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by Sylphid

Part 38: Chapter XXXII: The Last Stories and Tales

I wonder if the Fire Lord will agree to a contract...

I have to say, it will be pretty interesting to actually see a contract. Wilbell's only talked about them before, but this will be my first time seeing it.

All right, I'm going to call her out... Fire Lord! Come out, I have something to discuss with you!

Who calls to me?

Long time no see, Fire Lord.

Oh, it's you. Were you able to make use of my blessing?

Yes. We couldn't have asked for a better material to use to make it.

It was all thanks to you, Mrs. Fire Lord, ma'am. Thank you very much!

Good! Good! So, what do you seek from me this time?

Actually, I'm the one who wants to see you. My name is Wilbell, and I'm a magician. I came here to make a contract with you. Sorry for being so abrupt, but would you lend me your strength?

A magician... Hmm, how very nostalgic. Very well. If you can pass my trial, I shall form the pact.

I didn't think we'd be able to jump right to it. So far, so good.

So, um... What exactly is this trial you mentioned?

Eek! I knew it!

Reign of fire

She definitely lives up to her name...

I can do this!

...How's that?

Yes! To think you could withstand my flames. Very well done, humans!

So you'll make the contract now?

Very well. Now, come forth, magician.


Lord of Crimson Flames, hear my call...

Magician of ancient blood, state your wish.

In accordance with this ancient contract, I ask you to lend me your strength...!

It is done! You, who have bested my trial! My flames shall always be with you!

...Is it over?

Are you okay, Wilbell?



I did it, I really did it! I'm the best! Did you see it!? I made a contract with the Fire Lord! Wasn't it awesome!?

It was, though you kind of ruined the moment.

Hahaha... Well, good for you, Wilbell.

Yeah! I never thought I'd ever make a contract with a spirit that powerful! And, I've never made such a formal contract before... I'm glad it's over.

Wait, what? You say that like you've never made a contract before.

Well, I have made a contract with the Wind Ruler in the past. But the Wind Ruler kind of made an exception for me and lent me a little power. Not a full contract. I decided to fix my mistakes and do it right this time... And I've finally reached this point.

What? But you always seemed like a proper magician before, Wilbell...

No, I've finally started to realize that I still have a long way to go. All right! Now, what spirit should I make a contract with next...

We were here to help you this time, but we won't be able to help next time. Will you be all right?

Yep! I'm totally thankful you helped me. Now I need to form powerful contracts all by myself!

It's great that Wilbell has such a great goal to work toward!

Hm... It makes me wonder WHY she needs to form contracts, though... What does forming contracts do?

Maybe that's part of the mystery of magic...

Go right ahead, Lucille. Ask me anything you want.

You know how I'm really small...? I was wondering how I could grow up like you. What do I have to do to, um...grow up to be a fine adult like you, Miss Threia?

Huh? Grow...?

Right! Do you know any good methods?

But, you know, I didn't pay much attention when I was growing, and I didn't notice until it was obvious.

Huh!? Th-That's not fair! I want to be big! Are you sure there's no secret of the ancients that helps someone get bigger?

Uh... I don't really know what to tell you. I heard messaging them can help.

Massage...? How does that work? Does it make you softer or something?

I don't know. It's a method used by the ancients, too, but I suspect it's more of an urban legend.

Hmm... I heard that drinking a lot of milk is supposed to help, but I don't think it's been working...

Yes, milk is important, but you need protein and fat. After all, that's what breasts are, right?

Wh-What!? I wasn't talking about... BREASTS!

Uh... I walked into the wrong conversation, didn't I? What's going on here?

Ah...! Mr. Logy... When did you--!?

Miss Threia, don't fill Lucille's head with a lot of crazy stuff, okay?

Don't be rude. This little girl simply asked me to teach her some methods to increase her bust size.

Wha--! But... But I-I... That's not...

I-I see... I'll just see myself out, then.

Oh gosh! I've been meaning to ask you, Miss Threia! What's your secret!?

Noooo... That's not what I'm trying to ask her here...

