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by Feinne

Part 18: Chapter Eighteen: The Cave

As they returned to the cave with bombs in hand, the Puni at the entrance happened to mention something interesting.

Puni: You should go check it out for yourselves.

Sure enough, the strange appliance was another workshop. This one was in much worse shape, though.

Video- “Workshop of Wood”

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What is it?
This door doesn’t work. It’s broken.
So anyone can just get in?
Uh huh. Come on, let’s go.

The machine itself was nearly destroyed.

Ohh, cool! Uh, what is it?
Azure Azoth: It is completely destroyed…
How could this happen?
It looks like the damage was done recently.
How can you tell?
Look at all the dust on the floor, but there isn’t any near the opening.
There’s no doubt about it. Someone came in here and destroyed this workshop.
Azure Azoth: There appears to be a direct correlation between this destruction and the damage to Eden.
I’ve failed…
Azure Azoth: This may not be a total loss…
Azure Azoth: Precisely.
Then, let’s get cracking.

Despite the damage, Felt was able to get it working again.

Azure Azoth: Yes, good job.
We should have Viese check on things in Eden.

Felt composed a quick note to Viese before they headed to find the Pearlberry.

We think that the destruction of this workshop caused all the others to shut down. The core still works, so parts of Eden should return soon. Please keep a look out for this. Oh, and I can’t wait to go on that picnic.

The found the Pearlberry grass, but there was a slight issue on that front.

Video- “Pearlberries and Problems”

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Look! There’s something up ahead!

Boss: Virium Zombie
The Virium Zombie is certainly much tougher than any boss we’ve been expected to defeat so far, but it does have one critical weakness, its speed. It’ll spend a long time near the break zone after it attacks, so you can easily get it broken and unleash brutal attacks on it. Ideally you’ll have access to Fee’s Endless Blade skill by now, it stacks a lot of chain hits and therefore makes the fight worth a lot more experience and SP.

Not only was there a horrible zombie dragon, but the Pearlberries were also not even fully grown. Fortunately the Yugdore Water Viese had created earlier proved effective.

This looks like the right grass, but there’s no Pearlberries on it.
It doesn’t look like any of them are bearing fruit.
If we can grow them, I bet they’ll bear fruit…

Meanwhile, Eden was feeling the effects of yet another workshop’s revival.

Video- “Wood Revived”

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Dour: The Great Tree has reappeared!
Fairy: That’s great news!
Don’t you think it’s strange that areas that vanished are returning?
Fairy: But, why worry about a good thing?
Dour’s Tree has reappeared.
Eden is returning back to normal, one piece at a time.
And it’s all because of Felt…

Viese headed to Dour’s Tree and found something quite interesting.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Life Elements
That pink ball there is a sphere of crystallized Life Elements. Life Elements are extremely rare, the only sources are spheres (which don’t respawn when extracted) and two rare enemies.

Felt and company left the Parnaky Cave and returned to the Puni Liberation Front.

Video- “Rescue”

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How is this?
System Message: Gave away [Pearlberry].
Puni Eagle: Ah, this is it.
Now, let him go.
Puni Eagle: Very well. We always keep our word.
You worked harder than we ever imagined to save him. Thank you for this item.
If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll try to help!
Take care now!

The PLF left in peace.

thank you for your help, kind and beautiful lady!
And I see yet another pretty young lady…
Who is this guy? He’s so cute…
You can call me Poe.
So, uh, do your feet hurt, ‘cause you’ve been running through my mind all day.
Shut it, Romeo.
You be quiet! You’re messing with my vibe!
Here, take this and go away!
System Message: Received [Mana Power]!
You now have the recipes for [Uru Core] and [Nymph Core]!
Hmph. I have no interest in guys.
You’re so easy to understand.
Okay, Felt.

Poe suddenly heard something that interested him.

I’ve heard that name before…

Though it took him a second to think through why.

He’s her best friend.
He is very dear to her heart.
No, it’s not like that.
But, I worry about how he’s doing sometimes.
I wish I could see him…

Once he did, though, he found a sudden well of resolve.

Yeah, I thought you knew that.
What could Viese possibly see in a fool like you?
Wait, how do you know Viese?
I doubt you even think of her the same way.
Now that I’ve found you, I can keep my eye on you!
I will discover a secret about you dark enough to erase Viese’s love.
We don’t need an idiot who gets caught by Punis.
Why you…!
Please, I can change. I’m getting along now. See?
He’s got a lot of energy.
He’s going to complicate things, that’s for sure…
System Message: Poe joined the party!

Even as Poe was forcing himself into the group for questionable purposes, the Empire was abandoning their search in the Forest of Ocean Mist.

Our search here is complete.
Company, fall back.
Soldier: Yes, sir!
So, the Gardo isn’t here either.
Crimson Azoth: We have no uses for these devices anymore.
We must also consider the Azure Azoth. They are no doubt working to restore Eden.
Could Felt still be hiding something from us?
Crimson Azoth: ……
No matter.
The consul has called for us to return to Riesevelt.
After that, we can resume our search.
Crimson Azoth: Fine.

Felt and the group got togther to plan out their next move.

But, regular soldiers can’t break down the door to that workshop.
…I hope not.
Then, are we off to the next workshop?
There should be another one to the east…
But that is where the Crimson Azoth went.
Then it has to be there somewhere.
Then let’s go take a look for ourselves.

They resolved to head to the misty forest and find the secret hidden there…