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Part 34: Chapter XXIX: The Dangerous Expeditions and Adventures

Logy, I think I'm ready to try making my own Elixir Base. Thanks to that information we got from the Dismantler, I think I found out a good recipe for it. And my alchemy has been getting a lot better...

That's true. But it looks like it might take a long time, so we should probably start it, then go do some stuff. 13 days is a long time to work on a single item...

The Elixir Base is an incredibly difficult recipe. We need to be really careful.

Alright, here goes...

Now we can just let it sit for a while... Let's go get something to eat, Logy.

Sure thing. I'm still looking for how to make some of these new items. The recipes are so complicated.

Sure thing, gimme a sec!

That voice... That was Miss Marion, wasn't it?

Yeah, that's her. Should we go say hi?

What is this?

Keep quiet!

Marion, that's enough toasting, isn't it? I think you've had enough to drink.

Quit being so stiff! I can enjoy the occasional glass of the good stuff! But I can't believe you'd be inviting me for drinks, Threia. Is Hell about to warm over tomorrow?

I don't think we've gone out like this since we were together in Central City... For a while, you'd be asking me to come out with you once a week. I thought you were trying to date me.

Hey! You can't let anyone at R&D know about that, you hear me!? See, I... I decided that I gotta be the "cool boss" for all my li'l guys at the branch.

You? Cool!? Hahahaha! Oooh... Don't make me laugh like this, my stomach hurts. Sorry, but I just don't think you're leader material. You're too short...among other things.

"Other things..."!? Now that's a low blow...just 'cuz yers are huge! You want me to grope ya? Huh?

...I'm glad none of your coworkers are here to see this. You turn vulgar when you're drunk.

Hey, unlike you, I'm not here by choice. You unnerstan'...?

Yes, yes, I understand...and that was a big leap in topics.

See, but I...I got no regrets! I din't do annnythin' wrong!

Yes, that's right. Oh, that's right... About your subordinates...

Eschschschsch's too soft n' fluffy, and Loogy's got no ambition! I mean, they put in a lotta effort. As their boss, maybe I gotta give 'em a piece of my mind!

Really? I think they're doing a lot more then you give them credit for.

Oh, now this is new... What do you see in those two?

Escha always tries her best at whatever she does. And, you never get bored watching her. Logy isn't afraid to express his opinion, but in the end he always takes consideration for others'. You can't find alchemists who are that straightforward these days. You're lucky to have them with you.

You... You're tryin' to snipe my henchmen! Well, you can't have 'em!

That's unfortunate. They were a big help with my thesis... I thought we could continue to work together.

Do my ears deceive me? Are you actually complimenting someone else? What happened?

I-I don't know... Perhaps I've had a bit too much to drink myself.

At least Miss Threia and Miss Marion look like they're really enjoying themselves. So Threia completed her thesis, huh? Maybe we should celebrate with her sometime, too.

Yeah, we should.

Oh no! We have to get back!

That was close...


Logy!? What's wrong!?

Oh, it's nothing... I really can't cook at all. I keep trying, but it never turns out really right... Here. Here's a shopping list for Duke's. I need to go pick up some stuff. If you're not busy, do you want to come with me? Maybe new ingredients would help?

I could always teach you, Logy. I know how to cook some things.

Well yeah, but you can't cook very much either. I want to make something other than sweets...

I guess you're right, but... Logy!

Hm? Miss Threia? What could she be doing in the bar?

It doesn't sound like Marion's with her this time...

...Then what exactly did you mean? Would you mind clarifying that for me?

U-Umm...what's the matter you two? I don't think it's good to argue...?

We're not arguing. We're simply stating differing opinions at an elevated insensity and volume.

That's what arguing is... So, what are you arguing over?

Look, you know how Threia's only interested in research and academics and stuff like that? I was just telling her that it'd be great to have a few hobbies here and there. Y'know, interests!

The way you present your case makes it sound as if my life holds nothing of interest in it!

