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Part 14: Chapter Fourteen: The Secret of Gardo

After narrowly escaping death at the hands of Chaos and the Crimson Azoth, our heroes found themselves at the Altena Church.

Video- “Eizlen”

Watch the Story Unfold

I’ve been traveling for a long time, but I never came here before.
As you can see, the church is actually quite small.
So Fee, why did you choose to come to this church?
…It chose me.
What does that mean…?
Never mind, keep going.
This place reminds me of the Eden Temple…

After some brief explanations the issues from earlier were largely resolved.

Looks like a normal church…
Greetings. My name is Eizlen. I am the head of the Altena Church.
This girl has told me all about you.
Especially about he who wields the Azoth…
…Yes, that certainly is the Azure Azoth.
It appears we were mistaken…
Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences.
I accept. I didn’t really mind, actually.
It was nice having a guide. Especially being from Eden and all.
It is important that you fully understand…
Dragon slayer Gray, please join us as well.
Sure thing.
Please wait here.
Right this way, please.

Eizlen activated a hidden catch, and a wall behind her lifted. They continued on together.

Yeah, they are beautiful.
They depict the Great Alchemy War and the suffering it inflicted on the people.
That is the reason this church was established.
We are here to preserve the knowledge of our founders, the Belkhyde alchemists.
Never heard of ‘em…
We appear to be a small church…
Azure Azoth: So, that is how you know about the Crimson Azoth.
But, what do these all mean?
Please follow me…
I will answer all your questions.

The Great Alchemy War… When the powers of Alchemy were turned against the world.

It is the pinnacle of crafting with alchemy.
The power was so destructive that it annihilated an entire continent.
You crossed the lake to come here, correct?
That’s right.
Lake Midgard is a scar upon the land, left by the power of an Azoth.
Yes, that is the kind of power that lies within an Azoth.
That tragedy was the wrath of the Crimson Azoth.
The Azoth that must be destroyed.

When the Crimson Azoth unleashed its hate and its desire for world domination.

The alchemists were determined to contain such power.
And thus, they created something new.
Please go on, and see for yourself.
She is waiting there for you.

Felt and his friends continued on.

Video- “Yuveria”

Learn the Secret of Eden

This… This is Eden!
I have been waiting for you, Master of the Azure Azoth.
It’s you!

Felt had finally reached the one who had contacted him in Eden...

Who is that?!
A state of emergency has been declared in Gardo.
State of emergency?
The balance in the Land of Mana has begun to crumble.
I apologize for troubling you master, but…
Your intervention is required in these urgent matters.

Yuveria, caretaker of the Gardo Continental Drive.

Gardo Continental Drive?
The Gardo Continental Drive… The device that separates Eden from Belkhyde.
The incident with the Crimson Azoth must not be repeated.
To contain the power of Mana and alchemy…
This is the Eden Project.
Every Mana and alchemist moved to Eden…
And all trade with Belkhyde was cut off.
Both worlds have discredited the evidence of the other.
And have maintained autonomous histories for over 400 years.
So, that’s what happened…
However, recently the Gardo Continental Drive has been damaged.
The cause is unknown, but parts of Eden were damaged because of it.
If we do not act, then the land of Eden will be destroyed.
What can we do!?
…There is only one way.
That is the reason you were summoned here, Master.

While the Gardo was responsible for the main portion of Eden, the Holy Grounds of the Mana were otherwise maintained.

These facilities maintain sections of Eden and the land of Mana.
Repairing these facilities will restore the land of Mana and may prevent further crises in Eden.
And that’s how we can save Eden?
That is correct.
That is the reason only an alchemist can accomplish this task…
Will you accept this ordeal?
The only reason I came here was to save Eden.
Of course I’ll do it.
Thank you, Master.
The Altena Church will guide you to the workshop locations.
We can ask Eizlen.
May Lilith grant you diving protection…

They returned to Eizlen to see if she knew where any of these Workshops were.

Have you spoken with Yuveria?
Please tell us where the workshops are so we can save Eden.
To the north lies a place known as The Source.
There is a workshop behind a sealed door, deep in that land.

