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by Feinne

Part 9: Chapter Nine: The Flower of Happiness

After their escape from Riesevelt, Felt and company started off for the Simsilt’s hideout, Agito Cove. On the way, Felt saw an oddly familiar object.

Unable to do much with it, they passed on to the North Cave, the only way to reach Agito Cove.

This is the cave that leads to Agito Cove.
We must pass through it. Let’s go.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: North Cave
North Cave is our first dungeon with an interesting little quirk. There are strong winds that blow here that we can’t move forward against. In order to get all of the chests in here we need to go around upwind of them. There’s an alchemy recipe in here, so it’s worth it to explore.

Soon enough, they reached the Simsilt outpost.

Video- “Cove and Alchemy”

Watch the Story Unfold

Simsiltian: Has our glorious leader returned unscathed?
Yes, for the most part…
And it is all thanks to Noin and uh… Fes.
Simsiltian: Oh…
Thank you for saving our leader.
Fes was a great help to us out there.
You are our honored guest. Make yourself comfortable.

But for now, our story moves back to Eden.

Alright, the letter’s been sent.
I wonder if Felt reads all of my letters…

She’s been hard at work creating powerful new items for Felt, such as the Nectar. This item can revive those who have been defeated in battle.

Felt will be delighted. This will revitalize him if he’s knocked out…
Hopefully, he’ll only have to use it on his new friends…

And even more remarkable, the Item Wish, which can transform monsters into items.

Come in.
Melona sent me here to ask you if you have any interesting items.
Interesting items?
She thought you might have some…
Well… This Item Wish is pretty interesting.
It turns monsters into toys… But there aren’t any monsters in Eden.
Felt is the only person I know who can even use it.
Oh well. I’ll tell my boss about it and see what she says. She’s looking for new things.

As she left her workshop, she ran into Melia.

Video- “The Pact of Fragrance”

Watch the Story Unfold

Yeah, well…
What happened?
…My Hal Flower just died.
What’s a Hal Flower?
You’ve never heard of it? It’s a very rare flower. It has such a gorgeous smell…
So, that’s why you smell a little different today.
Yeah, that’s the Hal Flower’s scent. I worked so hard to get that flower, too.
Where to they normally grow?
I found it in Marmel Forest. I found it near that Azoth sword, but there was only one.
It’s so rare. Yach doesn’t even have any at his store…
In Marmel Forest, huh?
I doubt I’ll ever find another one…
Well, we’ll never know unless we try.
I guess you’re right… I’ll give you a reward if you find one.

Before leaving for the forest, Viese checked in with Melona.

What is it, Melona?
Not many people know this, but I’ve recently started to collect rare things.
I already have quite a collection, but there’s one item that I really want.
Wow, I didn’t know you had any hobbies.
Yeah, well, what I really want is a Star Piece.
Can you get one for me? Please, Viese?
A Star Piece? Okay, I’ll try.
Thank you.

Viese then went out to search for the Hal Flower, and sure enough there was an odd sprout in Azure Azoth Square.

Wait, can this be…
…It smells like Melia, sort of.
Can this really be a Hal Flower…?

Viese grew the flower…

No wonder Melia loves it so much.
That smells so good.
Huh? Who are you…?

And also attracted some attention.

I just flew by here because it smells so wonderful.
A Fragrance Mana…
You smell good, too.
I do? It’s probably because of this flower.
No, I mean you smell good by yourself.
I’d like to make a pact with you, if you don’t already have a Fragrance Mana, that is.
You bet. I just love your smell.
This is wonderful.
Mana, the father of power… the mother of life… The source of all nature…
I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith.
In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Aroma, the Fragrance Mana!
I hope you always smell this great.
System Message: Received the mark of the Fragrance Mana, the [Flora Gem]!
I’ll take this Hal Flower to Melia.

The flower in hand, all there was to do is give Melia the flower.

Viese, what’s up?
What, that smell…
Yep, here you go!
System Message: Gave away [Hal Flower]!
This is, a Hal Flower…?!
You wanted one, right?
Yes. This is a Hal Flower. I just love this smell.
Thank you, Viese. I didn’t think you’d be able to find one.
Please take this. Thank you so much…
System Message: Received [Yellow Mana]!
I’m taking this home.

Viese then managed to produce quite a different smell while synthesizing some Charcoal.

I smelled something awful, and it’s coming from here.
Oh, Melia… I’m sorry. Is it supposed to smell this bad?
Don’t worry… but, this does smell worse than usual.
It’s as if you mixed glow stained grass and basil cheese sauce into a pumpkin pie and stirred it all together…
Then left it out in the sun for 10, not wait, 11 days… It smells just like that.
You really should ventilate this room. It’ll be impossible to get that smell out if you don’t.
Well, I’ll see you around.
……She was oddly specific in that description.
Ahh, I have to ventilate this room.

With Viese’s tale for now complete, when next we meet we shall return to what happened after Felt reached Agito Cove.

Extras: Letters

Oh, Felt, I noticed something strange. That recipe you found in Belkhyde is almost exactly the same as the one I found in Eden, but it’s a little older and has some ancient writing in it. I wonder why… What is the connection between Eden and Belkhyde?