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Part 39: Chapter Thirty-Eight: Poe Is An Idiot Edition

The coronation complete, they just needed to find the final Workshop. As it turned out, this wouldn’t be quite so easy as they’d like.

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Cat Ear Lady: Only grooms are allowed to enter.
This isn’t good.
According to the map, the workshop is in there…
It wouldn’t be right to force our way inside.
We can’t do anything about it right now. Let’s just come back later.

It turned out they wouldn’t have to initiate some sort of farcical fake marriage, because Poe’s chickens were about to come home to roost, in a proverbial sense.

Wh-Who are you?
I’m Mitsue. Did you forget me already?
Oh, Mitsue! Of course! You’re Mitsue…
Where do I know you from?
I thought about it a lot… And, my answer is… YES!
Yes? To what?
…To our marriage, silly.
When did you ever go around proposing for marriage?
You’re such a lady’s fairy, Poe.
I never even had the time to propose!
Oh, yes you did!!
You said, “Let’s get married,” in such a passionate and manly tone!!
This… can’t be… true…
Don’t worry about it, Poe.
She’s probably mixed you up with some other fairy. Happens all the time. Just marry her.
Are you nuts!
There’s a ton of girls lined up to marry me. A fairy needs options.

Poe, as an idiot, did not seem to get that he was never, ever going to get a better girl than this.

You’re so cruel…
According to custom, our wedding ceremony will be held at the Dark Spring.
Please come back after the preparation ritual.
Preparation ritual?
In Zwital, the groom must enter the cave and bring proof of his love back to his bride.
That is known as the groom’s trial.
You’re in trouble now, Poe.
I’ll wait for you at the Dark Spring.
Please, come by as soon as possible, Poe!
Ha, you’re way too deep in it now, Poe.

They returned to the Spring, where Felt already had a cunning plan to gain access to the Workshop at Poe’s continued expense.

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Chief: Are you the young man who is marrying Mitsue?
Oh no! Not me!
This little guy is.
I’m not that little!
Chief: Aww, he’s so tiny…
Ahem, Poe, to prove your love for Mitsue…
You must enter this cave and retrieve the Pigeon Blood.
In that cave…
Yeah. It’s the cave which should have a workshop.
This is great!
Um, excuse me… May I go with him on this trial?
You see, I’m the best man and the groom isn’t quite an adult yet…
So, I think he may need my help…
Chief: You do have a point…
Considering his size and stature… It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Look at how tiny he is.
Can we stop calling me tiny?!
Chief: It is settled. You may enter the cave with him.

Poe did not appreciate this much.

What was that for?!
I’ll never forgive you for treating me like a little kid!
Come on… I’m sorry.
I just did it so that I could get in here to repair the workshop.
Yeah right!
I’ll show you all by getting the Pigeon Blood in record time!

They set out and did indeed quickly find the Pigeon Blood in question. It was a blood red stone.

This must be the Pigeon Blood!
But, there’s two of them.
You know what they say, two is better than one.
I’ll take them both.

The workshop was a bit farther in.

Yeah, this is it.
Okay, Poe, do you mind waiting here for me?
I don’t have much choice. But, don’t take too long.

The Dark Mana’s holy ground was sustained by this workshop.

Azure Azoth: It appears this workshop sustains the Dark Mana’s holy ground.
What is the matter now, Felt?
Huh? Oh…
I was just wondering why anyone would go to such lengths to create Eden.
Why was it necessary to isolate alchemy in the first place?
Azure Azoth: The Crimson Azoth filled the people with fear and panic.
Fear was the primary reason the people of Belkhyde desired to contain alchemy’s use.
Thus, the Gardo Continental Drive was created.
They gathered the best and brightest alchemists to develop the drive.
Alchemy created the Crimson Azoth…
But, it also created Eden…
Azure Azoth: ……
Eden has always been a peaceful world.
I’d like to believe that’s the true nature of alchemy…
But is that really the truth?
Azure Azoth: Ahhh…
I believe so, as well.
If only that person shared our beliefs, that tragedy never would have occurred.
That person?
Azure Azoth: Er, never mind. Come on. That insufferable Poe is still waiting for you.

He was indeed waiting outside most impatiently.

I’m sorry.
Let’s just go.

Having completed that ritual, it was time for Poe to face a far greater ordeal.

