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Part 43: Chapter XXXVI: The Great Chances and Opportunities - There Were Just the Two of Us

The saviors

Lucille wanted to become a doctor, and me and Logy helped her so much reach her dream. I should go speak with her about what she wants to do next, now that Logy's probably going back to Central City... All right, it's decided!

Lucille, Logy said he was probably going back to Central to be a great researcher there... There's probably not much left for me in Colseit. I was thinking of going on a trip to try and find a new job.

I'm sorry that I'm bringing up something like this so suddenly.

Hmm... Maybe I should attempt something new, as well?

Lucille, is there anything that you've always wanted to do?

Yes... I want to help eliminate all disease from this world!

...All disease? Can that be done?

It's a long-term goal... But do you recall that epidemic years ago, and how the vaccine took a while? Vaccines... People in Central City can get them easily, but it's not so simple out in remote areas. Did you know that the Ernella Company takes a portion of the profits to help distant regions?

Wow... If what you can do can save one more life, that would be amazing!

Please let the people who are in worse condition have theirs first. We're checking on everyone here.

Thank you very much, Escha.

Whew... They don't have a lot of food in this area, so we had a lot of work to do...

Yes, and medicine doesn't work as well on an empty stomach, either. I'm so glad we brought extra food like you suggested, Escha!

Heh heh, see what I mean? It's always a good idea to have extra eats on hand!

You're absolutely right. Let's keep that same mentality for our next job, too! The next village has even more people, so we'd better get our game faces on!

That's right. We need to be ready so we can help a lot of people!

Still, you're so amazing, Escha! You can make all of these things with a single cauldron!

I've had to make so much stuff during my time in R&D. This was easy. You're still amazing, though! How could you gather all these ingredients on such short notice?

All of the local merchants helped me out. It's not like it was all me, you know. And all the food and medicine you make is what allows us to go to all these villages, Escha.

...And I couldn't have done that without your family's support, Lucille.

If you'd stayed there, you might be a really famous alchemist by now...

Aha, well, I didn't become an alchemist to be famous... I wanted to use what I know to help people. Being able to help the people in all the places we visit is more rewarding!

Hearing that makes me so happy. Hopefully we'll be able to expand our operation in the future...

Don't worry. As long as we stick to it and work really hard, others will come along.

Yes! I'll do my best! I want to create a world without any sickness, after all. So let's keep doing our best, Escha!