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Part 46: Chapter XXXIX: The Great Chances and Opportunities - The Wild Blue Yonder

... I'm sorry, but I need a little time to think. I'm going to head to the atelier to think this over.

I-If you really want, to, Logy...

A man's dilemma

...Hm? Nio? What's up?

I was thinking about leaving town soon, so I was going around and saying my goodbyes to everyone.

I see... You're leaving too, huh?

What's that supposed to mean, Logy? Are you planning on going somewhere, too?

Yeah, the truth is...Central City offered me a job as one of the head researchers at a famous institution as thanks for all the work I've done here in Colseit with Escha and everyone. It's a very tempting opportunity, but I would have to live in Central to work there...and so, I might be turning to Central City.

Whoa, that's amazing! But I'm sure it'll get a little lonely, with all you and Escha have been through.

Yeah, which is why I'm having a tough time making a decision. What would be best...? I could only build the dreadnaught because of everyone's support. Can I just leave all that behind?

I think it's best for you to return to Central City, Logy. Aren't you going to accept the invitation?

Hmm... To be honest, my only goal was to build the dreadnaught. It didn't matter to me where I did it. So, when I left Central City, I thought maybe it would be nice to start somewhere completely new.

Well, that's a good idea, too! If that's what you want, why don't you invite Escha along?

I can come back here anytime I want, so maybe it's a chance to see what I'm worth. A new beginning!

Ahaha, but I'm sure you'll make it a reality if you set your mind to it.

(Well... It's a very tempting offer, but I think I might want to try something else in the future, rather than working in Central just as a researcher.) I don't think I'll go back to Central City. There's got to be something new I can do...

If you think so, Logy, then I'm sure it's a great idea.

Thanks, Nio. I'm going to think it over a little more.

To the end of the world

Heh... I really hadn't ever considered a future outside of sticking to my career... I wish I had someone to talk with a a time like this...

Didn't Awin have a dream to find the Edge of the World? We made it pretty far in the dreadnaught, but I was the one who convinced him to turn back. Maybe he'll have some good idea for a future direction, now that I'm free to choose. Okay, then. There's no time to waste.

What are you going to do now, Awin? Are you going to keep working for the Maintenance department?

That's not a bad idea, but no. Do you remember when I told you I wanted to explore the world? Well, I do have quite a bit saved up now, so I think I can afford a next-generation balloon.

Woah, I'm impressed. Balloons aren't cheap.

What good's a dream if you never fulfill it? It really wasn't that much... It's just... Well, to be honest, I'm aware of my limits. I might not be capable of all that much.


Don't make that face at me; I'll be fine. Actually, I was curious as to what your next move's going to be? Because if you're not doing anything, you know... You're more than welcome...


I'm ready over here, Awin.

Hey, that's a good look for you. I'd say the Maintenance uniform's better than your normal clothes.

I just finished the final checks. We can leave any minute. Are you sure you're okay with this? You don't have to join me, you know...

Don't make me repeat myself. I want to see what's on the edge of the world, too. Marion and Escha wanted me to stay behind...but I guess I just can't hold the adventurer in me back.

Hahaha, that's what I'm talkin' about. We were able to use the dreadnaught to get around last time, but now we're on our own... Still, we bought and modified this bad girl together. I can't think of a better team.

We're going to cross that empty expanse... This is going to be a rough trip.

You must be crazy to want to cross those lands. But so what, right? We already did the impossible once when we built the dreadnaught. If we're working together, there's nothing we can't do.

You're nuts... But, I guess that's what makes you so impressive.

...Thanks a lot, Logy. This would've been a really hard excursion if I was on my own. Having a colleague by my side makes this a lot more palatable.

Same here, so don't stress about it.

Haha, I guess we're both pretty similar after all.

You think so...? Maybe this won't be so bad.

The moment we leave the depot...there's no turning back. You forget anything?

...No, I'm ready for this.

That's the spirit. I'm countin' on you, partner!