No! Your life is far from boring! But wouldn't it be nice to do something else? Like sew, or cook?

Oh! That's a great idea! I can teach you really simple sewing, Miss Threia!

Your mind is so old-fashioned. Just because I'm a woman, I should be cooking and sewing? If we're going to take the trouble, we should look for hobbies that challenge us intellectually.

She's right. Sometimes reading a book from outside one's area of expertise is quite helpful.

I understand what you're saying. Really, I do... But do you see where we're coming from here, too?

Not at all. Why don't you organize your thoughts before you open up that mouth of yours? This is a waste of time... I have work that needs doing. If you'll excuse me.

She just stormed out...

We're never going to see eye-to-eye on this, are we?

If it's always going to end in an argument, why do you even bother bringing up these topics?

I mean, you can say that... But it's such a waste to do nothing but hide from others all day. If that's how she feels about it, though, I guess that's it. She'll never come to see it our way.

I see... Aww, I wish you two could become friends.

I wouldn't mind the chance to be her friend, but she's got no intention of budging.

Really? I think she's fighting back because you're not serious enough to defend your opinion.

I won't deny that, but if you can't speak casually with someone, then how can you become friends? You know... She does come to me to talk sometimes, too. Maybe she wants to be my friend, in some way.

I get it! Maybe Miss Threia's hobby is to have arguments with you, Reyfer!

Are you serious? That would be...really bad.

Those two are never going to get along... Anyway, I have to pick up a bunch of cooking materials.

Do you need any help carrying all of them?

No, I think I'll be okay. Go check on the synthesis.

Yeah, good idea...

Is this about the present again? Last time I tried to help you, it didn't turn out that well...

No, um... Well, honestly, you're the only woman whose opinion I feel comfortable asking...

I see...! All right, this time I'll try to be a little more helpful!

Thank you very much. I'd lke to ask you...just for my reference... Do I seem...childish, to you?

Childish!? Not at all. In fact, I think you're really mature for your age.

I understand. So that means... Do you think my appearance is childish? For whatever reason, a certain someone cannot seem to see me as a mature man.

Ah... Well, when you put it that way, I can see why that would be a bit difficult...

Nevertheless, it's not like I can suddenly decide to grow taller... Perhaps I can change my wardrobe? Would you happen to know a store in the vicinity? I still don't know much about the area.

A clothing store for men? Hmm... Where could we go...? Oh, yeah! I think I know a place that might have some options! I'll show you!

I'm sorry...and thank you very much.

What do you think about this place?

Hmm... I see. This actually looks quite classy.

Ah, but everything might be a little too big for you. You might not fit...

No, I can fudge my way through the size. Let's choose something from here.

Wha... Are you sure? Well, then... How about this? Or this?

U-Um... It might work for you, but...I still think the size is a little off.

It is acceptable for clothing to drag slightly... In fact, doesn't a loose fit make me appear mature? One more always have a little extra room in one's heart... More words of wisdom from my instructor. I understand people wear baggy pants and let them crumble at the bottom... Is this true?

Um... I actually don't think that looks good on you...

Right, then... What about this coat? Apparently it's been imported from Central City. It appears to be a high-quality material, and I feel classy wearing it. What do you think?

Eh... You look like a child wearing his father's coat, to me. Oh, but it might be kind of cute, now that I see it. It's like you're trying to tip-toe to be taller!

C-Cute!? I don't want to look cute. I want to look mature. However, if this coat fails me, too... What would suit me, then?

Why don't you just be yourself? I think your current wardrobe is pretty cute.

That does not help me achieve my goal of presenting myself as a male adult. At any rate, I've already tried them on, so perhaps I should purchase these garments.

Y-You're really going to buy them, Micie...? Well, whatever makes you happy...

I appreciate your help, Miss Escha.

Are you really going to wear that? Maybe you should wait just a little bit until you grow into it?

Grow into it... Yes. If only I had a few more inches, it would be brilliant...

