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Part 45: Chapter XXXVIII: The Great Choices and Opportunities - Tea Time

Snacks and friends

Ahh... I think I'm starting to get hungry from using my head.

My, oh my... That won't do. How about I prepare something light for you to enjoy?

Y-Yeah! I'm sure I'll think a lot better on a full stomach.

Everyone, thank you very much for gathering today! I know that our work here is stressful, so I hope we can all work off some of that steam.

Whoa! I've never seen such a fancy tart in my entire life!

Why do I get the feeling like you've said that before...?

Now, Lucille, don't worry about stuff like that. My turn!

Ahh...! My tart!

Be nice, Katla. And Lucille, there's a lot left... Here, have some of mine.

Th-Thank you very much, Escha... Uhh, are you going to eat all of that?

Huh...? Oh, oops. I might've taken a little too much. Heehee.

R-Right...but are you going to finish it?

Mmmph... The tart is really delicious, but so is this cake... How it is possible to cook something that tastes so good? I still need more training.

Oh, thank you... Your compliments make the effort worthwhile. There is plenty, so please, don't wait to have seconds. Or thirds!

It is nice, but please remember to process that application I submitted. I need that to continue.

Damn! And I'd finally forgotten about that, too.

Ahahaha, Miss Marion, you're still talking about work...

Marion lives and dies for her job. The last time we went out for a drink, she kept bragging about it.

Oh, so that story's true... You know, I think you need to settle down and find yourself a nice guy.

No offense, but you're the last person in the world I want giving me advice like that. Don't rush me.

What's that supposed to mean? As long as I get someone caring and supporting, I don't care who it is.

I'd like someone really nice. I wonder if there's anybody like that out there...

I see... Since we're all talking about romance, I just so happen to have a lucky charm for that...

A lucky love charm!? Tell me more!

First you tell me not to rush you, and yet here you are...

Oh, right. He said his work is keeping him really busy, and he's still trying to climb the ladder. I think he's really going to make something of himself at this rate.

My, oh my... That is very good to hear.

But it'd be nice if he stopped by to say "hi" once in a while. We could throw another party for him.

Well, if you just want a party, we can always have this one.

No, not a party like this... A bigger one! With everyone from town, and the people really really far away... They're all our great friends!