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Part 49: Chapter XLII: The Great Chances and Opportunities - Farewell is for Tomorrow's Sake

But that's... That's the same way I feel! We've been working so hard together! ...It'll be lonely.


Partners to the end

Then, um... Can we make a promise?


Yes! Even if you're leaving for the city, I'm going to become a proper alchemist here!

Yeah, well... I'll keep working hard over there, to become the best alchemist that I can.

I'm going now!

Well, aren't you awake early... I'm very impressed, Escha.

You seem to be in a good mood. Did something nice happen, Ms. Marion?

It's nothing... Heehee.

Mmmm... You're hiding something from me again.

I wonder about that. Maybe you'll find out eventually. Now go do your best out there today, m'kay?


Marion's really a sneaky little devil. Thanks to her little secret, nobody's come to welcome me. ...Man, it' sbeen a long time since I saw her last. I wonder if she's doing all right on her own. Well, I guess I can go ask her myself.

...! ...Huh?

Oh, c'mon, is that how you're going to greet me? Have you forgotten what I look like already?

N-No... Logy? Is that you?

Yeah. I'm coming back to the R&D Division, starting today. We made a promise, right? That I'd...


Logy... Logy! You're really back!

Haha, dramatic as usual.

I thought you'd never come back! When you left, I had to do all the work in the atelier on my own, too!AND, I had to learn how to do everything, you know? I was so... so... Solle gets so upset with me whenever I make a mistake! Do you remember that!?

Haha, of course I do... D-Don't cry on me. I know, I'm sorry... It must've been really tough for you. There, there...

Ugh, I'm not a child anymore! *sob sob*

I know, I know... You're a proper alchemist now. Right?

B-But... What are you doing back? I thought you were doing amazing stuff somewhere else...

Right, well... I did learn a lot. Stuff I probably couldn't have learned here... There were so many great people around, and though they asked for me, they took a while to accept me.

Th-Then what are you doing back here in Colseit...?

Yeah, well... Everyone in Central City said it would be a waste, but I thought about it... The work environment was ideal there, but I realized I couldn't help people directly. And that was the best part of my job here. I want to help others... Just like you.

I see... So that's what brought you back! I knew you didn't want to leave all along.

Well, if we're going to be like that, I can tell you're the same old Escha. You haven't changed.

I don't have to rely on you all the time to get anything done, like I did before!

I see, I see... So I guess you really don't need me, then?

Waaah! I'm so sorry, that was a lie! Please don't go!

Heh heh, I was just kidding. Besides... We promised, right?

Yes...and I've been waiting. It's been so long, Logy! I can't believe you actually kept your promise... I was afraid you'd forgotten about it, and I...

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