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Part 10: Chapter Ten: The Sea of Sand

When last we left our tale Felt had arrived in Agito Cove, the hideout of the Simsilt on the western continent.

Simsiltian: If the repair works, it’ll take us to the eastern continent.

Moored at the cove was the Dynasty Horn.

Bully: This is the Dynasty Horn. It’s a Simsiltian ship.
Bully: What? You’ve never heard of the Dynasty Horn?
You can cross the sea really fast on this baby.
Bully: Too bad the ship was damaged in that storm the other day.
Once it’s fixed, we can cross to the eastern continent in no time.

Felt didn’t know much about the sea, but he certainly needed a way to cross it.

It’s Felt, and I heard it was damaged…
Right, Felt. Anyway, do you mind waiting awhile until it’s repaired.
Sure. Is there anything I can do to help?
The more people working on it, the faster the repairs will be.
Besides, I don’t really like waiting around.
As long as it’s for free, we welcome your help.
Do we need any supplies?
Simsiltian: Well, the sails were all ripped up, so we’ll need some cotton cloth.
How much will we need?
Simsiltian: About 5 sheets should do it.
Okay, Felt, you’re in charge of getting the cloth.
I’m sure they sell it in Tatalia Village. Please go and buy 5 sheets.
System Message: Received 500 Cole to buy cotton cloth.

Unfortunately for Felt, he’d have to go it alone from this point.

More important work…?
Yep. I have to raise the morale around here.
So, sorry but you’re gonna have to rise solo to Tatalia Village.
But… I thought… We…
Oh, and try not to pass out and die, okay?
System Message: Noin has left the party.

And when he reached Tatalia Village, Felt got some bad news.

Hi, I need cotton cloth. Do you have any?
Oh, I’m sorry. I just sold out.
I’ll get more next month. Would you like me to place an order for you?
Next month? I can’t wait that long.
Is there anyway you can get some sooner?
If you really want to, you can pick some Tatalia Cotton in the desert.
But, the storms have wiped out the crops.
Really? …Then I may have to wait.
But, I’ll check the desert to make sure.
Sir… Please wait!
I’m really sorry I didn’t have what you needed. Please take this.
I can’t…
Please take it. It’s important that every customer is satisfied.
System Message: Received [Clothspinner]!
You now have the recipe for [Cotton Cloth]!
With this, Viese can spin some more cotton cloth for me!
Alright, now all I need is some Tatalia Cotton.
Thank you for shopping with the Zwital Merchant’s Association!

Felt headed for the deepest depths of the desert, hoping to find any sign of the famed cotton plants of Tatalia.

Video- “Gray the Dragonslayer”

Watch the Story Unfold

Tatalian Guy: Do you still want to go to such a dangerous place?
Okay, I’m not gonna stop you. But, I’m not gonna send anyone after you, either.

The Tatalian man proved quite correct about the dangers of the deepest deserts.

Something’s coming!

A freakish monster burst from the sands.

Whatever it is, it’s huge!
Looks like you’re getting’ your tail whipped, boy.

But Felt would not have to fight it alone.

The name’s Gray. Looks like you could use a hand, boy. Or a blade.

Boss Battle: Sand Dragon
Sand Dragon’s a pretty simple fight. Break him after his first attack and then unleash Gray’s Twin Dragon attack while he’s Broken, the automatic critical hits will leave him near death and you should be able to finish him off before he even gets another hit in.

After the battle, Felt finally had a chance to take a good look at who had come to his rescue.

Thanks for the help.
Think nothing of it.
Wow, I didn’t know there were any Mana tribes in this world.
Mana? What’s Mana?
And just what do you mean by “this world?”
Umm, haha, where should I begin?

Felt explained his situation to the Dragonslayer.

Yes. I believe the key to saving Eden lies within that church.
Hmm, you actually believe all this?
Well, I’ve never saved the world before. Mind if I come along for the ride?
You got somethin’ against me?
You’ve seen how strong I am in battle.
Oh, yeah. You’ve got plenty of strength.
Are you sure you want to follow someone you just met?
If you’re not crazy, I wouldn’t miss this trip for the world.
Besides, without a goal, I’d be drifting around Belkhyde forever.
And if you are crazy, at least I won’t be bored.
So, what’s your name?
My name is Felt.
You may call me Gray. Nice to meet you.
Yeah, it’s nice to meet you, too.
System Message: Gray has joined the party!

Deep in the desert, Felt discovered yet another strange tablet.

And even farther in, he found the sprouts of the remaining cotton plants. With the Wonder Grow created by Viese, acquiring the fiber was simplicity itself.

And soon Felt and his new ally Gray were headed for Agito Cove with the cotton in hand.

Video- “They Both Start With F”

Watch the Story Unfold

Simsiltian: Gray, is that you?
Hey, buddy, how’s it been?
Simsiltian: Oh, it’s going great! I’m going to see the leader!
Gray, do you know these people?
Of course. Well, I used to at least.
Gray! My dear friend! You look… well…
And, I heard that you were caught by the Empire. So, this is their new form of torture…
Yes, it’s called reality fables.
So, how is Noin?
Hey, everyone better be enjoying my cooking!
See for yourself…

Noin was enthusiastically cooking away.

Just now. Felt brought me here.
Seems like nothing’s changed.
Heh heh, yep.
Oh, Gray, you came just in time for dinner. I bet yer real hungry.
N-No…! I’m stuffed! Really!
C’mon, Felt! Dig in.
What…! This is supposed to be food?
I know it doesn’t look appetizing, but the flavor is indescribable.
Eat it all, now.
There’s… so much…
So, how’d it taste?
I thought I was going to die…
Oh, wow! It was that good, huh?
…No, that bad.
Hmm, so that’s why everyone runs after every meal…
Hahaha. At least they eat it first.

And while Felt had gathered the necessary cloth, there was another larger problem to deal with.

Thank you. You’ve been a great help, Phil.
How are the repairs going?
Great, we’re almost finished, however…
There’s a crack in the tiller connecting the rudder to the wheel.
We can’t sail the ship until that is fixed.
Well, we aren’t stuck here from lack of trying.
Looks like we’ll have to convince him.
Convince who?
The only person who can fix the ship…
Problem is, he’s obsessed with that damn sword. ‘Sall he ever talks about.
I’ll convince him, then.
it’s a waste of time. I should just wait here for you to come back…
But, I’d better go with you. It might help if he remembers me.
Great, thank you.
Okay, the old coot lives somewhere up on that mountain along the coastline.

And so Felt and Gray headed out to find this man who could repair the ship. Next time, we’ll see what happened when they found him…