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by Feinne

Part 20: Chapter Twenty: A Taste of Poison

Felt and his friends left the Forest of Ocean Mist, and just as before an Imperial Checkpoint blocked their way in North Grand. This time, though, things turned out somewhat differently.

Video- “Checkpoints”

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Soldier B: Hey, it’s the redhead!
Do we have to beat these guys, too?
Wait a minute.
Will you please take a look at this first?
Soldier A: Huh? What’s this?
System Message: Handed over [Tolena’s Letter].
Soldier A: What is this…?
Is this really from Tolena?!
See, you have to let her through.

The Imperials, of course, were skeptical.

Soldier A: What do you think?
Soldier B: It looks like Tolena’s cute little printing…
Soldier C: On the other hand, she’s caused a lot of trouble…
Soldier B: Yeah, and our standing orders up ‘til now…
…This isn’t looking good.
So, what’s it gonna be?
Soldier A: We are verifying the authenticity of this document.
It’ll take just a little more time.
We may as well rest as they think it over.
Good idea…

They headed back to camp, stuck for the moment.

…Me too.
*snore * *snore *
Sleep talking huh?
So, this Viese that Poe is talking about…
Yes, I bet it’s the same Viese that I know.
I wonder… Did Poe come from Eden, also?
I’m glad that she seems to be doing well though.
I wonder what Viese is doing right now.

Viese, meanwhile, was getting ready to return to Aquitto Spring.

Video- “Iris”

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Was that Iris?
I thought she was right over there…
Did she go upstairs?

Iris was indeed upstairs.

Oh, wow!
When did you learn how to Synthesize?
I saw you do it, and I just remembered it.
I just copied you. I’m sorry.
Oh, no, don’t worry about that. It’s okay.
Wow. You really learned how to do it just by watching me…
Wait a minute…
Did she just Synthesize without using any Mana?
She did.
She hasn’t made any pacts with Mana to Synthesize with…
I did it…
System Message: Received [Heal Herb]!
Oh, thank you.
But, just what kind of little girl are you…?

Felt meanwhile had sent Viese a letter about their situation.

We met a girl named Tolena. She’s an Imperial Champion, too, one of the highest ranking soldiers of the Empire, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She’s an old friend of Noin’s, so we’ll be able to go to Grand.
Oh, we met this lecherous fairy who forced his way on to my mission. I think he’s from Eden. He seemed to know my name, but we had just met.

Iris reminded Viese that she should check out the Spring as well.

Oh, I just want to find a new Mana to make a pact with.
The Aquitto Spring…
Aquitto Spring?

The Poison Mana did indeed seem to be in, but just as noted before she was quite fickle.

Video- “Aquitto Spring”

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Hello, my name is Viese. I’m a new alchemist.
I am Jiptus, the Poison Mana.
So you’re an alchemist? Here to make a pact, I suppose.
Yes, if that’s possible.
Yes, I shall agree to a pact with you, but…
You must first do me a favor.
A… favor?
You may have seen a lithograph on your way here…
There are words inscribed on that lithograph.
However, there is a secret to reading it.
I want you to use your alchemy skills to decipher the words on that lithograph.
Once you have done that, I shall make a pact with you, if you so desire.
An illegible lithograph…
I have no choice but to give it a try.

Viese headed to the lithograph, which was as indecipherable as ever.

Just staring at it won’t do any good.
I better go check at Eden Temple or Noir.

And so Viese started looking for anyone who might know about the lithographs. And next time, we’ll see how she discovered their secret.