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Part 36: Chapter Thirty-Five: The Bomb Artist

When they reached the Alha Village in search of the Bomb Artist, Mitsue was there waiting.

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Hello, Poeywoey.
My name is Mitsue. We met before in the Dark Woods…
We did? Hahaha.
Well, what are you doing here?
I still can’t go back to Zwital Village, so…
I came here to see the Bomb Artist myself.
He’s in the barn over there. Why don’t you go in and talk to him?
We will. Thank you.

The Bomb Artist was indeed in.

Pops: I heard you were the hero of the Battle of Zeyung!
I’m no hero…
Pops: Yeah, yeah. So, what does a hero want from me?
Ah. You want a powerful bomb that can clear big rocks…
Yeah. I have a Mega Flame, but it can’t destroy the really big rocks.
So, I need an even stronger bomb.
Pops: Hmm. Let me see this Mega Flame of yours.
I can make you another bomb just like it, but with a lot more power.

The Bomb Artist was quite surprised to see Felt’s bomb.

Pops: This isn’t an ordinary bomb.
This bomb looks like it was made with alchemy.
You can tell?
Pops: Oh, yeah!
Well, I’ve dabbled with it…
Ah ha, that’s interesting… I see how this works.
But, I’ll need you to help with the alchemy, Felt.
Can you do that for me?
Well, I’m really more of an alchemy apprentice, but…
I’ll do whatever I can to help.
I’m going to get some fresh air.
Okay, but don’t go too far.
Yeah yeah.

Poe had some very bad habits indeed.

Let’s get married!
Your beautiful voice, you warm, symmetrical uh… smile! I love everything about you!
But, we just met…
I see you every night in my dreams.
We have plenty of time to get to know each other afterward.
My passionate heart demands our matrimony!
But, I… I’m not ready for marriage…
Please forgive me!

One of the least of those was composing letters aloud.

I wonder when I’ll be able to give this letter to Viese.
Maybe if I use “inviting” instead of “symmetrical”…

Meanwhile, the Bomb Artist was finishing his work.

Pops: Sorry it’s just the plans, but you should be able to build your own off of this.
System Message: Received [My Ultimate Bomb]!
You now have the recipes for [Tera Flame] and [Dragon Gem]!
Pops: I also added some other recipes I thought you might like.
Thank you, for everything.
Pops: Don’t mention it.

Felt had a very real concern about what had just happened, though he didn’t have all of the facts he’d need yet.

What’s wrong?
After seeing his work…
I’m sure he knows a lot about alchemy.
So, what are you saying?
Is the Bomb Artist really an alchemist?
No, but he knows something.

They left it to Viese to create the new bombs. She started with the Dragon Gem, which calls a dragon to repeatedly barrage an enemy with fire.

Now we can summon an ancient dragon to attack for us.
I wanna see, I wanna see!
Okay, here.
Is that little thing in there the dragon?
Hmm, let me see…
…It doesn’t look very strong.
I wonder how strong it is.
We’ll have to ask Felt after he uses it.

This was just a warm up to the main event.

I just wish we could live in a world where such items aren’t needed…
I really have to give this to Felt.
Viese, may I have a word with you?
Yes, absolutely.
Ah, I had a feeling you were making a Tera Flame.
yes, I thought Felt might need it.
Your alchemy skills are rapidly improving. I’m very proud of you.
Ha ha, haaa… Yeah…
You know, I wonder what Felt is doing right now.
Yeah, me too… He doesn’t write that often…
I used to dream about going to Belkhyde. I used to check the gate everyday.
Kreuz? You were just like Felt?
Well, I never pulled the Azoth out of the ground. I didn’t want to go on a crusade. I just wanted to see Belkhyde.
But… the Belkhyde Gate never opened for me.
So, I’ve started looking for books with stories about Belkhyde.
But, there aren’t that many in Eden, and the details are sketchy, at best.
I want Felt to tell me all about Belkhyde when he comes back.
I’ll let him know!
You should give Felt that dangerous bomb as soon as possible.
Be careful, Viese.

Felt traveled around a bit to some of the ancient lithographs he’d seen earlier on the way to Tatalia.

It seemed there was indeed a new area that was discovered in the Desert Ruins.

Tatalian: We’re exploring a new area in the Desert Ruin.
But, we can’t open the door at the end.
We’re heading back to Tatalia for now.
Go ahead and see for yourself. Just, be careful, okay?

The door that had previously barred them was gone now, though a strange air of danger emanated from the new area.

Azure Azoth: The seal for this door is still intact.
I believe it operates in accordance with the other workshops.
There must be another workshop behind this door.
The air feels weird here.
I agree…
Let’s be careful from here on.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Ghosts of Tatalia
Okay, this place actually sort of sucks. It’s full of powerful enemies who are immune to physical attacks and often absorb certain elements as well. Felt and Poe’s normal attacks are magical, which helps a lot.

And at the depths they found the Workshop.

Video- “Workshop of Light”

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Then, I’ll get to work.
Please wait here, everyone.
We always do…

This one was for the Crystal Monument, the Light Mana’s holy ground.

Azure Azoth: This one appears to have sustained minimum damage…
Then, this should do it.
Azure Azoth: The Light Mana’s holy ground should now be restored…
Felt… There is a matter I must discuss with you.
Well, what is it?
Azure Azoth: It is about the Crimson Azoth and its wielder.
Do you remember that skill he used in battle at the fort?
The skill that turned Max to stone.
Azure Azoth: Exzanosis…
I am still confounded at its implementation.
What do you mean?
Azure Azoth: That skill requires the use of matter modulation.
An advanced alchemy technique that the Azoth’s creator excelled at.
There are no effective defenses against it.
Other than avoiding that technique, of course.
I see…
Azure Azoth: Nevertheless, the time to face them is near.
You must be prepared for that encounter.
I understand.

They returned to the others.

Thanks for waiting, everyone. We better go.

Next time we’ll see what happened at the Crystal Monument.