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Part 16: Chapter Sixteen: The Fire’s Home

’s Home

Viese and Iris headed to the Scarlet Temple, home of the Fire Mana. They probably would have had trouble entering, if not for someone else acting.

Video- “The Scarlet Temple”

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I told you, I have to get a Fire Mana for Viese. So, get outta the way!
Zuvelk: This area is under investigation. You are not authorized to pass.
That’s it! I warned you!
Poe Omega Burst Attack!
Zuvelk: Hmmph!
That’s what you get!

They encountered him again in a moment, though he was perhaps overly familiar.

Screw it, I’m going home.
Oh, Viese, what are you doing here?!
Uhhhh… Do I know you?
Allow me to introduce myself!
My name is Poe. Some call me Flashbang Poe, the Gun Mana.
Mr. Poe, huh?
No no, my dear. There’s no need to be so formal. Just call me Poe.
Kids must call me Mr. Poe.
Viese, are you here to make a pact with a Fire Mana?
Why yes.
Then it would bring me great pleasure to serve as your bodyguard.
Ha ha, okay…

Poe was quite happy to proclaim his dubious value.

If any monsters try to attack us, I’ll protect us with my magic gun.
But, there are no monsters in Eden…
I was just using monsters as an example…
Hehe, don’t you just love sunsets?
Um, we can’t see the sky…
Ah, children should be seen and not heard.

They all entered the Shrine of Everlasting Flame together.

Hmm, I thought the Fire Mana would be waiting here.
Don’t worry Viese…!
Hey, Fire Mana! Come on out! We’re waiting!
If you don’t hurry, I’ll blow up your altar with my gun!
Don’t say that…
I’ll give you ‘til the count of ten to get out here!
Is that him?

Needless to say the Fire Mana was less than amused by Poe’s antics.

Please forgive me!
He thought he was helping me make a pact with the Fire Mana…
Poe, apologize right now.
You did something wrong and I’m angry with you!
Aw, man… Okay, I’m sorry.
Maybe that was a little too harsh…
You are an alchemist, aren’t you?
I’m impressed by your authority. I would like to make a pact with you.
That is why you came here, isn’t it?
Y-Yes. Thank you.
Mana, the father of power… the mother of life… The source of all nature…
I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith.
In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Uru, the Fire Mana!
System Message: Received the mark of the mark of the Fire Mana, the [Fire Gem]!
I better go back to my workshop and make a Glow Lamp!

They encountered a despondent Poe on the way back.

She hates me…
I wish I could just turn into a bird and fly away!
Farewell, Viese. Our love was never meant to be. I shall always watch over you from the sky.
Wait? Is that her angelic voice I hear…
Hello, Poe.
Great, you heard me… Look, I’m sorry about what happened earlier.
I just got so mad at you, but I know you were trying your best.
I’m sorry, Poe.
You don’t hate me?
Waah! Viese, you’re too kind!
Our candle of love shall burn forever!
Don’t be so dramatic.

Viese returned to her Workshop to create the Glow Lamp.

What is that?
It’s a Glow Lamp. When it gets dark, this will light your way.
What’s so special about it?
Well, it doesn’t use a flame and it’s brighter than a normal lamp.
Let’s turn it on and try it out.
It’s so bright!
Yes, it is…
With this, we’ll light up any darkness!

Viese also created the bomb in the recipe, the Flame.

What is it?
It’s a Mana item called Flame. …It’s a type of bomb.
This is a basic one, but it’s still powerful… and dangerous.
…So I better send it to Felt right away.
As much as I hate to think about it, he may need this for his own protection…
Belkhyde is a dangerous land…
Viese, may I have a word with you?
Yes, absolutely.
How are you doing? I wanted to make sure you were doing fine.
I’m doing well. I just made a Flame.
A Flame… Please be very careful with it.
I will. And, I’ll tell Felt to be careful with it, too.
Ah, so you have found a way to share your items with Felt.
Yes, and he may be in danger on the other side.
You’re right. There aren’t any monsters or wars here in Eden.
Felt loves playing with swords, but nobody knows what Belkhyde is like anymore.
He may find himself in situations that we can’t even imagine.
Well, I’ll leave you to send it to him. It may be just what he needs.
Thank you.

Viese headed out to the dark historical society.

And by applying the Glow Lamp’s power, light was restored.

The building was full of strange things…

This sword was made with the essence of alchemy.
The protector of Eden, it is enshrined in Marmel Forest.
Its true purpose is to prevent disasters with the power of alchemy.
Felt said that it was another Azoth that caused the disaster.
The Azure Azoth was meant to prevent these disasters…

Important things…

It’s hard to reach, but I can make out “Gardo.”
What are these Paradies things around here?
Maybe Felt’ll be able to read and understand it.
I better take this.
System Message: Received [Workshop Map]!

And records of a time long past.

The original Mana, who surpasses all Mana in power: Lilith.
Lilith has a will of her own, and can analyze and deconstruct all things in nature.
The discovery of Lilith brought about instant prosperity in alchemy…
But, that prosperity vanished just as quickly.
This… kinda looks like someone I know…

Viese returned with the Workshop Map.

Video- “Poe”

Watch the Story Unfold

Because with him, you never can tell with these sort of things…
Who is this Felt guy?
He’s her best friend.
He is very dear to her heart.
No, it’s not like that.
But, I worry about how he’s doing sometimes.
I wish I could see him…
Oh, what’s wrong, Poe?
There’s no mistaking it…
Those are the eyes… of a girl in love…

Poe ran off, leaving Viese and Iris quite confused.

I hope Felt is holding up well.
The Belkhyde Gate is open…!

Yach was equally confused by what happened when the Gate opened.

What in the world was that…?
I think I’ll just pretend I didn’t see anything.

And it did not go unnoticed.

It appears to be a plot by some outsiders from Eden, lost in Belkhyde…
Outsiders? Someone from Eden has entered Belkhyde?
This has not occurred in over 400 years.
We must hope they do not bring calamity with them.

Poe found himself in an odd room indeed.

Hey! What’s a wall doing over here?
What? Where?
What is this?
System Message: Poe Received the book [Mana Power]!
Hey, this is an alchemy recipe! And I found it!
???: Hey! Who are you?!
I am known as Flashbang Poe, the Gun Mana.

As always, Viese’s insights proved quite astute.

The true purpose for the Azure Azoth was to protect Eden from alchemy disasters. I think it was specifically to stop the Crimson Azoth, but I can’t prove it yet…
I also found an old man. It doesn’t look anything like Eden. I think it’s a map of Belkhyde. And, I think it shows the locations of those workshops you mentioned… I’ll send it to you with this letter.
Oh, and one other thing. Remember Iris, the little girl I told you about? She often stops by my workshop. She’s very interested in what you’re doing. I’d like to have all three of us go on a picnic when you get back… OK?

And with the map in hand, a new plan could be worked on.

How could such a detailed map of Belkhyde be in Eden…?
These places must be well hidden.
I mean, you wouldn’t want ignorant fools to accidentally damage these important devices.
You have a point.
So, where’s the next workshop?
It looks like it’s pretty far to the east.
Then, it must be beyond the North Grand Plain.
Then, let’s get going.

They set out to find the places on the map, unaware that as always things were about to get complicated.