That's probably going to take a little more time... Oh no! I have to get back to the synthesis!

This is where it gets tricky...

Alright, that should be enough... I should get back.

What's the matter now, Lucille?

Do you remember when I told you about my parents?

Yeah, they worry too much. Did something happen?

I got a letter from them while we were out on an investigation, and I couldn't respond right away. Then they sent another letter complaining about my workload to the branch manager...

Maybe we should seriously consider some methods to counter this. I'm afraid it'll affect your work.

But, what should I do...? I can't exactly have someone write the letter on my behalf, can I?

...I'm afraid that might only blow up in our faces. We need to attack the root of the issue.

Ugh, they both just worry too much! I can take care of myself just fine! They're even against me going outside on my own... But I'm a government worker now!

Yeah, I think we need to start by addressing that misunderstanding.

Hmmm... What do you mean?

Hopefully, they'll worry a lot less about you...

I'm always telling them to stop worrying in all my letters...

...But that might just make them worry more, right? You could lie and say that you're having such a good time here that there's no time to write back.

Oh, no, the work is very fun! Everyone in R&D is so kind,'re really reliable, Mr. Logy!

I-I see... How about we try that approach?

Well... Okay, I've just told them to stop worrying. Maybe if I gave them some details, it might help. Don't you think it would be suspicious if I just started pouring that out all at once?

Heeey, that's not nice, Mr. Logy! You have a point, though. I think I can write them a letter about how much I enjoy my work here!

That's the spirit. Take the initiative, instead of just responding to their letters.

Y-Yes! Thank you very much, Mr. Logy!

If you ask them to stop writing to the manager, that might work... But I hope this solves our problems. Well, guess I'll just have to see how this turns out. Escha should still be working right now.

Looks like it's almost done...

Yeah. Now we just have to wait for the materials to sublimate, and it should be done... I can't believe it!

I've been meaning to ask... Where did you learn how to do alchemy like that?

Huh? I told you my mother taught me most of it.

I remember that, but between this, the Tauzent Blitz, the Knowledge Book, and the Demon Crucible, your alchemy is going far beyond what simple teaching can do for an alchemist.

Hehe, oh, that... Well, when I work with unknown items like the ones I've been making lately, it's mostly about using your instincts... You have to follow the recipe, but making mysterious items requires you to think how to make the item. It's not enough to just follow the recipe.

Is that right? Maybe you'll be able to write your own alchemy book when you're older.

Hm, maybe... But it's kind of hard to explain. I'm not sure I can write a book about something like that. It's just something you know "how" to do. I'm not sure if I'm really explaining it very well.

No, I think I understand. (Honestly, if she's that unaware of her alchemy abilities, maybe it's a lost cause...)

Looks like there's really nothing left to do but wait. Let's get some materials from Katla's. It's a good thing her prices for alchemy stuff are low.

Ahh... I think Miss Threia is angry again.

I think we can guess why.

Have you no respect for history? Or the actions of our ancestors?

No, no, you're misunderstandin' me. I love ruins that have lots of dreams, and hope, and all...

...Ugh, if only you could take things more seriously, you might have some redeeming qualities. Sorry, but I have work, so I'm going to excuse myself.

Heh, well, I guess I was able to ask what I wanted to ask. Anyway, it does bother me a little bit...

Hey, I'm always serious, no matter what I do... At least, when I'm talkin' to her.

She did seem really angry, though. Did something happen again?

You remember those ruins we went to? That musty place with all the slags.

The creepy ruins? I remember them, but what about them?

I've actually been to another ruin like that one before, but... Something seemed a little strange. I think there might actually be a secret passage somewhere.

A secret passage...? Are you sure about that?

Who knows? But that's what my intuition's telling me. There's probably amazing treasure in there.

Are you sure? Hmm, I didn't really notice anything.

I wouldn't expect amateurs to understand. Anyway, I mustered up the courage to ask Threia myself. She agreed with me about the secret passage, but when it got to the treasure...she blew up at me.

