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Part 8: Chapter Eight: The Lighthouse Prison

With the Huffin in hands, Felt and Noin could return to the boy in the park and learn the secret of the lighthouse.

Naru: Huh? What’s this?
It’s a Huffin. That flower that gets cold.
Naru: What?! You really found one?!
What? You didn’t believe us?
Naru: No, it’s not that…
Melanie is gonna be very happy.
So, will you show us how to get into the Lighthouse now?
Naru: Oh, yeah.
It’s right near my house. Just go through the sewer.
It leads to the back entrance.
Oh, through the sewer. I never even though of that…
Thank you, Naru.
Naru: Sure, no problem. Take care now.

They passed through the sewers, and soon enough reached the depths of the prison.

We’re inside the lighthouse. I’d recognize this gloom anywhere.
We gotta find where they’re keeping Max…
Okay, let’s hurry!

Fortunately, the inside of the lighthouse was lightly guarded and they quickly made their way to the cells.

Video- “Breakout”

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There sure are a lot of guards.
That makes this easier.
Max has to be in here.

For not the first nor the last time, Noin rushed into battle dragging Felt along.

The Imperials fell quickly before the power of the Azoth.

Oh, never mind.
Alright, let’s hurry up and rescue Max.

And just as Noin had expected this was indeed where Max was being kept.

Simsiltian: …Noin?
You came to save us… What are you, crazy?
Hey, who’s this guy?
His name’s Felt. He’s helping me.
Is that so…
I’m sorry you got caught up in our struggle. You didn’t have to get involved.
We can discuss that later, like after we get you out of here.
Let’s go before we get caught.

As they left the cell block, Max provided Felt with something that would prove a critical edge.

Felt! What is it?
I’d like you to take this.
System Message: Received [Legin’s Wing]!
This has been passed down in my family for generations.
I want you to use its hidden abilities.
Its hidden abilities…?
Why would you give me something as important as this?
I was injured when they captured me.
I think you’ll be able to put it to better use.
When you use it, you’ll definitely feel much stronger.
I see. Thank you.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Skills
Now that we have Legin’s Wing, we can learn Skills. There are two types of Skills. The first are the Combat Skills I mentioned a ways ago, and we learn them from our weapons. We don’t have the ability to change weapons right now on anyone so it’ll be a bit before we get a new Combat Skill. There are also passive skills that improve our power in battle, and those we learn from Alchemy Items. Now that we have Legin’s Wing we can equip two of these on everyone. Each has a different skill, though only certain characters can learn any given skill.

No matter the type of skill, we learn it the same way. After combat in addition to experience we also gain SP. While we get the benefit of a skill as soon as we equip the item that provides it, if we master the skill by gaining enough SP we get to keep it permanently. That’s really all there is to it.

But as they tried to leave the lighthouse…

Video- “Chaos”

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Look out!

A complication arose.

You… You’re Chaos!
If you truly intend to restore the monarchy, they we shall have no choice but to fight.
Rats must be exterminated at once!
If that is your decision, so be it!

Boss Battle: Imperial Captain, Imperial Guardsmen x 4
Despite the scene before we’re actually fighting Chaos’ minions here. Our best practice is to Break the Captain right after he makes his first attack, which then lets us get a huge Chain bonus as we wipe everything out. The minions have less health but don’t do way less damage than the boss, they’re definitely the first priority. Felt can heal with Mana Synthesis and Noin can heal the whole party so this isn’t terribly hard.

Strangely, Chaos seemed to recognize Felt’s sword.

How do you know about the Azoth?
Azure Azoth: Felt, you cannot win!
What are you doing? C’mon, let’s go!
R, Right!
Soldier C: There they go!
Soldier C: You don’t want me to go after them?
No… let them go.
The lighthouse is Galahad’s responsibility. He can deal with them.
Besides, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out where they’re going.
Tend to the wounded soldiers.
Soldier C: Sir?!
So… The Azoth has finally appeared.

Fleeing through the sewers, Felt and the Simsilt group realized they were not purused.

…I wouldn’t bet on that. Chaos is nothing if not tenacious…
So, what’s the plan now?
We get out of Riesevelt and back to Agito Cove.
But first, please lend me a little more power.
Sure thing.
Simsilt A: Max, we have forces hidden throughout Riesevelt.
We can gather more info about the Empire.
Will that impact our escape?
Simsilt A: Don’t worry, we won’t mess anything up.
Great. Get to it.
We need to pass through West Regenbogen.
We might not be able to return to Riesevelt for a long time.
You better do everything you want here before we head to Regenbogen.
We’ll meet back up on the bridge.
Here, take the [Legin’s Wing].
I think you’ll be able to put it to better use.
Thank you.
Alright, now let’s get out of here!

The split up, intending to meet back up on the other side of the bridge. Unfortunately, Felt ran into a problem on the way there.

Video- “Battle on the Bridge”

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???: You have no right to exist.
…The Azoth must be destroyed!

Boss Battle: Mysterious Girl
We’re one on one against this mysterious assassin. It’s not that hard, just remember to heal because her Air Slicer attack can be pretty damaging.

He was able to defeat his assailant, but she fled as quickly as she’d appeared.

Why are you after the Azoth?!
How does she know about it?

And even worse, at the other end of the bridge he didn’t see Noin.

Hey, down here!
Hey Max, how’d it go?
Let’s just say I doubt even a barrel could have enjoyed that ride.
Just be glad there wasn’t a waterfall…
And that we’re all still alive.
You’re right.
How are you doing now?
Much better, thanks to your treatment.
And thanks to you… Uh, uh…
My name is Felt.
right. Okay then, please call me Max.
Felt, Noin told me you want to go to the Altena church…
That’s right. I believe it holds the key to saving Eden.
Very well. I shall help you out anyway that I can.
But first, we must head to Agito Cove.
Agito Cove?
Yeah, it’s our hide-out here in Tatalia.
It’s in a cave along the coastline to the north.
Should we get going, then?

Meanwhile, Consul Theodore was less than happy about what had happened.

What kind of champion are you?!
The outlaw will not get far.
I shall hunt him down.
Hmhmhm. Very well. You may have better luck than Galahad.
I shall leave at once.
What are you up to, Chaos?

Galahad’s instincts proved quite right…

???: You are the one who caused this misfortune Master…
Did you see anything else?
???: Ah, yes, of course.
There is no mistaking the Azure Azoth.
Your plan is coming to fruition.
We cannot be stopped!

For it seemed there was much more to Chaos than met the eye…

Extras: Letters

Oh, I met 2 people who know about the Azoth. One was named Chaos. He’s an Imperial Champion. The other was a girl in white clothes. She attacked me out of nowhere, and left just as fast. I’ve also met some people who know about alchemy and the Azoth.