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Part 33: Chapter Thirty-Two: So You Want A Revolution?

They reached the sleepy village of Alha, where the Bomb Artist was supposed to live. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found.

Young Girl: Oh, you must mean my dad.
My dad went somewhere. He hasn’t come back yet.
And, I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon.
I see…
Young Girl: I’m sorry. Please come back later.

They wouldn’t get a chance to just wait for the man, though.

Man: How did they attack the fort?
Guy: They attacked the fort from the north side.
Since neither Galahad nor Chaos are there, Simsilt is winning the battle…
It’s only a matter of time before one of them comes back…
This is serious.
Then, we have to hurry to Fort Zeyung.
Can we really, Felt?
We can’t leave Max to do this himself, can we?
You can’t just leave him to do this on his own…!
That’s right.
To get to Fort Zeyung, we have to pass by the South Lake Midgard and turn west.
I don’t know what you’re saying but let’s go!
Viese, I don’t want to make you worry about me…
But if I don’t help now, I know I’ll always regret it.

They were hurrying, but still Felt stopped when he encountered something very strange indeed.

They quickly reached the Fort, and as expected the southern approach had only a token guard.

Considering Simsilt’s plan, the main battle is from the north side.
So, the Empire doesn’t have enough troops to guard this side, too.
Then, let’s enter through this side.
We’ll be attacking the Empire from both sides.
Right. This is a great tactic.
Okay! Let’s go already!

They found it impossible to link up with Max through the fighting, however.

Then, let’s help them out!
Noin! Wait!
Wait?! But we have to help them now!
I understand your concern for Simsilt…
But, we can’t win this battle simply by fighting the enemy soldiers.
Then, how…?
We have to fight through the less guarded areas to reach the commander.
Once he’s defeated, the Imperial soldiers will scatter and retreat.
Great. Now we just have to find the commander…
With this fort, that’ll be easy.
Oh, because he’d want to be at the top, safely watching the battle.
Exactly. He must be up there.
Okay, then let’s go!

Oblivious to their dangerous situation, Viese had finished work on a powerful recipe for medicine they had found in Alha Village.

This medicine is pretty strong, so it’ll work great as long as he doesn’t go into an extremely dangerous place.
Felt, I wish you weren’t pushing yourself so hard.
…I better send it now.
Viese? Are you home?
Yes. Please come in.
How are you doing? Are you helping Felt?
Well, I just made a new item, but I don’t know if Felt appreciates them. I haven’t heard from him.
When it comes to guys, no news is good news. I’m sure he loves them.
I hope so. Ah haha, heh…
Felt is really lucky to have someone like you caring for him.
Please stop. Why are you talking like this?
Because… I couldn’t protect him.
Protect who…?
A long time ago, I made a pact with an alchemist. We never left each other’s side.
Wow! I didn’t know that. I thought you had always owned your shop…
But the alchemist became seriously ill.
He knew how to make the medicine that would cure him, but he couldn’t make it from his bed…
I also knew about the medicine, but it was very difficult tot make. Besides, I wasn’t an alchemist.

This at least did explain Melona’s earlier sentiments.

I was hoping my shop would allow me to help others.
But, you are helping people! Everyone comes to your shop, including me!
…Thank you. I’m glad you feel that way.
Do your best to help Felt. I’m sure he’ll return the favor.
That is, if you consider him swinging his sword a favor.
Bye bye.

This new advance was also timely, as they had reached the top of the fort.

Video- “Taking the Fort”

Watch the Story Unfold

Commander: There’s too many enemies inside the fort! If they keep coming…
Soldier: Hey, who are you?!
Commander: Uh, by any chance, can they already be up here?!
Are you the commander of this fort?
Do we really need to ask?

The fort’s Commander was indeed there.

Boss Battle: General and Elite Guards
This isn’t a super hard battle, as I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear. Focus on killing the healers and the guard up front, then the General. Stack a big Combo if you can, this is a very valuable fight.

And swiftly fell to the power of their assault.

Your commander was defeated by the Simsilt!
There’s no more reason for you to fight!

The soldiers ran from the room and soon the news had spread throughout the Fort.

Soldier: Re-Retreat!

They had only to find Max now.

See? This was the quickest way to win the battle.
Well, it was the least bloody, I’ll say that.
We can just leave him there, right?
Yeah. I’m sure Max and the rest can handle it from here.
Hey, this guy dropped something.
It’s a visa to get through East Regenbogen.
With this, we can pass through the blockade into Riesevelt.
Then we’ll just have to keep it. Sorry, man.
System Message: Received [Visa]!
Are Max and the others okay?
Let’s make sure.

Max and Hagel were at the north gate. Max was about as far from Felt’s name as he could be this time.

Video- “Max”

Watch the Story Unfold

Noin! Gray! And, uh, Klein!
Are you alright?
Yes, I’m fine. Luckily, the Imperial Army made a rushed retreat.
All thanks to me, bro!
It was I, Flashbang Poe, who single-handedly defeated their general!
Poe! You’re such a liar!
Ha ha ha!
Anyways, you guys did great!
And thank you, Poe. All of Simsilt is grateful to you, except Noin.
Klein, Noin, Gray, thank you for your help, too.
It would’ve haunted me forever if you had died.
And of course Fee…
You remembered my name?!
I have something to tell you.
Will you meet with me in private later?
Awesome. Okay everyone!
There may still be some Imperial soldiers hiding in the fort. Go find ‘em.

They weren’t going to have to go find anyone, though.

Without their great leader, Galahad’s army is quite pathetic.
Return to Riesevelt, and do not say a word.
Soldier: Sir?!
Just go to Riesevelt and fortify the guards.
Oh, and Theodore…
I can’t even begin to imagine what he’d do if he finds out about this…
What are you going to do, Chaos?
I shall handle this.
By yourself?!
I trust you know why I am known as the Lightning Blade.
Fine. I won’t waste my time here.
I shall prove that I am the Lightning Blade…

Trouble was coming for them.