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Part 30: Bonus Update 5

Bonus Update 5


Flameu artwork

Let's Get Along
Lab of Eternity
Ruins - Exterior
Ruins - Interior

Lucille concept art 1
Lucille concept art 2
Lucille concept art 3
Linca concept art 1
Linca concept art 2
Wilbell concept art 1
Wilbell concept art 2

Altegewalt concept art 1
Altegewalt concept art 2
Gullveig concept art 1
Gullveig concept art 2


In the Nest Without a Worker Bee
The theme for the Unexplored Ruins. I aimed to make this sound like a straightforward final dungeon theme. Since it borrows parts from the movie track before it, I think this track sounds much better during gameplay than by itself. (Yanagawa)

The guitar and bass were played by Dani. How many times have I said this (lol) This is a map theme but with a bit of a technological feel. Since Alchemy is closer to chemistry and science than magic, the imagery matches well. (Achiwa)

Both Wings
This track was used in the announcement trailer for this game. I composed this track at the beginning of the project to create the world image in my mind. I tried to vary it up from the previous game with some new flavor. (Yanagawa)

Marion is Scary
This is another arrangement of The Pen and the Sword. I used the image of Marion's stressful administrative work, along with her strict attitude, to compose this jazzy track. If you want to hear Marion scold you, try ignoring her assignments for a playthrough. (Shimoda)

Fly in the Blue Sky
The image of looking down towards the earth from high in the skies. I like traveling abroad, so I composed this theme while recalling looking down from an airplane window at the towns, mountains, and islands below. (Shimoda)

Chai Full of Sugar in the Afternoon
Part of the daily tea BGM series. Chai is the Indian version of milk tea, and we ended up drinking quite a bit of masala chai during development of this game. It is very refreshing when you are tired. (Shimoda)

While this game might be "A-Girl-and-Boy-Chase-Their-Dreams-While-Bogged-Down-by-Work Hard Life RPG" (not really), doing nothing but work work will wear out both body and mind. The image for this track is taking a simple stroll through town to relax. (Yanagawa)

Alchemist Escha's Case File
The BGM whenever an incident occurs. I wrote this track with the feeling of a detective drama in mind. Recently it seems the daly mystery genre is popular among light novels. The ones I personally read and enjoyed were the ones about the used book shop and the armchair detective. (Shimoda)

Lonely Queen Bee
Flameu's theme. The image of a sleepy-eyed young girl mumbling. I think this track sounds better alongside her voice than by itself. (Yanagawa)

This song actually played over the last part of the Bumblebee Princess story that Clone read to Escha, but I didn't want to link it there for lack of any real context to it. But, it's just as well.

Working People Ragtime
I meant to write a bluesy ragtime piece, but due to some mishap it ended up as a bright ragtime tune meant for a party. How did this happen? The idea for this piece is the deliciousness of a meal and a drink after a hard day's work. (Kinoshita)

Glass Key
Glass is usually seen as a very fragile material, but glass made with recent technology can be surprisingly strong... Or so I thought. Because of that I trated glassware rather carelessly, and ended up breaking my favorite one... (Yanagawa)

Exiting the Mad Cloud
The track played during the movie when reaching the Sky Garden. An exciting piece conveying a strenuous journey. Since it's made for a movie, there was no need to loop it like a normal BGM, so the track is full of development and flair. (Yanagawa)

Wings of Wax
Do you enjoy rollercoasters? I don't lke rides without firm footing. On the other hand, I'm fine if there's somewhere to put my feet. When I'm uneasy on a ride with no footing, I realize we humans are truly meant to live on solid ground. (Yanagawa)

Sky of Twilight
Hello, I'm the composer, Shade. While this may seem like a standard sounding song, I tried to change up some parts as well. I wanted to make sure there were interesting developments in the song to keep you entertained until the very end. (Shade)

Sky of Twilight -Instrumental-
I think the instrumental version of this song has a distinctly different feel to it from the vocal version. I put quite a lot of effort into creating mellow tones, but I think it still sounds very much like my personal style. I hope you enjoy it. (Shade)

Although Sky of Twilight -Instrumental- DOES play elsewhere in the game, I felt it most appropriate to link it here. But hey, both versions of this song kick a lot of ass, so there is that. Gullveig is a very easy boss, but I didn't want to kill him quickly because the song is just so good. In fact, I was really, really close to finishing the fight before the song looped, but I was about 20-30 seconds too soon. Bummer.



A town founded far from Central City as a waypoint for explorers. It was formerly a small farming village.

Frontier Research

Intended as a staging ground for exploration, it also acts as the local government.


Strange lifeforms that can speak. Despite their cute appearances, they are very skilled in technical arts.


A mysterious group of powerful creatures that dwells within nature. Most view humans as enemies.

Wellspring Beast

Enormous beasts not seen around Colseit until now. Their recent appearance is a sign of drought.

Graveyard Giant

Gigantic humanoid Slags are rarely seen. Destroying them is the only known way to stop their functions.


The strongest known creatures. However, they rarely reproduce, and dragons have specialized traits.

New Lifeform

There are likely unimaginable lifeforms still hiding in ruins, yet to be discovered.


A general term for structures left behind by the lost civilizations of a previous era.

Ends of the Earth

An ancient legend claims a lush, green paradise awaits far away, but there is no evidence of this.

Unexplored Ruins

A floating island with man-made ruins, visible for Colseit. No one has been able to approach it.


Tools, devices, and other items excavated from ruins. Perhaps their use can help humanity survive.