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Part 5: Chapter Five: The Share Ring

When last we left Felt, he and Noin were trapped in a sandstorm. Little did he know that while he had been traveling in Belkhyde Viese was busily at work to support him in Eden.

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He always pushes himself so hard.
I’m so worried…
Huh? What’s this?
The ring—
The Share Ring is glowing…
What does this mean?
Hey, something is written on the ring.
This writing wasn’t there before.
So why does it look so familiar…?

Viese thought back to long before Eden’s destruction, when she’d seen the same writing in an old book.

The ancients used this old alphabet to guard the secrets to prevent the abuse of Alchemy.
You look tired, Felt.
This printing style is making me sleepy.
If I had a book, I’d never have to worry about insomnia.
Looks like this alchemy book works as a great sleeping pill for you.
That’ll be useful.
You never change.

And so Viese resolved to decipher the ring’s secret.

Well, thinking about it won’t help at all. I better go check it out.

Out in the town of Noir, there were still people in a panic about the quakes.

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Nymph: ……
…Is Eden disappearing?
Who told you that?
Nymph: That’s what everyone is saying.
If there is another quake, all of Eden will be gone…
It’s scary…
It’s true. It is a scary time for all of us.
But, someone special made a promise to me. He will come back.
Nymph: ……
He’s out there trying to save Eden. When he returns, Eden will be safe.
Nymph: Really?
Yes. Really.
So, you see, it’s not that scary anymore.
???: ……

Viese was, unknown to her, observed.

She’s so beautiful and sweet!
Her radiant glow has punctured my poor heart.
Her angelic smile fuels my desires. This must be love!
Operation: Love Train is underway! Woo Woo!
Chicka chicka woo-Whoa!
Hey, I can see my house from heeeeeeeeereeeeeee!

Fortunately, her pursuer was deeply stupid.

Nymph: Hmm, I’m not that scared anymore.
That’s great.
Nymph: Everyone’s told me the same thing. Thank you.

Viese had another odd encounter outside her workshop.

Who’s that little girl?
Hmm, I’ve never seen her around here before…

Viese headed to the Eden Temple, but found the library locked.

What am I going to do now?

Eventually, she managed to find Lutanus at the general store.

Hi Viese, may I help you?
I wanted to go to the library, but the door was locked…
Oh, I’m sorry. Here, please take this.
System Message: Received [Library Pass]!
Study hard.
Thank you, I will.

Viese returned to the library to look for the book on ancient runes.

Aha, here it is!
Viese, did you find the book you were looking for?
Yes, I did. Thank you.
Um, do you mind if I borrow this for a while?
Let’s see, a book on ancient writing… Sure.
Oh, and feel free to stop by the library anytime you want.
Full-fledged alchemists are allowed to read anything they want to.
And, I’m always here, so you can ask me about anything.
System Message: Received [Petroglyph Manual]!
Now that you’re a full-fledged alchemist, I have some advice for you.
You already know that you need a [Recipe] to make items, right?
Right. The process of Synthesizing items is always written down.
That’s correct.
Therefore, the number of [Recipes] an alchemist has is very important.
You may find some surprising items to use as materials during Synthesis.
Remember to look for new [Recipes]. They are very important.
I understand! Thank you, Lutanus.
Good luck, Viese.
Now, back to the workshop.

Viese’s admirer managed to catch up with her outside of the Temple.

Video- “The Secret of the Ring”

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OK! Time to work the old Poe charm!
I wonder what the writing says. My heart is racing.
Better hurry back to the workshop.
Young lady, how would you like to come to my tea party…
Huh? Where’d she go?
Oh, I get it. It appears she’s utterly disgusted by my debonair…
But it’s part of her ruse… She’s just playing hard to get.
It takes a special kind of guy to read such a complex girl’s feelings…
A guy like me.
Alright, time to prepare phase two!

Ignorant of the peril posed by her diminutive stalker, Viese returned to her workshop to translate the runes.

It’s decoding time!
Hmm, this word means [Gold], and this one…
Ahh, this is hard.
[Gold] [Ring] [Pledge]. Does this one mean [Remove]…?
Oh, I think I got it…

And the next day…

That’s what it says…
The Share Ring was created so that many alchemists can share their research…
So, you can send things back and forth with whoever has the other ring.
They had some amazing items back then…
And, this means I can use the ring to contact Felt…!
I wonder if the last part has something to do with the Metal Mana.
Yes! Make a pact with the Metal Mana!

And so Viese headed down to the Metal Cave, the only holy ground that still remained in Eden.

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You need Kreuz’s permission to enter.
Hello, Viese. What are you doing here?
May I enter the Metal Mana’s holy ground? I came to make a pact.
Viese, only experienced alchemists are allowed in here.
Furthermore, Metal Mana only make pacts with alchemists who possess the proper powers.
You are not ready for—
That… That may be true…
But Felt is in another world right now, fighting with all his might.
I just want to help out here anyway that I can.
…In that case, I suppose it will be just fine.
Please let her pass.
Yes, sir.
I hope that the Metal Mana will understand your motives as well. Do your best.
Yes, I will. Thank you, sir.