I see. She probably wouldn't want you to sell off items that are vital to her historical research.

Awww... You've both done this enough times. Why can't one of you just go with the other's opinion?

Well, let's leave that conversation for some other time. Do you want to go back to those ruins soon? I'll help you do a thorough investigation there. There might still be some treasure waiting!

So we haven't seen the entire ruin, then? I can't promise anything, but going back there's a good idea.

Treasure, huh...? That's actually kind of exciting! I'd like to go again, too!

Oh, Escha! You're finally comin' 'round to see it my way, huh? My heart's full of joy! If we find treasure, I'll be sure to split the profits among us all, so don't worry. Now, let's be off!

This sounds really exciting!

I don't think we should bring Threia along when we do go...

We have to! I think Miss Threia will be angrier if we didn't bring her...

She's surrounded by children. We should go ask her what's going on.

What are you doing?

Eek! When did you guys get here...?

We saw all these kids gathered around. Why...?

Um... They're just leftovers from before...

Leftovers!? You only made two before. You kept saying that you don't have time to waste on this.

Yeah, Nio helped, too. We ended up making too much, so I was giving them away...

Aww, that's nice. I wanted some too...

This is unexpected. You said you didn't want to do this stuff, and now you're giving them to children.

Well, yeah, it is a pain. But it does feel pretty worthwhile to be appreciated by someone... I was thinking it would be nice to make some sweets and make people happy. My main goal is still to become a grand magician. I can't continue making sweets because I'm training. I guess this should be the last time I do this...

Does that really have anything to do with it?


I don't know how difficult your training as a magician is... You could still keep making sweets as a hobby, can't you?

I'm not sure just what kind of grand magician you want to become, Wilbell. But, no matter how great you grow up to be, it's still important to keep your sense of fun.

Really... So you think it's okay to continue with the sweets?

You should do it if you really want. Nobody's going to tell you to stop, either.

You're right. I guess I'll make some more when I have free time.

Really? Please share some with me when you do.

Would you give some to me, too? The one I had really was delicious.

Haha, you're so hopeless. I guess a great magician who brings joy to little kids isn't that bad, either.

(I'm still not sure exactly what magicians do... But it's probably best not to overthink it.) Did you pick up all the materials you needed, Escha?

Yeah, I got everything!

I'll help you carry some of them back.

Really? Thanks!

No problem... Let's head back to the branch.

What is it, boss? Did we make a mistake on our report...?

No, nothing like this. This is about Linca. What happened with that?

What do you mean? You haven't heard anything from her?

If she'd told me, I wouldn't have to ask you!

C-Calm down, boss. What's wrong, all of a sudden?

I'm sorry... But this is the first time Linca's kept something from me. Usually she proudly comes and tell me "Target annihilated!" or somesuch.

Annihilated...? Um, the Linca in the tavern was actually a very nice person.

A nice person? She wasn't cold-blooded and hostile?

No, not at all. She seemed like a nice older sister.

Hmm. Really. I never heard of one of those Lincas being like that.

Apparently Linca was glad to see her. They were happily chatting in the tavern.

I think I heard that story before... I guess you get along with Linca very well, Miss Marion.

She's always misunderstanding the things I ask her to do, or putting too much effort into the wrong things.

Wh-Why do you sound so happy...?

Marion, I've written up the documents you asked for. Although it's a little late...

Oh, is that the one you said you had to write by yourself?

Yes. I was able to refer to past examples to accomplish my task.

...What? Wait, you wrote this by yourself, Linca? What's the meaning of this?

I was following your orders to fulfill the assigned mission, Marion... I know it's very late, but I'll try to meet your deadlines from this point forward.

O-Oh, thank you. Do your best...

I certainly will. Please, excuse me...

...Too many things I didn't expect are happening. I think I'm getting a headache.

Are you alright, Miss Marion? Maybe you should take a break.

I'm fine, but... Looks like Linca's made some progress, too. I wonder if this is how a mother feels when she notices her child has grown up...

