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Part 23: Chapter Twenty-Two: Grand City

We’ve got a bit of an interesting chapter today, if only for the strangeness of events. It all started when they set out to Grand.

Well, what’s it gonna be?
Soldier B: We have confirmed the authenticity of Tolena’s Letter!
Soldier A: Though you may be a friend of Tolena…
Our investigation was held up. I am terribly sorry.
Soldier B: Please go through.
It feels strange to be treated like an Imperial.
It does feel strange.
That Tolena girl must be a really important person within the Empire.

And so they reached Grand safely. The day seemed like it would be relatively normal.

That’s probably because it isn’t under Imperial control…
At least it feels like we can relax a bit here.
So Felt, where’s the next workshop?
It looks like there’s one just east of here.
East of here, hmm?
And to the south lies the [Grand HWY].
It’s a rural place, so it’ll be great for catching our breath.
Alright, let’s head into town first.
Yeah, here we go.

They even got a good lead when they entered a weird shop.

What’s wrong?
Magic Shop: Oh, welcome, come in.
You’d think she’d notice her own customers.
Cut her some slack, Gray.
Magic Shop: Gray?
You wouldn’t happen to be Gray… the Dragon Slayer, would you?!
Yes, I have been called that…
Magic Shop: I knew it! Someone did come to save our village!
What are you talking about?
Magic Shop: Oh, forgive me. I was getting too far ahead of myself.
My homeland is a place called Claire east of Grand.
A dragon has recently taken residence close to our village.
A dragon?

Though he didn’t mention why, the next statement briefly shook even the mighty dragon slayer.

Magic Shop: I’ve heard you’re a pro at getting rid of dragons.
The one who killed so many dragons that he was cursed with their form.
Is that a fact?
Yes it is, actually.
Magic Shop: So, are you willing to get rid of our dragon?
Whattaya say, guys?
I’m going to leave that decision up to Felt.
Okay then, let’s do it.
Magic Shop: Really? Great!
I’ll go on ahead to notify the village.
Follow the valley to the east to get to Claire.
Thank you for helping.
Are you okay with this?
Of course. I can’t wait to beat this dragon.

They headed out into Grand proper, and that’s when things started getting strange.

Blue 5 to Red Leader, I’m going in!
Beautiful lady, will you come to my tea party?
Oh, aren’t you a cutie…
It really is too bad…
You see, I can’t associate with dirty people.
That’s called a burn, Mr. Poe.
See, you have to wash up before you hit on girls.
Who are you to talk about proper hygiene?
Hmm, looks pretty scary…
There is nothing feminine about your fashion. It is not lady like at all.
Your look is… rowdy.
Yeah, that’s the idea.
Hmm. You have great potential…
Your skin looks good and you aren’t wearing any make-up…
Hey, I know you!

It turned out they were in fact talking to someone famous. It’s best not to dwell on how Gray knew who she was. That way leads to madness.

Yes, I am. Thank you for pointing that out.
Some people don’t even recognize me.
Hey, I know! Let me give you a make over! Come on, it’ll be a lot of fun!
Of course, there won’t be any charge.
For me?
No thank you.
I’m not interested in that…
That’s a real shame.
I know I can make a total transformation for you if you want, but…
Anyway, I work at the café down the street.
Just let me know if you ever change your mind.
Maybe you should have taken her up on her offer.
Nah, that’s okay.
That’s just not my style.

I’m sure you can see the direction we’re headed here. Anyway, they headed for the park, where a rumor suggested the richest man in town might be. Rumor also suggested he had an alchemy recipe in his possession.

???: It’s that girl!
???: That sublime air, those deep, sparkling, beautiful eyes…
But she looks too young.
What are you talking about?
Duvine: Hello, my name is Duvine!
I’m on a quest to find the most beautiful girl in the world. A girl of unrivaled beauty!
I’m willing to spend millions to find her…
But, I have yet to find the woman that I seek.
This is a most arduous task, Nyago.
Nyago: Nyow.
Um… You missed me standing right here…
Duvine: I’m beginning to doubt if she even really exists…
Right, Nyago?
Nyago: Nyow.
Hello! I’m standing right here!
Duvine: Is there no end to our search?
Nyago: Nyow.
You’re pissing me off!
Settle down, Noin.

