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Part 38: Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Coronation

With the ability to clear the giant rock out of the way, they could finally push on to Zwital Village.

This is the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce for the entire Belkhyde region.
Then, there must be a lot of treasure in that chamber!
Let’s find that treasure!

As they all ignored Poe’s stunning ignorance, Felt found someone to ask about the local ruins.

Cat Ear Lady: Ruins?
We heard there was a ruin from the Slaith Dynasty in this area…
Cat Ear Lady: Oh, you must be talking about that creepy place.
You’ll find it deep in the Dark Woods, south from here.
But, very few people go down there.
I highly recommend you visit the Dark Spring. Just head east.
We appreciate it, but we didn’t come to sightsee.
Cat Ear Lady: Oh… That’s too bad.
But if you have some time, you really should go out to the Dark Spring!
Every girl in Zwital Village dreams of going there.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Commerce in Zwital
There are a lot of merchants here, and they sell all sorts of cool stuff. The first merchant sells ‘fairy goods’ which includes a recipe for the Fairy Tea we need to grow the highest tier of plants. It also has two types of Dark Fairy clothes, which are Poe only accessories that are also part of some crazy bullshit alchemy loops we could use to totally break the game. They’re incredibly expensive so we’re not buying those right now. A second merchant has two recipes involving death. The first is the Altena Jar, which is a full revive we can’t quite make yet, and the second is the Quicksilver Ankh. This will give people the skill Guts, which does what its name suggests and saves them from death. There’s a third merchant here who sells the mana crystals for quite a lot of money, though given the cores they produce permanently raise stats it’s worth it in the endgame.

Viese created the Fairy Tea Felt had purchased a recipe for.

Mmm. It smells delicious.
Delicious…? It smells like grass to me.
I wanna drink it.
But this is a Fairy drink. I don’t think Humans should drink it.
…I guess it can’t be that bad for us.
Okay, we’ll try a little bit…
Ugh! It’s way too bitter.
It’s yummy.
What?! Iris! You like this?!
Yes, it’s very delicious.
Are you alright?

Even as she worked they headed into the deepest reaches of the Dark Forest to find the Slaith crypt.

It smells pretty bad, don’t you think?
This is the perfect place for the Coronation ritual. Aren’t you excited?
Yes. Let’s go.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Slaith Crypt
This is an interesting dungeon, it’s full of teleporters that send you to different areas. Some of them are fortunately considered to be part of the original area you came from as far as monsters, so the enemy gauge will empty out eventually. The enemies here are some of the nastiest seen so far, don’t show them utter contempt because there are a few groups that can be pretty dangerous.

At the deepest part of the Crypt, they found the place where the Coronation was to occur.

Video- “Coronation”

Watch the Story Unfold

Wait, this looks…
Wow, what is that?!

And the ancient guardian they were to battle.

I bet the test is to beat this ridiculously oversized thing.
Look out!

Boss Battle: Slaith’s Reincarnation
This guy is actually a valid challenge. At the start he’ll just use a mix of Divine Stun, which does lightning damage and knocks someone back, Furious Blow, a powerful single target attack, and Ein Zecksclaw, which will hit everyone hard. What makes this tricky, though, is that when his health goes down a bit he’ll use a Time Effect that summons in Guardians. These little guys use a relatively weak attack that also debuffs your Defense, making you much more vulnerable to the real boss. The upshot is that unlike the boss they’re very easy to Break, which lets you build a big chain on him and get massive rewards at the end. Just keep it together and it’ll eventually go down, use Felt’s Mana Weapon skill to do massive damage to the boss if you’ve got it.

After a mighty battle the machine fell silent.

Hmm? What is this?
System Message: Received [Slaith Crown]!
This must be the proof of royalty.
So, you had to earn the crown to learn the family battle skills…
With the crown, you can use the Ein Zecksclaw attack, right?
I suppose.
Wow, what is that?!
System Message: Fee learned the skill [Ein Zecksclaw]!
Alright, let’s go.

Next time, we’ll see how they found the final workshop.