What are you talking about? Boss, maybe you'd better take that break after all.

(Linca, I don't think it's true that you don't have a mother.)'s finally done!

Amazing again, Escha. Looks like the properties you chose are pretty incredible too. This can activate on its own, it's self-replicating, and provide a lot of energy for all of us. I'm sure this is going to be a lot of help.

Yeah! We don't know what kind of monsters we'll fight in the future, so we need to have everything we can so we can prepare for the investigations.

Indeed... Oh! How about we go to the Palace of Paupers that Harry mentioned to us? I've always been interested in what's there, but we've been pretty busy the past few months.

That's okay with me! I wonder what we'll find there...

Wha... What kind of place is this?

I don't know why, but it...feels dangerous.

Yeah, I can't help but feeling like that too. Let's proceed with caution.

I've never seen materials like these before! What a mysterious place...

We should definitely make a note of this area in the future. Maybe there's even more we missed.

Escha, look at this!

There's even Elixir Bases around here, too!


Yeah. We're definitely headed into great danger.

Maybe we can sneak past them...

I wouldn't count on it, but let's try...

Terrors of the unknown land

Well, that's that. Get ready!

All right, I'm ready to go!

You were right about that Dimension Bomb, Escha. I can't believe how it just moved from one spot to above the dragon...

Let's unleash the Knowledge Book!

Right behind you!

We got it!

Yeah, not bad, Escha. Now, we just need to do something...

About that.

Owww... This monster is a lot stronger than Gullveig was...

It's healing itself!

We need to defeat it before it can heal itself!

It seems like it resists attacks from items a lot... We need to keep up the pressure.

But I can't fight as well as everyone else...

Don't worry. Everyone is doing their part to defeat this monster.

Logy, I'm sorry... Something the monster is doing is preventing me from helping out more...

What kind of magic is this thing capable of?

Oh no... We need to finish this now!

I got it!

Whew...that was a difficult fight.

Escha, are you okay?

I should be asking you that... But yeah, I'm okay.

What kind of monsters were those? Maybe Harry got scared of them and ran off. It was only thanks to the Elixir Base that were able to defeat those monsters.

Logy, this seems like a really big place. Maybe there's something underground?

Well, it's certainly worth checking out.

Damn. The path is too crumbled to keep moving from this area.

Looks like we'll have to find another way around.

Ah! Logy! Do you see that!?

Yeah. No wonder this place is so dangerous. Get ready!

The mighty dragon

Why is it so powerful!?

We're doing well! Just keep it up!

Music: FJ: Acht-Acht

Ah! Where did Reyfer get that gun!? Did you make that, Logy?

No... I've never seen anything like that before.

That dragon just completely disappeared...

Yeah... Where did it go?

Anyway, we should let Miss Marion know about this place, and maybe she can get someone out here to clear a path into the building. Hopefully we can find more around here...

Good idea.

Alright, put everything away from the Palace of Paupers... I'm ready to go to the Slag Graveyeard, Escha.

Let's go!

Could this be...? No, maybe over here...

Are you sure there's a hidden path over here?

I don't see anything promising. Are you sure it would be here?

No, I'm sure. My finely honed senses are telling me it's somewhere nearby, I just know it.

Yes, that has to be it! If you press one of those...

Th-That's amazing! I can't believe you actually found it! You really are a treasure hunter!

There was a path here all along?

...I'm impressed.

Complimenting me won't get us the treasure. The real problem is just ahead. I'll go first; who knows what's on the other side. If everything's okay, I'll call you. Hang tight!

H-Hey... Are you gonna be okay on your own?

With you guys out here to back me up, I'll have all the strength I need. I'll be right back. Make sure you don't press any of those buttons until I return.

I-I think he'll be all right... Probably...

Hey! It looks safe! C'mon, you guys!

Whew... He's fine. I'll go next. You guys take care of things on this side.

Then, I'll go, too! We might need these alchemy tools!

