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Atelier Escha & Logy

by Sylphid

Part 47: Chapter XL: The Great Chances and Opportunities - Reyfer Luckberry and The Last Crusade

Treasure treasure everywhere

I don't know much about what I'm going to do...but Reyfer has the right idea about the future. Just following your dreams... Maybe I'll get some inspiration if I ask him. Okay, then. There's no time to waste.

Escha, are you around?

Logy! Did you make a decision about going back to Central City?

Yeah... I probably won't be going back. I worked in Central for a long time before coming out here, so there's probably not much interesting left for me to do there, even if I did make it to the institution. Reyfer told me some interesting things about following my dreams earlier, and it kind of got to me. Do you want to come with me and ask him what we should do next?


After thinking it over, I don't really feel like there's much for me in Central City...

How long do you plan to stay here in Colseit, Reyfer?

'Bout that... I was actually planning on packing up and leaving soon. I was talking with Harry.

In fact, we were about to go 'round and say adios to everybody. But... We do have a suggestion for you.


Yes! How would you like to join us on our adventures? Allow us to extend a formal invitation.

Y-You mean... You want us to go with you?

Bein' with "The Gentleman" ain't bad... But I think you two have the makings of real treasure hunters. How about we make ourselves a team here, and score some massive loot. What'dya say?

It sounds like a lot of work... Can we really help you guys at it?

Hmm... Treasure hunting, huh? I wasn't really interested at first, but maybe we are cut out for it.

C'mon now... What do you say?

Well Escha...

Let's give it a try!

Heh...that settles it.

D-Did we make it to the end...?

Seems that way... But be careful. There could be more traps. Remember the arrow trap?

Yeah! Oh, remember the room of snakes?

Whatever they're hiding in this ruin better be good...

All right, it looks safe. Hey, over there! Look, there's something.

You're right... What do you think it is?

That's the treasure we're after, then? Oh, I'm so glad...

This is really impressive. I think we can finally get ourselves a nice meal with this.

That we can... Now, I wonder what it is. Some sort of device for drinking water, perhaps? No, no, I know what it is! This is some sort of headgear!

Um, I think you were closer the first time...

Either way, I think this treasure will come to a good amount, what with all the other stuff we found.

Um... Uh, Mr. Reyfer... The other treasures we found...they're not worth anything.

Wha-What!? Hold your horses, that's not what you told me!

We tried to tell you several times, but you were too busy "celebrating" to hear us.

We have nothing left in our pockets. Our last hopes are what Harry has, and what's in your hand.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You've gotta be kidding me! Is this true, pal!? You said they had value!

To think that such simpletons would be the ones setting the standard on the value of history... Pfah.

Uh... They just looked like junk to me...

Well, damnation. I guess we'll just have to settle for what this li'l feller will get us.

Wait, Reyfer! Don't move! There's a trap there!

Whaaaa--! Don't move what!? I'm standin' on one foot here! Which way can I move!?

Isn't this the kind of trpa that makes the ceiling cave in? We saw those before...

No... I think it's the kind of where the walls start closing in from the sides.

It could very well be a trigger for the trapdoor in the floor.

H-Hey, c'mon now! I can't keep standin' like this much longer!

Don't move, Mr. Reyfer! Umm... In these situations, we need to find a substitute of sufficient weight...

Oh, man... I can't hold on any longer. Heh, I wonder what'll happen if I just--

Noooo! Mr. Reyfer, you might kill us all!

Why did I decide to come with this guy...?

Haha! Isn't it obvious? For the thrill! Well, I'll see the rest of you outside. Toodles.

Damn it, not again!

Hold it right there, you! Oh, that's it! I'm taking you down with me!

No, Reyfer, listen to--


It's all coming down! Run for it!

Dammit, Reyfer! I'm not gonna forget this when we get back!

Don't sweat the small stuff, kid! 'Slong as you're alive, every day's a treasure! Hahaha!