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Part 34: Chapter Thirty-Three: The Power of Exzanosis

It was inevitable that, as they returned to the fort, Felt and his allies would encounter Chaos.

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Simsiltian: It’s the Lightning Blade! Chaos is here!

The power of the Crimson Azoth was more than the normal troops could withstand.

I can beat a hundred of them…
Ah, I didn’t expect to find you among them.
What? A challenge from an amateur Azoteer?
No, let me handle this.
Or am I too pathetic for the Lightning Blade?
Very well. I shall enjoy crushing Simsilt, once and for all.


Hmph. Is that all? I’ve had enough!

If that didn’t work, how about this?!

Max had unleashed the secret technique of the Slaith Royal Family.

That looked just like Fee’s attack…!
That move is the Ein Zecksclaw…
I see. So you are an heir of the Slaith family…
You showed your hand too early, Chaos.
You should always save your best trick for last!
Heh, heh, heh…

Unfortunately, Chaos was far from finished.

Crimson Azoth: Yes, my master—
We must stop this!
Th—This is…
I believe you were saying something about… your last trick.
You should be proud. My last trick immortalizes you in stone!

And so they were thrown once again into battle with the Lightning Blade, Chaos.

Video- “Chaos”

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I already told you, you can’t possibly beat me!
Please body! You must move!
You too possess the Slaith family move, Ein Zecksclaw!
Ein Zecksclaw?!
Azure Azoth: Felt! This is your chance!

Boss Battle: Chaos
This is basically exactly the same Chaos we fought earlier, except we’re higher level and have a full party. This means we’ve actually got a shot. This fight actually would have been seriously hard if he had just a little more health, because he is quite threatening at times. He’ll use Crimson Ambition at about two-thirds health remaining, which buffs all of his stats and makes him immune to elemental damage. Even worse, it’s a Time Effect so it’ll keep coming back. Once it comes up things will slow down a lot. You’re only going to Break him if you have him right at the very edge of the gauge, otherwise he’ll just laugh it off. If you can get him Broken, unleash something like Raging Strike to do massive damage.

With much of his power depleted by Exsanosis, Chaos was forced to withdraw.

Video- “The Slaith Heir”

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Felt, just remember that it was luck that won this battle for you.

They took Max up to the commander center of the fort.

Azure Azoth: However, he will be fully fossilized soon.
Can’t we do something to stop it?!
Azure Azoth: There is no known remedy…
Felt, do not worry about me.
I know that my legacy will go on.
Fee, are you here?
Yes, I’m here.
Please listen carefully. This is the truth.
After seeing you do the Ein Zecksclaw, there is no more doubt.
Fee, your real name is Audrey.

Now this is an extremely unlikely turn of events, but it turns out the mysterious orphan was secretly royalty.

I’ve been looking for you for a long time. It is why I formed Simsilt.
I began to think you may already be dead.
The Ein Zecksclaw is a secret technique passed down through the royal family.
Traditionally, it is drawn from the Legin’s Wing after the Coronation.
But that’s not important. What matters is that only Audrey and I can use it.
In the end… I was able to find my long lost sister.
I couldn’t be happier…
Yes, Max?
Please… protect me… sister… Audrey…

And with that, the mighty leader of the Simsilt turned to stone.

While they’d taken the fort, everything was in chaos.

I was wondering that myself.
First, we should settle into Fort Zeyung.
This fort is much more ideal for a headquarters than our camp.
We should be able to hold off the Empire here, even without Max.
Max is gone…
Simsiltian: Morale is at an all time low.
What do you expect.
Our leader’s just been turned into a statue.
Has anyone seen Fee…

He found her by the north entrance to the fort.

Ah, here you are.
All my life, I’ve been an orphan.
In exchange for raising me, I devoted my life to the church.
Now all of a sudden, I’m from the royal family?
I’m a princess who disappeared 12 years ago?
I… just can’t believe it…!
I won’t believe it until I talk to Mother Eizlen.
Felt, will you come with me, please?
Of course.
You had me at orphan.

They headed back to Altena Church.

Video- “The Truth”

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Hello, Fee. How may I help you?
I have a question that I must ask you…
I knew this day would come…
12 years ago, when the Empire invaded Riesevelt…
Your nanny brought you to this church in her blood-soaked arms.
To hide you from the Empire’s gaze…
I raised you here, as a common orphan in this church.
Well, that’s not completely true…
But, you were so cute, I couldn’t bear to let you go.
Mother Eizlen…!
I knew it was wrong to hide the truth from you…
But, I knew it would be easier for me to wait until you figured it out by yourself…
I am sorry, Fee.
Mother Eizlen…!
What should I do now?

Eizlen had a good suggestion for her, if a dangerous one.

My place of birth?
The capital of the Slaith Dynasty, Riese Palace.
It currently serves as the Imperial garrison.

So, they returned to Zeyung with a newfound resolve.

What?! Why?
Fee’s going to find out about her past, and I want to help her.
Please forgive me for being selfish…
Riese Palace is the base for the Silvaresta Imperial Army.
They won’t just let you in the front door…
There has to be some way to get in there.
Ha. I can tell that nothing we say will convince you to stay.
You still got that visa from the commander?
Give it ta me. I’ll fix it so it looks extra official for ya.

Hagel fixed up the visa, though it wasn’t obvious what he had changed.

System Message: Received [Visa]!
Your name’s Fee, right?
Look, there’s no point in you hiding the truth.
You are Max’s sister, and the last survivor of the Slaith Royal Family.
We all support you.
Never forget that.
I’m getting used to this princess thing.
I hope that’s a good thing.
It’s time to go.
Be careful out there.

What happened in Riesevelt is a tale for another day, though.