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Part 36: Bonus Update 6

Bonus Update 6


To the World's End
Promise at the Ruins
Storyteller of Dusk
Storyteller of Dusk+
Act like an Adult
Girls Association
Like Father, Like Son
Eating Contest

Ruins - Collapsed

Airship concept art
Micie concept art 1
Micie concept art 2
Katla concept art 1
Katla concept art 2
Clone concept art 1
Clone concept art 2
Harry concept art 1
Harry concept art 2
Marion concept art 1
Marion concept art 2


A twilight backlight. That's enough to make some people cry. Make the setting a hill or rooftop, and set a town as the backdrop, and that makes it even worse. If the heroine starts talking while both smiling and crying, that's the final straw. (Yanagawa)

Promise (Dusk Hill)
The BGM when arriving at the Hill of Twilight. I had Kinoshita play the piano in the other track, but I played the piano in this one. (Shimoda)

Sleeping Nest
Considering the themes in this game, overall it seems the number of tracks using ethnic instruments is low. This track does not use them either. Oh right, in the latter part there's a familiar tune in there. Perhaps you will recognize it if you played the previous game? If not, please try it! (Yanagawa)

For followers of the Ayesha thread, can YOU name the song Yanagawa is referring to? It's Sleeping Earth. It played at the Altugle Herb Garden.

Colony Collapse Disorder
The last boss choral song with an unusual name, in 11/4 time. I've wanted to create a progressive and powerful last boss choral piece with the Suginami Junior Chorus for many years, and I was finally able to do so with this game. I think this track has extraordinary impact, so I hope you enjoy it. (Shimoda)

The Promise
The choral version of this game's main theme. The Suginami Junior Chorus has featured in many anime and movies, and since it's a junior choir it has unique vocal characteristics, giving it unique thematic effects. I wanted to compose a piece like this, so I am grateful to everyone. (Shimoda)

Continuing from her work in Ayesha, Rurutia returns in this game to give us a new original song. This time the song is quite gentle, and perfectly fitting for the feeling afer accomplishing a major goal. Please enjoy the full version! (Okamura)

Rurutia does some good work. Mystic Pendulum in the last game and Pluie here are among my favorite songs from both games.

FJ: Acht-Acht
Unlike last game's ill-tempered old man with glasses, Reyfer really does fit the image of using an "Ultimate" attack. Also, you will only hear Dani's slick guitar solos in the Atelier series! I think! (Achiwa)


Classical Alchemy

Alchemy based on older techniques are sometimes much more effective than modern alchemy.

Dragon's Nest

While dragons are rare, there is one area where they are constantly seen. There may be a reason why...


Flameu's research - Part 1
Flameu's research - Part 2

While these are in the bonus update, they are pretty interesting, I think. I preferred Escha's version of these events (the two voiced scenes after coming back from the Unexplored Ruins), as they have a more personal tone than Logy's side, but recommended checking out.

Logy and Flameu - 1
Logy and Flameu - 2

New Game Escha Flameu battle