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Part 31: Chapter Thirty: The Pact of Wind

Viese needed to head to Weathervane Hill in order to find Hexi Glass, but in turn she needed a grappling hook to scale a short cliff there.

What is that?
We’ll be able to climb up cliffs with this.
But, we’ll need something to hook it onto at the top.
I want to climb.
Well, I think you’re a little too young to start climbing.

Still, they both headed to the home of the Wind Mana. On the way, they found another lithograph.

They then continued to the heights of the hill.

Video- “Wind and Glass”

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Oh, hello. You must be an alchemist.

Silwest, the Wind Mana, was happy to make a pact with Viese.

It was a little hard.
Have you come all this way to make a pact?
Yes, I did.
Great. It gets pretty boring standing here all day…
Making a pact with you might be fun.
Well, that was easy…
Easy?! I decided to make a pact because you seem pretty nice…
But I could act like a prima donna and demand you bring me things and perform pointless tasks first…
Would you prefer me to do that?
Oh, no no.
I’ll gladly accept your offer.
Mana, the father of power… the mother of life… The source of all nature…
I, Viese Blanchimont, have pledged to uphold the sacred tenets of Lilith.
In honor of that pledge, I have come to form a pact with Silwest, the Wind Mana!
System Message: Received the mark of the Wind Mana, the [Wind Gem]!
I’m so happy we met, umm… Sorry, I didn’t listen to your little chant, hehe.
My name is Viese Blanchimont.
Cool. Nice to meet you, Viese.

Viese hoped to get help finding some Hexi Glass.

So, you want to make a charm for this boy…?
That’s wonderful!
Why is that?
Staying up all night, making trinkets for your hard working and deserving husband…
You’re a model wife!
He’s not my husband! And, I don’t stay up all night! Just ‘til 11:30…
Now that I know what you’re up against, I, Silwest the Awesome will have your back!
For instance, I think there’s still some Hexi Glass around here somewhere…
Yeah. Let’s go find it.

Near the front of the Hill, their search ended.

Yep. That’s Hexi Glass alright.
But, how can I get up there…?
Leave that to me!
Look, Ma! I’m flying!
System Message: Received [Hexi Glass]!
Thank you. Let’s go back to my workshop and start Synthesizing.

The recipe was otherwise simple.

Let’s start Synthesizing my charm!

And Viese quickly finished her work.

This is really going to make Felt’s job easier.
Then I have to report the new info I found at the library.

Viese didn’t rely on Felt to read the book she sent him.

Together, they developed the masterpiece of their alchemy careers… the Azoth. Palaxius created the Crimson Azoth, while Elusmus created the Azure Azoth. With his Azoth, Palaxius wiped out an entire region. This led to a Dark Age of Alchemy.

All this information did somewhat concern Viese as to Felt’s safety.

From the greatest sword to a piece of candy; everything should be made for a purpose.
So, what purpose did Palaxius create the Crimson Azoth for?
You’re worried about Felt, aren’t you?
Maybe just a little…
I’m sure he’ll be okay. After all, he does have my charm.
Felt will be okay… Won’t he…?

Felt, meanwhile, was reading Viese’s first letter.

Video- “Into the Woods”

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I’m always worried about your safety… To stop from worrying, I made a charm for you. It has Hexi Glass in it to make you stronger. Just wear it and it should work.
I found some new information for you in a book called [Alchemists of the Slaith Era]. I think you’ll find it to your liking. Please take care of yourself, Felt.

Meanwhile, Felt had more than the Crimson Azoth to worry about.

I’m home.
What’s going on? Why do you look so happy?
N-No reason. Can’t I just be happy?

They still needed to reach the next workshop.

There’s been no change at the Imperial Camp.
Busting through that many soldiers is gonna be hard…
After that riot, I’m sure Galahad’s keeping his soldiers on their toes. It won’t be easy.
Well, the workshop is in the woods anyways.
Let’s just go through the Dark Forest now.
It is dangerous, but it can’t be worse than the camp.
I agree…
Is there a path in the woods that goes south?
Haha! Ah, sweet Noin… So blissfully naïve…
Obviously, the frightful beast can guide us through safely.
Ahh… Since they live in the Dark Forest, they must know their way around.
I deserve a kiss!
Sounds like a plan!
Let’s go to the Hidden Village first.

While Poe was displaying a frightening amount of competence, Iris was continuing her forays into alchemy.

What is it, Iris?
These are Animal Cookies. Where did you get them?
I made it.
Wow! You’re getting good at this.
Do you want to eat it?
Well, they look tasty, but they taste bad. Eating them is not a good idea.
Really? But, I wanted to eat them with you.
That’s very kind of you. But we shouldn’t.
Then, please take them.
Thank you…
System Message: Received [Animal Cookies]!

Viese continued to be impressed at how quickly Iris picked up alchemy.

You’re making all sorts of things now. Is anyone teaching you?
No. I do it all by myself.
But, where did you learn it?
From watching you, naturally.
Really…? You really are very talented, Iris.
I will work hard and make other things.
That’s great! I’m looking forward to it.
Okay, bye bye.
How can she learn so much just form watching me…?

Next time we’ll see what happened when Felt and his friends returned to the Dark Forest.