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Part 44: Chapter XXXVII: The Great Chances and Opportunities - Great Expectations

Paper tiger

I guess there's not much reason to start a totally new job... Maybe we can work hard enough to bring R&D to the top of all of the departments! All right, it's decided!

Because I did give Central City's offer some thought, and I realized I don't really want to be there.

What're you going to do with the R&D Division from now on?

Yes, well... I haven't quite decided, but i"m sure things will keep running the way they are. I'll set goals, and make sure my team meets them. It'll be exactly the same.

But, compared to when it was just Marion and myself, we've really expanded our work capacity. I'm sure we still have a great many things to do.

If the two of you want to explore other options, I won't stop you. But I'll keep your seats warm. It'll be lonely without you, but remember you can come back any time, okay? We'll be waiting.

Um... I'm sorry. I know I said some weird things, but...would it be okay if I kept working here at R&D? I love this place...and I want to keep working with the two of you.

...Good point. There's no need to try and change your world when everything's working out just fine.

There are other ways to spend your life than here... But I do intend to make R&D the best department.

As do I... So if the two of you would like to stay, then...

Logy, have you finished the application for our next investigation?

Sorry, I'll have it done right away!

Escha, is the list of ingredients we need for Synthesis ready...? I heard you were running behind.

J-Just a little longer...!


Lucille's out working with the Provisions Department. She won't be able to support you two for a time. What should we do...? I know R&D has more work to do, but we can't finish it late...

Hey, Linca. Have you finished that report you promised?

...I'm starting right now.

Too late! I asked for it three days ago! DO IT NOW!

R-Right away!

Umm, Miss Linca, have you already submitted the application to the Provisions Department?

N-Not yet...

...Linca, don't tell me you haven't even looked at the budget we were going to send to Solle...?

Uh... Now that you mention it... I think someone asked me to do that?

Ugh, where should I start...?

We have to hurry and submit it, or they're going to lock in their schedule.

...I'm sure Solle's furious right now.

Ah... Marion, I-I'm requesting back-up... I really think we're in danger here!

Oh, you're so hopeless. Please prioritize your report first! I'll do everything that Escha and Logy asked you to do.

Th-Thank you very much!

Sheesh! I thought you were getting the hang of things, Linca, but you're barely keeping afloat. Are you sure you're okay with this, Logy? You're fine with giving up the opportunity to see the ruins?

It's okay. I think I'm better suited to working here in the R&D Division.

Ahahaha, yeah. This is the best way for everything to be handled.

That reminds me...! Take a look at this! One of the nearby villages is under attack by a violent monster. Hm, we can't ignore that. I'd better get over there and see what the situation is.

Ah! If you're going, I"m going, too! We're running out of raw materials...

I'll go with them, Boss. I'm sure there are injured people, so I'll bring Lucille, as well.

Okay, understood. Be careful, everyone...

I'm always good in a fight! Please leave this to me. Are you guys ready?