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Part 25: Chapter Twenty-Four: The Dragon King

While in Grand Gray had mentioned the highway south of Grand was full of peaceful farms. They headed there and heard an interesting rumor.

They also heard something ominous.

Town Guy: But the Empire came in and took all the food.
And left us only with this…

West of the main road they found the camp, but it was too large to even consider attacking.

It looks like some kind of Imperial campground.
It’s dangerous to stay around here.
Yeah, I think you’re right…

And so they returned to Grand and passed through the Mist Valley to Claire Village, the town under attack by a dragon.

Old Lady: You are Gray, the Dragon Slayer and his assistants, right?
Yes, I guess you could say that.
Old Lady: My granddaughter told me all about it.
I believe the dragon lives just to the north, at Lalizatt Cave.
In that case, we better wait ‘til tomorrow.
Old Lady: Excellent. You should all stay in the village to restore your strength.
Thank you. We will.
Okay everyone, split up.
I guess I’ll take a look around the village.

Felt also heard another odd rumor.

Traveler: But, there’s nothing like that here…

Poe and Noin had gone off on their own somewhere, but Felt did run into Fee.

Video- “Ardgevald’s Fury”

Watch the Story Unfold

I heard from some of their villagers…
I heard that another workshop may have been found.
Yes. Up in the mountains to the northeast, in a place called Nelvia.
Oh, yeah?
Wow, the Amazing Fee…
In always thinking ahead.
I’ve been preoccupied with getting rid of that dragon.
…So have I.
I may be scared of fighting the dragon.
And, thinking ahead helps calm me down.
Maybe… I’m just not strong enough.
Let’s go. Everyone’s waiting.
System Message: Fee has joined the party!

They also found Gray waiting by the water on the south end. He was also quite worried.

Felt? Fee?
Gray, what’s going on?
You’re acting kinda strange.
This dragon…
She said it was a dragon with red and black scales, right?
It was the Dragon King, Ardgevald…
If the reports are correct, this is going to be an excruciating battle.
I don’t think I’m up for it…
This aura!

He was right to be worried.

It’s coming in this direction!
It’s coming!

Boss Battle: Dragon King Ardgevald
Ardgevald is nearly invulnerable and does massive damage in this fight. There’s no way to win and he’ll swiftly pound you into the ground.

Ardgevald had defeated them, and all hope seemed lost when Fee struggled to her feet.

…must… protect!

She unleashed a brutal attack out of nowhere, and Ardgevald was driven off.

Is it gone…?

And then she collapsed in a heap.

Fortunately, she was fine. Everyone gathered back at camp.

Keep your eyes open.
Fee, are you alright?!
Yes, I think so.
It almost killed us. We’re lucky to be alive!
The Imperial dragon Ardgevald is rumored to be the king of dragons.
It’s always been the ringleader.
I’ve spent many years trying to hunt it down.
But I am nothing compared to it.
What? Man, if I was there, we woulda taken that dragon down!
Says the guy who was sleeping through the entire encounter.
What are we going to do now?
That dragon is probably going to attack the village now.
Whatever we do, we have to take that dragon down.
There’s only one thing that we can do.
Go see grandpa?

Whoever this ‘grandpa’ was, it seemed that was the case.

I really didn’t want to see him…
There’s a place called the Dragon’s Den to the south.
We all better train there.

And so they prepared to head to the Dragon’s Den. Next time we’ll see this training and its results.