Duvine then had a proposition for Felt.

Duvine: If you bring me another delicate beauty like her…
I will give you the [Book of Hermes].

They returned to Theresa Marvel for advice on this front.

Well, you see…
Hmm… So, you’re trying to find a girl of unrivaled beauty for Duvine.
We were hoping you might know of someone.
Oh, I know someone alright…
I’m talking about you… Miss Noin.
Yes, you have the purity for unrivaled beauty potential.
With your full cooperation, I can transform you into the girl of unrivaled beauty Duvine is looking for.
All you have to do is put your faith in Grand’s number 1 stylist, Theresa Marvel.
But, I need a few items before we can begin.
Like what?
Like [Moon Stone] and [Goat Milk]…
[Goat Milk]?
I use it to make a cream that softens up your skin.
It’s my own secret blend.
Okay… Hahaha.

I just hope we can find everything…
We need that [Book of Hermes]…
You know, we could just beat it out of Duvine…
Let’s just try and unleash Noin’s unrivaled beauty!
You got my vote!
Well, at least someone’s having a good time.

It turned out they already had the supplies on hand, so they quickly got them together and handed them over.

Alrighty! I’ll take it from here.
I’ll send Noin over when I’m done. So, go ahead and wait with Duvine.
Okay, let’s go.
Okie-dokie, they’re gone…
Now, let’s get started…

Oh, so it’s important to this story that you understand that as with all artists Theresa Marvel is quite mad.

Y-Your eyes! They’re all big and sparkly!
Don’t move! I don’t want to cut anything I’m not supposed to!
Snip, snip, snip, snip…! Ahh hahahahaha!
Stop!!! Please!!!

Felt and the others waited in the park with Duvine.

Yeah, we found her.
Duvine: Oh, really?!
Then, where is she?
???: Sorry to keep you all waiting…
Felt invited me to come down here.

Theresa had also supplied Noin with a change of outfits.

Duvine: Oh, Momma!
She’s, she’s, gorgeous!
So… Exquisite!
Please don’t stare at me so much. You’re embarrassing me.
Duvine: Oh, my dear. Your beauty is nothing to be embarrassed of! You’re--- you’re perfect!
Right, Nyago?
Nyago: Nyow.
Duvine: Thank you. Thank you very much, Felt!
I have never seen such beauty in this world before!
Oh, you don’t have to tell me that…
Duvine: Well, here it is, just as I promised. Please take this.
System Message: Received [Book of Hermes]!
You now have the recipe for [Key of Hermes]!

The Book of Hermes told of a mysterious key that could unlock many doors that had previously been closed to Felt and his allies. There was still a bit more, though.

Duvine: I’d love to see you everyday. Would you like to stay with me in my mansion?
N-No, that’s not…
Duvine: I can give you anything you want. Money is no object.
The thing is…
My heart belongs to Felt…
Duvine: Forget that idiot.
Should you be by my side, I can offer you so much more…
Duvine: ?

Noin laid the man out with a single, brutal kick. Really an impressive feat in that getup.

I’d never want to be with a selfish man like you!
Duvine: She even kicks beautifully…

Noin walked off, and by the time they found her she’d already changed.

Of course, this is the way I want to look.
Oh, and Felt…
That stuff I said before, about my heart belonging to you…
I only said that to get away from that old man…
What are you talking about?
Oh, nothing. If you don’t remember, that’s fine.
Hahahahaha, hoo.
We should also look around Grand some more. There’s more that we haven’t seen.
That’s a good idea, too.

After that awkward moment, they returned to their search. Next time, though, we’ll se what mysteries the Key of Hermes unlocked in Eden.