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Part 7: Chapter Seven: Growing Season

When last we met Felt needed a flower called a Huffin for a young boy in Riesevelt to learn how to enter the grim prison of the Empire. He turned to Viese for help, but as always things weren’t going to be quite so simple.

Video- “Gardening 101”

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We went to Riese Palace to free Max. There, we saw two Imperial commanders, Theodore and Galahad. I guess they’re leaders of the Empire. We’ve been gathering information to help us liberate Max from the prison lighthouse.
It appears that a boy found a secret entrance to the lighthouse, but he’ll only tell us if we give him a cold flower. I think he’s talking about that Huffin flower that grows in Marmel Forest… Can you sent me a blooming Huffin, please?
He needs some Huffin…
There should be some Huffin buds deep inside Marmel Forest…
But, the flowers don’t usually bloom for another few weeks.
If only I could make the buds grow faster…
I better do some studying at the library…

On the way out, she encountered Noir’s resident flower expert.

Oh, nothing.
What is it, Viese?
Why do you smell so nice?
Oh, I was working in my flower garden earlier.
So, that’s why you’re so happy.
Uh huh.
You’ve always loved flowers.
My dream is to always be surrounded with flowers.
Well, you’re certainly working hard to make that dream come true.
Hehe, thank you, Viese.

And she saw the girl from the Great Cave soon after.

I see her everywhere I go. What’s she up to?
I think I saw her go inside the temple, but…

Viese followed Iris to the Eden Temple, where she somehow had entered the library.

Hello, Iris.
You’re acting the same as you were before…
Ah, hello.
What are you doing here? Studying?
No! Wait a minute!
She’s gone…

What she’d pointed out, though, once again seemed to be Viese’s goal.

There sure is a lot of info about plants in here.
System Message: Received [Garden Book]!
You now have the recipes for [Wonder Grow] and [Huffin Water]!
Wonder Grow… a wonder that makes plants grow.
I could use this to make the Huffin sprouts in Marmel Forest grow…
I just have to stop by the workshop to make them!

After synthesizing the Wonder Grow, Viese had a visitor.

Using this on plants should make them grow super fast…
Oh, who is it?
Hello Viese.
Hi, Melia. What’s going on?
I found something unusual. I thought you might want it…
System Message: Received [Mini Pendelook]!
Oh, thank you, Melia.
So, Viese, how are you doing?
I just made some Wonder Grow. Pouring it on young plants will make it grow instantly.
I’m going to Marmel Forest to make the Huffins bloom.
Oh, that’ll be pretty.
I like to go to Marmel Forest sometimes, too. There’s a lot of young plants there.
It would be so beautiful if they all blossomed at once…
Oh, that would be beautiful.
Well, I have to go. Bye bye.
Alright, I have to go, too. I want to pick the Huffin flowers as soon as possible.
Unless I’m mistaken, Huffin grows in the square near Dour’s great tree.

And indeed, the visitors didn’t stop. This one was a bit more urgent.

What’s wrong?
Nymph is in trouble. She’ll disappear if we don’t help her.
Yes, she’s a Water Mana.
I saw her during my walk through Marmel Forest. She looked very weak.
In Marmel Forest? I’m on my way.

Shortly before the Azure Azoth square Viese found the ailing Nymph.

Video- “The Pact of Water”

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I’m still okay… But without any water, I’m powerless…
She needs some water.
Can you bring her some?
Of course. Any kind of water? Or would you like some milk?
Just regular water, please.
Regular water is best for her. Some spring water should do it.
…Is this okay?
System Message: Handed over 1 [Pure Water].

The Nymph recovered almost immediately.

I’m glad. But how did you end up here?
I was looking for water. Before I knew it, I was way out here.
That’s when I found her.
You’re a lifesaver.
I was just helping out a friend. Wood Mana and Water Mana are the best of friends.
Say, do you want to make a pact with me?
Yes! You did save my life.
…I would be delighted.
Mana, the father of power… the mother of life… The source of all nature…
I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith.
In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Nymph, the Water Mana!
Please be nice to me.
System Message: Received the mark of the Water Mana, the [Aqua Gem]!

After gathering some Huffin, Viese returned to her workshop.

I’m sending you the Huffin flower.
I couldn’t find any wild Huffin flowers, so I had to use Wonder Grow to make it bloom…

And back in Belkhyde…

Now I can give this Huffin to Naru in Central Park.

Felt had what he needed to learn the secret of the lighthouse…

Extras: Letters:

It makes plants grow faster. I hope you can use it there. I’ve already initialized it, so as long as you have wood and water elements, you can make more with [Mana Synthesis].
Oh, and one other thing… I met this little girl named Iris. I don’t know where she came from, but she helped me find the recipe for Wonder Grow. Something about her seems… odd.