Video- “Poe Is An Idiot”

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Chief: Have you brought the Pigeon Blood back to us?
Yeah, yeah. This is what you wanted, right?
System Message: Gave away [Pigeon Blood].
Chief: You brought two of them. Good job.
Alright, we are now ready to begin the wedding ceremony of Mitsue and Poe!
Do you, Mitsue, promise to love, honor and cherish the groom forever?
Chief: Do you, Poe, promise to love, honor and cherish the bride forever?
Just say yes already!
Your bride is waiting!
You know I hate both of you!
Chief: Mr. Groom, we need an answer.
Yeah, yeah, I promise!
Chief: Great! Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.
I shall now give each of you the Pigeon Blood, the proof of your love for each other.
Keep it safe and let it always remind you of your beautiful wedding.
System Message: Received [Pigeon Blood].
Chief: I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Felt and his allies attempted to seize upon this opportunity, but Poe wouldn’t have it.

I’ve never been so sad in my entire life!
What do you plan to do now?
Oh! You can’t come with us anymore. You’re a newlywed now.
She’s right, you know…
What do you mean? Of course I’m coming with you!
Tell that to her…
My cooking’ll cheer up Poeywoey for sure!
This is bad!
Uh, Mitsue, honey, I have to go with these guys.
But, we’re supposed to be together forever…
I know, honey, but these guys can’t do anything without my help.
I promise, I’ll come right back when this mission is over.
You mean it?
Absolutely. I swear upon the Pigeon Blood, the symbol of our love!
…Okay. I know you’ll do what is right.
…See, no problem!
If it’s a hassle, you don’t have to come with us.
What, and stay here?!
Now that I’m married…
It is my sacred duty as a husband to have affairs all over the world!

It should be noted that Poe continually worked hard at being the dumbest individual in Belkhyde.

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With the workshops repaired, it was time to consider their next move.

Azure Azoth: All of the effected areas of Eden should now be restored.
That means…
Yes. Eden should be safe from now on.
Azure Azoth: We should return to Gardo to confirm our success.
I also want to tell Mother Eizlen about my Coronation.
Then it’s decided. Let’s go to Altena Church.

Meanwhile, things were developing in Riesevelt.

I… was injured in Zeyung. So I had to lay low for awhile.
I had to wait for my wounds to heal.
Why am I not surprised?
So, why are you here?
I’m on my way to see Theodore, so I don’t have much time.
I just decided to resign from the Imperial Army.
Theodore would never allow that…
Oh, he did after I showed him this.
After all, narcissism is the greatest of his many flaws.
So, what’s the plan now?
I’m simply retiring to pursue my true passion.
Though, you really ought to worry about yourself, rather than about me.
Yeah… Right…

It would still be a bit before the situation in Riesevelt was dealt with, though. Felt and his friends had returned to the Altena Church.

What are we waiting for? Let’s go inside!
Oh, right.
Mother Eizlen.
Welcome back, Fee.
I found out all about my true heritage.
I can see that.
I discovered that I’m an orphan from this church.
I am Fee, a member of the Altena Church, not some royal layabout.
I oppose the Silvaresta Empire because of their abuse toward the people.
The Slaith blood inside me defines what I am.
And the crown on my head defines what I do.
But only I can define who I am.
Your determination and courage are truly commendable.
I have no doubt you will restore Slaith rule to the people.
Thank you.

This rather led to something Felt had left to do.

Don’t worry, we will. Right, Felt?

They returned to Yuveria to see how things were in Eden.

Has Eden been restored?
Azure Azoth: I surmise the situation has been resolved…
You are correct.
Small damage still exists, however that will be recovered over time.
The city is no longer in danger of collapse.
So, Eden is safe now.
Correct. Do not concern yourself with that, Master Felt.
Woohoo! We did it!
Yes. You did it, Felt.
Thank you, everyone.
I must perform one final adjustment…
After that, you may return to Eden.
Return to Eden!
That’s right. Now that Eden’s safe, Felt can go home.
And why wouldn’t he go? He’s got a girl waiting for him.
I told you, Viese isn’t like that.
…What shall you do?

And since Eden was fine, Felt was free to deal with some unfinished business.

There’s still one thing I have to do.
Azure Azoth: ……
Then I shall prepare for your return.
Thank you.
Let’s go back to Zeyung.
It’s time for the final battle between Simsilt and the Empire.

Felt sent Viese a letter explaining what was going on.

After Yuveria makes some final adjustments, I’ll be ready to come home, but there’s still a few things I have to do in Belkhyde first. Please tell Kreuz that Eden is all safe and sound now.
I’m going to help Fee and the others in their final battle against the Empire. It’s going to be a fierce battle. I don’t know how it will turn out. But, I will keep my promise and return to Eden. Please believe in me, and wait just a little longer.

Viese was of course quite happy to hear this.

Felt saved Eden. There’s nothing left to worry about.
…What’s wrong?
I have to report this to Kreuz.
Will you be okay here all by yourself, Iris? I’ll be right back, I promise.

But in her enthusiasm, she failed to notice something of serious concern…