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Atelier Escha & Logy

by Sylphid

Part 39: Chapter XXXIII: The Final Decision and Choice

Future choices

Are you guys in? Could you spare a moment for me?

What's the matter, boss?

The branch manager's here, and he has something really important to discuss with the two of you.

I wonder what it could be...? Did we do something wrong?

I don't know his business, myself, but... At any rate, he's here, so let's go. Quickly.

It's no trouble at all... We heard you wished to speak with us?

Indeed. As you're no doubt aware, uncovering the Unexplored Ruins is a major achievement on your record. I attribute the success of the R&D Division to the collaboration between teams; specifically, you.

I think you're making this bigger than you should--

I think I'm making this exactly as big as I should be. I've received word from Central City.


In honor of your various achievements as leader, Central Command is awarding you a medal. Among these achievements is Escha's thorough report on the Unexplored Ruins, which is highly rated.

That's amazing. It's not something they just hand out... You should take this opportunity seriously.

Okay! Thank you very much!

In addition, I have good news for you, too, Logy.


For constructing the dreadnaught, which goes above and beyond all expectation... They're welcoming you to become a member of their technical research team. It's quite an accomplishment.

...Huh? Y-You must be oking. There has to be some kind of mistake, Sir.

...Um, excuse me. Was that the Central...what again?

The Central Command Research Institution. Simply put, it's where the world's best engineers gather.

I can't believe they'd...invite me to the institution. What about the accident...?

The one you caused? There's nothing to be done about that. We all learn important lessons from mistakes. The knowledge we obtain is worth more than the mistake itself. With your record, our hopes are high.

...Yes. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

It's not a bad deal at all. I doubt they expect a decision from you immediately. Give it some thought, and decide if this is the best path for your career. That's all from me.

Hahaha, I suppose so.

Congratulations, Logy! It's a little sad to see you go, but I know your talent's wasted here.

Oh, Marion, you should be happier for him! Logy was invited to join an amazing team! Um, but that means you have to go back... Logy?