I'll be waiting out here. If anything happens, just holler. Hm... It looks like this button here's even more recessed than it was before...?

Logy, are you still here!?

Yeah, I'm okay. I can't see anything, either, though.

Hold on a second. I'll get a light.

...? Hey do you guys hear something?

I do hear some kind of rumbling...

What the hell!?

Huh? Eeeeeeeeeeek! What's going on!?

Dammit, the trap was on a timer! Run, quick, or we'll be pancakes!

What the heck are we supposed to now!? How do we get away!?

With traps like these, you just gotta keep running! That's how it normally works! Watch your footstep! Jump... NOW!

Waaaaaaaaah! Help meeeeeeeeeeee!

Quit whining! Just keep running!

You damn idiot! When a girl says that, you're supposed to pick her up and KEEP RUNNING!

That's impossible! We'll both get smashed to bits like that!

Gah, shut up and show me you're a man! There it is! Guys, we're gonna jump into that gap!

Gr-ah! D-Don't let go, Escha! We're almost there!

Y-Yes! I'll do my best...!

Just jump in 3...2...1... NOW!

Damn! Here goes nothing! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Hahahaha... What a rush, eh?

What the hell's wrong with you!? That was horrible!

We accidentally set off a trap... But we made it back in one piece!

I'm sorry. I had absolutely no idea from over here.

I'm never doing this again! The next place we go had better be safe!

Haha, I think we've disabled all the traps now. But now, it's time for the main course... Treasure!

How can you be so composed after what just happened...? Please, let's do something safer next time.

Whatever... Let's just see what's inside...

Wow, that's fantastic! It's made out of pure gold! Now this... THIS is exactly what I'm talkin' about! This is the kinda treasure I want!

There was a hidden room back here...? But still...

What is this doing here? What's the meaning of this?

I dunno, and I duncare. Not my problem. Maybe the statue has somethin' to do with all the Slags.

Are you suggesting this culture worshiped Slags? That's very bad taste...

It looks really heavy... Is there a way we can bring it back?

Do you really intend to bring this back to Colseit!? I'm sure it's valuable, but that's impossible!

But... If we can sell this, we'd have so much money!

What are you saying!? I agree that we should take it with us, but selling it is out of the question!

Whoa, hey! Why don't you tell me what the heck it is, then? 'Cuz to me it looks like some dude with bad taste made a statue that looks like a Slag outta gold.

That might be true, but... Well, no, I suppose that's the only theory that makes sense.

W-Well, let's take a look around, anyway. There's got to be some reason for that statue being here.

So, it's really just a golden statue?

I-Impossible! Something this grand must have some great meaning behind its creation! There is a rational explanation for it. It may simply be beyond our understanding for now.

Um...but we don't know. Why don't we sell it to the local branch?

Oh? And why do you want that?

B-Because, we only found it because of you, and you worked really hard, and you're a treasure hunter. So, if we sell it to the branch, then you get paid and we still get to study it later.

...For something this bizarre, I suppose that might work.

What's this? Logy's taking my side for once? That doesn't happen often.

Well, yes, but... Technically, we were supposed to study this area.

That's why the branch could buy the statue from Reyfer, and we can do the research. Then he'll have some money, and you still get to do your research... It's the best of both worlds!

I hate to treat this as some common trinket, but... I suppose Reyfer deserves some compensation for it.

...Never mind. If that's what you two are going to say, then I'll give him credit for the find.

Now you two are finally startin' to understand the romance of treasure hunting!

Wrong. Processing this as an archeological sample would be a hassle, so you're doing our job.

Hahaha, I hear ya. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me... I know you're a burning with passion! Anyway, now that we've got that sorted out, let's get this thing back to town and make some cash! I wonder how much we'll get for you, my little Slag-treasure? Oh, you're so valuable, yes you are...!

Whew, that was close... We can't take all the credit for Reyfer's find, right?

Yeah, you're right. We did work together, after all. I guess this isn't too bad, once in a while.