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Part 40: Bonus Update 7

Bonus Update 7


Like with the Ayesha thread, I'll be putting all the ending CGs under Artwork, so be mindful of spoilers. Ignoring the fact I've already posted all the endings, of course.

Good End
True End
Surpassing the Hill - Escha
Surpassing the Hill - Logy
Deadline Approaching!
Help Each Other
Thrill of the Hunt
Own Strengths
Tea Party 1
Tea Party 2
Men's Association

Solle concept art 1
Solle concept art 2
Colland concept art 1
Colland concept art 2
Duke concept art 1
Duke concept art 2
Nio concept art 1
Nio concept art 2
Flameu concept art 1
Flameu concept art 2

As another callback to the Ayesha thread, I always have and will dig the Altugle sisters' choice of footwear. Just look at Nio's shoes there.

Ore Rat art 1
Ore Rat art 2
Fairy art 1
Fairy art 2
Mantis Beast art 1
Mantis Beast art 2
Cube Slag art 1
Cube Slag art 2
Giant Slag art 1
Giant Slag art 2
Manta Slag art 1
Manta Slag art 2
Behemoth art 1
Behemoth art 2
Boss Flameu art 1
Boss Flameu art 2


The Pen and the Sword - Part 3
Part 3 of the Pen and Sword arrangement. I upped the tempo from the previous game, and added a rock guitar. I imagined Linca's gallant fighting, a cool image to write this track. (Shimoda)

This song does not appear to play anywhere in the game, and thus, I could not link it until now. Seems like it's another case of part of a song being used in the game, but the full version is nowhere, like with Infinity / Mugendai Chronicle.

A BGM for days that seem a little mysterious. Using metric modulation to modify the rhythm, the sound of the melody changes. (Shimoda)

Once Again, the Red Nightmare
I used a rare instrument called an ondes Martenot to recreate sounds you might hear in a ghost film from the 1930s. (Shimoda)

Amai Gohoubi (A Sweet Reward)
The ending theme for this game, by Chiriunuruwowoka. Listening to this song after clearing the game is extremely rewarding. For this game we tried having the same artist do both the opening and ending songs, and it really helped this game feel like a new step forward for the series. (Okamura)

Burning Sunset -Goodbye Dusk Sky-
The ending orchestral arrangement medley. We would be very happy if you have fond memories looking back at your adventures here (We would also be pleased to hear you thoughts if you'd like to email us). We thank you for playing this game, and for reading our comments. (Shimoda)

And thank all of you composers for making another great Atelier soundtrack. Since I've already heard almost all of Shallie's soundtrack, all I can say is Shallie also has a great OST, but I feel, at least since Ayesha, saying an Atelier game has a good soundtrack almost goes without saying. Also, for a little bonus, a song that was absolutely nowhere to be heard in the actual game.

Intro -Towards the Twilight-
This song is on this game's dedicated vocal album (just like Ayesha had), called Twilight Sky: Atelier Escha & Logy - Vocal Album. It's not even in the in-game OST, but I couldn't tell you why. Maybe because the song doesn't really *fit* anywhere in the game, but it's a really nice song. Managing more feeling in 90 seconds than a lot of songs do in twice the amount of time. Definitely recommended listening.


Screenshot goes without saying. He's a real pain, that King of Beasts. The key point with this guy is skip the stage where he summons the Heavenly Arrows, and just take him out within a few turns. Give him an inch, and he'll take a mile, as the saying goes. He did nearly all the attacks I've ever seen him do, and you can even see him being the biggest pain in the ass he CAN be near the end of this video. Worth a watch, I think.

Bad Ending

To get the Bad Ending, simply fail to reach the Unexplored Ruins before the game ends. You'd have to really, really, REALLY waste time to manage to do that. It's surprisingly elaborate for a Bad End, and as for the choice, don't worry about it. Choosing the latter option only means you default to the character endings, so you're not missing anything. I didn't want to make the Bad End it's own update because it would be really hard to integrate that in any sensible way into the story.

Lucille Ending, Logy version
Awin Ending, Escha version

I must agree with those who would have liked the aviator outfits to be unlockable. Escha's and Logy's aviator duds look good.

Attack and some healing items compilation
Skill Compilation 1 - Escha, Logy, Awin, Threia, Reyfer
Skill Compilation 2 - Lucille, Linca, Wilbell, Katla, Micie

Also featuring all of Escha and Logy's outfits, all the win / level up poses for each character, and all the moves. Note: the DLC character's finishing Super Moves are definitely glitched. I've never heard music play during them, and it's just weird. Katla's killing blow Super Move takes a decidedly surreal quality. Check it out!