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Part 29: Chapter Twenty-Eight: Family

Felt and his allies entered the Dark Forest, where the mystical beast they met showed them a secret path through.

Beast: I have to open up the path, po.
I never would’ve known about this path right here…
Beast: Yeah, only us mystical beasts know about it, po.
Okay, follow me, po.

After a trek through the forest, they discovered the hidden village of the mystical beasts.

What’s the plan, now?
I want to speak with the village chief.
So, please make more of those cookies.
You want more Animal Cookies?
Coming right up.

They found the village’s chief, with whom Fee wished to discuss a plan.

Are you the village chief?
Chief: I guess you could say that, po. I’m the village elder, po.
What are humans doing here, po?
We heard about the food shortage. We have a plan that will help us both out.
Chief: A plan, po?
For a full stomach, I’ll do anything, po.
With this plan, you’ll have all the food your people will need.
Felt, I’m going to work out a detailed plan with these beasts.
I’ll meet you at the entrance to the village when I’m done.
The village entrance…

They waited, and after a brief while Fee returned.

She wasn’t alone.

The future of this village depends on the battle ahead. We must go out in full force.
That’s for sure.
Alright, you all know the plan. We’ll be right outside the camp to back you up.
Chief: Understood, po!
Let’s move out, po!
Merchant: Give it your best, po!
We better get going, too. I’ll fill you all in on the way.
I don’t understand what we’re doing, but I sure am excited!

They hurried to the Imperial Camp to carry out the plan.

Video- “Camp Raid”

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Neither do I.
Fee, what is going on?
Hello, Fee…
It’s time.

The Imperials began to scramble as the mystical beasts initiated a confusing assault on their camp, convinced a much larger force was assailing them.

Soldier B: They came from all directions!
Soldier A: Is it the Simsiltians?!
Soldier B: I don’t know, but they have us surrounded!
Soldier A: …Retreat!
What’s going on?!
Soldier C: Galahad! Our camp is being raided!
I think it’s the Simsiltians, sir!
Has anyone confirmed that?!
Soldier C: No, no yet.
R-Run for your life!
It’s amazing how weak soldiers who don’t believe in their cause can become.
Great, only their commander is left.
The rest is up to us!
Let’s go!

And with the army gone, they rushed ahead to face Galahad.

Noin… Gray…
It’s been a while, Galahad.
I heard you went to see the Master. You always were the dignified one.
Gray… Do you know him?
We trained together under the same master. We’re practically brothers.
And, he is Noin’s father.
It’s good to see you, Noin.
I don’t ever want to hear you speak my name again.
You still haven’t gotten over your mother’s—
And I really don’t want to hear you speak of Mom, either!
I am Noin… Noin of Simsilt!
Galahad, I’m taking you down right now!
As an Imperial Champion, I can’t let Simsiltians slide.

And so they were thrust into combat with Galahad, the Imperial Champion.

Video- “Galahad”

Watch the Showdown!

Looks like we have to fight now!
Don’t even think of holding anything back!

Boss Battle: Galahad
This is our first winnable boss battle that’s not going to end after Breaking him once or twice. He’s got a powerful single target attack, Justice Slash, and a powerful group attack, Gaia Shake. That’s not what makes this harder than normal, though. The first thing is his Heavenly Light, which heals and buffs him and creates a Time Effect that does the same thing every time it comes up. The second is his substantially higher speed and resistance to Break than anything we’ve seen before. After about two Break Attacks he won’t be set back any more until he gets to act again, so make sure not to hold anything back when you do get him Broken. His healing can make the battle feel like it’s stalling as his health declines, save up and blast him with something powerful like Raging Strike at that point.

After a difficult battle, Galahad was defeated! Unfortunately, the army was already returning…

Video- “Family”

Watch the Story Unfold

You’ve brought me to my knees…!
Soldier A: Galahad, sir!
We don’t stand much of a chance at this rate.
You’re right, fall back.
Ah, yeah…

They withdrew to camp back on the highway.

Our plan worked, but the Imperial Army returned earlier than we expected.
We were so close, too…

Noin had gone off on her own.

But finding out Galahad is Noin’s father caught me off guard.
That man is not my father…
A father, huh…

Felt, on the other hand, kind of thought her lucky.

Does not having a mother or father ever make you feel lonely?
Why’d you bring that up all of a sudden?
I haven’t felt lonely because of all the people around me.
I see.
Are you feeling lonely, Viese?
I… don’t know.
If you want, I’ll protect you.
From what?
Well, you know, protect you like a father would.
You?! You can’t even clean up after yourself! How can you be a responsible father?
Haha, you’re right.

Neither Viese nor I even knew our parents.

Back at the Imperial Camp, Galahad had come to a decision regarding their mission.

Soldier A: What do you mean?
I’m ordering you to return what we stole.
The food, art, jewelry… Take it all back!
Soldier A: But, the consul himself ordered us to take it…
I will claim full responsibility.
…I am your commanding officer. Now go.
Soldier A: Yes, sir!

Still, with the Imperial camp in the way, they would be forced to take the long path through the Dark Forest to find the Workshop…