And Eizlen had something to ask of Felt.

Uh, I have no problem with that…
Fee, do you find this proposal acceptable?
Please go with him, then.
Since the day I found you at our doorstep, I have raised you as my own daughter.
It will bring me great pleasure when you find the happiness you seek.
Thank you for all the good you have done for this church.
From now on, I want you to fulfill your desires.
Felt, she is still innocent of this world. Please protect her.
I will. I promise.

And so they prepared to head for this Source and the workshop hidden there. Meanwhile, Viese was hard at work in Eden, as always.

Now I can get back to helping Felt!

While only Viese could directly aid him, many in Eden wished they could help.

Alright, it’s ready. Since it’s stronger than the Heal Herb, it should be very useful.
We won’t have to worry about minor injuries. Felt’ll be so happy.
Viese? Are you home?
Yes. Please come in.
I found some items that are so poor quality, I can’t sell them at my shop.
Here, I thought you might want them for Synthesizing.
System Message: Received 2 [Moon Stones]!
Thank you.
…You don’t sound all that happy.
It’s Felt, huh?
I worry about him… The only way I can help him is by sending him items.
Don’t worry so much. Felt’s destiny is in his own hands.
Just focus on making as many items as you can for him.
Who knows, you may be able to improve his fate.
…You’re right. Thank you.
Unlike me, you can actually do something for him.
Come on, cheer up.
Felt… Please be safe.

At the Church Felt had discovered a stronger form of the Wonder Grow formula.

It’s named after a very small region of Eden.
It is said that many flowers and trees grow there.
Viese, are you home?
Yes, please come in.
What is is, Melia?
This flower isn’t growing well at all.
I was hoping you knew some way to help it…
I remember you saying something about making Wonder Grow the other day…
Wow, I just made the perfect gift for you, then. I just made some Yugdore Water!
It’s much stronger than the Wonder Grow, and it works right away.
Alright! Can you use it on my flower?
I haven’t tested it yet, so I’ll only use a little bit…
You’re a genius! My flower’s growing so fast.
A little too fast…!
It died… I wanted it to grow fast… But not like that.
…It turned into a seed.
Oh! It grew so fast, it went through its entire life cycle in one second!

It should be noted that one of the burdens of Alchemy is to find humor in its failures.

I’m sorry.
Well, I guess it’s okay. That flower wasn’t growing anyway…
Since it left a seed, I’ll just grow another one.
I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would keep growing like that.
It’s okay. Really! I love growing flowers! Gotta run!
Hmm… I have to be careful not to abuse this item.

As Viese walked through Noir, she noticed something off. The notably surly Sound Mana Klavia seemed to be in a particularly sour mood.

You don’t look so good… What’s wrong, Klavia?
Nothing. I’m fine…
I can tell something’s bothering you just by looking at you.
No really, I’m fine…
You can tell me. You know that, right?
I… I was asked to sing at the Festival of Spring…
Really?! That’s great!
I mean, it’s an honor to be the Sound Mana who sings at the festival, right?
But, I can’t…
Do you already have plans?
No. I can’t… sing. I’m terrible at singing.
Yes! I’m a terrible singer!
Come to think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing before…
I bet you just think you sing bad! I’m sure you have a lovely singing voice!
Want me to sing a song?
Uh, yeah…

Klavia was not mistaken about her singing voice.

It’s okay. You can tell me the truth about my terrible voice.
A Sound Mana who can’t sing has no value…
That’s not true! Even if you can’t sing, you’re still a Mana.
I’m glad you feel that way, but not everyone thinks that’s true…
*sigh *…
It’s… not that bad. Please cheer up…
I hope she’ll be okay… I’ll check up on her later…

With Klavia having vanished, there was not much else for Viese to do. She returned to the workshop to wait for more news from Felt. Little did she know how momentous the news was going to be…

Extras: Letter

By the way, I’m glad that Fee is doing well. Alchemy really came through for us. Remember what Kreuz told us? “Alchemy is an art for helping people. Never forget this,” or something like that… I understand that now.