Viese ran into someone most unexpected in the cave.

It’s the same girl I saw before…
What is she doing here?

And talking to her only raised more questions.

Where did you come from?
I think the Metal Mana… Is over there…
Thank you for telling me.
But you shouldn’t be out here alone. It’s dangerous.
Do you want to come with me?

The girl was silent, but followed Viese to the Metal Mana.

Are you… an alchemist?
Yes, I became a full-fledged alchemist last week.
I came here today to make a pact with the Metal Mana, Zuvelk.
Zuvelk’s powers are too advanced for such a young alchemist.
You’d best run on home, little one.
Zuvelk, I need to call upon your power.
Only the power of the Metal Mana can activate this ring.
You have the Share Ring…
How did you know that Zuvelk’s power is needed to activate it?
I deciphered the writing on the ring.
You decoded the ancient writing…
And you have just become an alchemist? Extraordinary.

The Metal Mana was impressed by Viese’s skill.

I, uh, gave it to my best friend. He’s in Belkhyde.
His name is Felt. I’m sure he still has it.
Belkhyde, I see… Is he indeed the one you are longing for?
N-No! You got it all wrong!
Hmmm, I see.
I am concerned about your fate and the fate of this young man in Belkhyde.
I shall grant you my power.
Thank you.
Mana, the father of power… the mother of life… The source of all nature…
I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith.
In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Zuvelk, the Metal Mana!
System Message: Received the mark of the Metal Mana, the [Metal Gem]!
You should go back to your workshop and activate the Share Ring.
Let’s go.

As they left the Metal Cave, the young girl excused herself.

Will you be okay here by yourself?
Okaaay. What is your name, by the way?

The girl gave her name, and then left.

Iris, huh?
It was nice meeting you. I hope to see you again.

And so Viese returned to her workshop, once again unawares of the shadowy figure which dogged her steps.

Video- “The Share Ring”

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Good! You came!
I’m looking for the alchemist girl who wears red clothes.
Red clothes? You must mean Viese.
Ahhhh, Viessssseeee…
Oh! Do you happen to know where she is?
She’s probably at the temple.
The temple!
I’m coming for you, my lovely darling Viese!
She was here earlier, but I guess she went back to her workshop.
Did you hear that…?
Oh well, good luck!

Her pursuer once again evaded, Viese could progress without interruptions.

Now, let’s activate the Share Ring.
What do I do?
It’s easy. Simply picture your partner in your mind and concentrate.
Then, I will support you. If your thoughts are strong, it will work.
Okay, I’ll try.

Viese thought back to the day Felt left Eden.

I’m thinking about Eden, about everyone there.
Oh yeah?

And as he waited out the sandstorm, Felt noticed something odd.

What is that?

And in Eden Viese too noticed a sudden change.

Keep it up until the glow fades away. Then, look at the item.
You and the young man will both be able to use your items together.
The recipe for Heal Herb should be around here…
The Share Ring was created so alchemists could share their research.
Not only can you share items, but Elements and recipes as well.
That reminds me, I saw a recipe for a Craft…
But, I don’t know if I have enough experience to create it.
The Share Ring was made for times like this.
Okay. Let’s make a Craft.

After creating the bomb, Viese sent it through the ring to Felt.

Thank to the power of the Share Ring.
Felt should have his hands on the Craft right now.
But even if it worked, he wouldn’t know what’s going on…
Oh, I know!
Hehe, I’ll just write a letter!
How should I start? I feel so lost…
Dear Felt, How are you doing?
This is Viese.

And back in Belkhyde, Felt had indeed received the message.

Huh? Why is the Metal Mana appearing here?
I am Zuvelk, the Metal Mana. I have made a pact with the alchemist Viese.
Now, we must agree to share the ring with Master Viese.
Share the ring…?
Check your possessions and you will understand.
What… It’s a Craft!
And… a letter?

Well, you remember that ring I gave you when you left? It was developed by alchemists so that the ring bearers can exchange items with each other.
When I activated the ring, I could see all of your items. I took the recipe for the craft and made one for you. I hope it makes your journey a little easier… Please let me know if I can help you.
After making the craft, I realized that there are probably more alchemy recipes in Belkhyde. Let me know if you find more, so that I can help you… I’ll look for some here, too. I’ll help you anyway I can.
Everything is settling down in Eden, but most people are still worried. Please don’t worry about us. I’ll look after Eden. Be careful in Belkhyde. P.S. Don’t work too hard, Felt.

I cannot help you in any other way if you remain in this savage land.
By using this new resource, you can overcome any obstacle.
Thanks. That’s a great help.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Switching
We can Switch at any time now from a save point. This lets do alchemy in Felt’s episodes and farm shit for Viese in her episodes. From now on the episodes will sort of go back and forth in focus.

The sandstorm began to fade outside, and soon it would be time to infiltrate the heart of the Silvaresta Empire…