Logy, what's your opinion on the matter? Do males truly favor the larger, after all...?

I-I'm not going to answer that! Besides, this whole conversation is inappropriate for coworkers...

Miss Threia, you owe Lucille an apology later!

Oh brother... Anyway, I got a report from Marion saying they cleared out the passage in the the Palace ruins we found a few months ago. We should probably go investigate, if we have nothing else to do.

I wonder what's down there...

There's no telling. Since we had to have Harry tell us about the location in the first place, and Marion had never heard of them, either, before we told her. We should be extra-prepared this time.

Oh wow...

It's beautiful...

And there's crystals everywhere...

We've come down quite a way.

Yeah, there's hardly any light down here. The previous civilization was amazing.

I wonder about that. How built this, really. The previous civilization's ruins don't look much like this.

Then who built it?

No idea...but something about them just seems different.

I thought it was a little strange we hadn't seen any slags yet.

We have to know what's beyond this!

Iron mountain

Hm...this one doesn't seem very hard.

Not yet, but we should always be careful.

Not too much more now!

We did it!

That definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...

Looks like we've reached the bottom floor of the palace.

Logy, do you see something strange on that chair?

Lord of the wild

Wha... What the heck kind of monster is this!?

It looks really scary... We have to take this monster out with everything we have!

Wha--!? Did you see that?

No! It was moving so fast!

That was a great hit! Let's just keep it up!

Just a little more...

Ugh...damn that hurt...

Logy! Let's do it!


What kind of monster was that...?

I still have no idea... I'm still surprised we won.

I never thought we'd fight monsters like this back when you came to Colseit, Logy.

There's a lot to the world both of us still have to learn, after all...

Oh, Logy! I forgot to tell you something really important!

What is it?

Well, after we picked the apples from the harvest last month, Miss Nio said she was going to be leaving Colseit soon.

Wha--!? Are you serious?

Yeah, she said she was starting to get all her stuff together. Next time we're at the orchard, can we stop by Miss Nio's house?

Y-Yeah... (Where did this come from?)

On the road again

Nio, are all of the foodstuffs ready?

Yeah, we've got space for a lot of food. I'll be making a lot more now, so don't worry.

Nio, I heard you're going back on another journey soon?

Yes. Thank you for everything up until now.

Don't mention it. But, this is really sudden. Did something happen?

I no longer hear the voices that've been ringing in my head... I think I've done all I can in Colseit.

So I guess you were hearing Flamue's voice after all, huh?

Yes, I don't have any doubts. And, at the very end, I feel like she thanked me... After getting to know Flameu, it made me realize that there are still many ruins around the world.

And you still need to find your older sister... You said she was traveling, right?

That's right... I completely forgot about that. Is there anything we can do to help?

Escha's helped me pack all my belongings, so there's nothing to worry about. Besides, I'm not leaving right this second. I'll find the right time to talk to Wilbell, too.

I see... Well, be sure to swing by before you leave. I want to give you a proper goodbye.

Thank you very much, Logy. I'll let you know when the time comes!

So she's already getting ready to leave, huh...? Well, I suppose she couldn't stay here forever, anyway. Now, what should I do...? I built an airship...made it to the ruins...

Alright, that should be enough for today. Wait...

The beginning of a new story

I was thinking of a new subject for a picture book... I'm not sure what to draw next.

A picture book!? But I thought you weren't going to draw anymore...

Even if it has no set ending, every chapter is a new story, and I want to chronicle that progress.

Yeah... Flameu's probably doing well somewhere.

A never ending story... That sounds pretty intriguing.

Yes. Next, I want to write an amazing story that can excite any reader. And if that story can save someone... I think that would be just lovely.

...So, what are you going to call your new picture book?

Hmm... Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps something that would be fitting of Flameu's new adventures.

A new title, huh...? All right, leave it to us!

Hahaha, just make sure it's not something food-related!

Argh! I wouldn't do that! I can think of other things, too, you know!

Oh, my... Is that so? Well, then, I shall keep my hopes high.

Using tools...and working together with friends...and going on adventures... Oh, yes!