You've already come... Yes... You were always fast. Too, too fast...

Hey, what's going on in this place? Are you protecting these ruins?

It has been so painful. But now it will come to an end. Finally, I can make Spring bloom! Summer has ended, and Fall is gone. The Winter has died away. That is why we must start anew. We will plant the seeds!

What could she mean, about Spring and blooming...?

Who knows...? But, I can't shake the feeling that if we jus tlet her do it, it'll be bad...

Can you tell us what happened a long time ago? Why are you in these ruins?

Why? Why, why... I wonder why. I do not know anything.

Logy, something's coming this way!

Everything they have waited for... Everything they have wished for... I cannot stop here! I will not let humans interefere. I will not let humans have this!

"Alive..." Tch! She's broken, just like i thought.

Please, Gullveig, take me to the SKY!

(I knew it...)

...Good boy.

Let's do it!

Music: Sky of Twilight

Nothing is beyond our abilities!

There's nothing we can't do together.

Colony Collapse

It looks like we've defeated it.

Good night, Gullveig. Thank you for all that you've done.

All staff, please evacuate immediiately. This is the final warning. Final warning...

I-I have no idea what's happening, but I've got a very bad feeling about this...!

Don't tell me... Those battles were just to buy her time!

Final confirmation approved. Now commencing Geosys. I'm sorry it took so long... Let us make Spring bloom, together!


This isn't good... The ruins are coming down!

Huh!? You mean we're going to fall out of the sky!?

Crap, let's get out of here!

What happened...!? Why is this happening!? Why are you doing this!?

We can ask questions later! Escha, HURRY!

Damn...I wasn't expecting this! We need to get back to the dock!

*huff huff* Where's Logy!?

Escha's not here yet.

What the hell is she doing!?

Music: Wings of Wax


There she is! Escha! Awin, bring the ship in closer! I'm going to use the tether to grab Escha!

Hold on! I'm coming!