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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 28: Chapter Twenty-Seven: Like Doctor Doolittle

Last time we met Felt had restored another Workshop and was preparing to search for the next one. What we have yet to see is the reaction in Eden to Weathervane Hill’s return.

It looks like Weathervane Hill is back!
Weathervane Hill? That’s the Wind Mana’s holy ground.
Yes, yes! I’m so happy!
So today, I’m gonna work extra hard!
Make way for Coco!
Please, calm down and then do your work!

Coco’s enthusiasm did indeed cause some problems.

I’ve put 10 times as much effort into my work…
But, I also broke 10 times as many plates.
But it was a special occasion… So, I’ll forgive you.

Viese headed to Weathervane Hill, but a cliff blocked her progress.

Yach had another business deal he needed help filling.

Hello, Yach. How are you doing today?
I’m fine. Sales have picked up a little.
That’s great news, right?
It is, but I’m not happy with my progress. I have to do something BIG.
I have an opportunity to make a huge deal, but I’m not sure I want to go through with it.
Someone wants to buy a large quantity of Manatini.
Do you have any, Viese? I’d like to buy 10 of then, if you have them.
Oh, I don’t have any. Sorry…
It’s okay. You were the only person I could ask, so I’ll have to decline the offer.
But, you wanted to make a huge deal, right? This is your big chance!
But I can’t make the deal without the merchandise.
Just give me some time and I’ll get them for you.
Really? That’s great! I’ll pay you, of course. Here take this.
I’ll even pay you in advance.
System Message: Received [Weather Report]!
You now have the recipe for [Dark Lightning Cloud]!
Thank you. I’ll do my best.
No, thank you.

Fortunately, the components required to produce that odd Mana beverage were easily found in the Grand region, making the production of the Manatinis a simple if expensive affair.

Oh, did you get those Manatinis yet?
Yes, I did, actually! Here you go.
System Message: Handed over 10 [Manatinis]!
You saved me, big time! There’s a Mana who loves drinking these.
Haha… well…
My store’s gonna be busy, now that I have these!

Viese also created the strange Animal Cookies the magic shop keeper had sold them a recipe for.

These will allow some animals to talk to us.
That is amazing!
I wanna have one!
These cookies are for animals. I don’t think they are very good for people.
I’ll tell you what. I’ll bake some normal cookies later. Then we can share them together.

While this was going on, Felt and his allies returned again to the Imperial camp, where things were if anything more active.

Hey, wait!

Their commander was even present.

Soldier A: But, we have orders directly from the consul himself.
He’s ordered us to force the people of Grand to donate their goods to the Empire.
The Empire is extorting 80% of their property for no apparent reason.
He’s turning the Empire into an army of bandits!
Soldier A: But sir, it is a direct order from the consul.
As Imperial soldiers, it is our duty to follow his orders.
Even though we know this order may cause further rebellion among the people.
What are you up to?!

A quite odd little creature was much less afraid of the Imperials than our heroes were, it seemed.

Soldier B: Attention, sir! We’ve been raided by the enemy!
Our food’s been stolen!
Calm down. It’s just a dumb animal.
I don’t think we can just sneak by…
With Galahad here, it’ll be even more difficult to pass through.
We’ll need to come up with an excellent plan, now.
What was that thing that ran out of the tent?
It was a ferocious looking animal.
It looked like it was heading to Grand Highway.

They found the creature resting near the Dark Forest.

That’s the animal we saw at the Imperial Camp.
It’s acting really strange.
I think it’s a mystical beast.
A mystical beast?
Because they don’t want to frighten humans, they are rarely seen at all.
Beast: Po-po, po-po.
I think it’s trying to say something.
It’d be a lot more helpful if it could talk…

Once again reality provided for them in a timely fashion, as they had just acquired the means to allow an animal to talk.

Beast: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, po?
Sounds like it worked, mostly.
Hey, buddy. Why are you hanging around here?
Beast: My village had a series of bad harvests and we ran out of food, po.
So, I had to come all the way out to find more, po.
But, I haven’t found any food around here, either po…
So, that’s why you went into the Imperial Camp.
Hmm… So we have an Imperial camp, a beast and a food shortage…
How big is your village?
Beast: There are about 30 of us in my village, po.
…I have an idea.
Will you lead us to your village?
Beast: Sure, po. You saved my life, po. I’d be happy to take you there, po.
But, we won’t be able to throw you a feast, po.
That’s okay. We weren’t really expecting you to anyways.
Beast: My village is way back in the Dark Forest.
We have to go through the Dark Forest to get there, po.

Next time we’ll see what they discovered in the Dark Forest, and learn Fee’s plan for dealing with the Imperials.