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Part 41: Chapter Forty: The Elixir

Viese had made a pact with Aion, the Life Mana, but still needed the rare and mysterious Dore Water to create the Elixir she needed to save Iris. So she hurried to the Crystal Monument, where the Yugdore Trees could be found.

But I have to go to save Iris!
Felt… Give me the courage…!
Whew… I barely made it…
But, I better get going.

The Dore Water collects at the base of a Yugdore Tree.

This is Dore Water… It’s so beautiful…
But Iris is waiting. I have to hurry back now.

Viese hurried back to her Workshop.

I’m okay.
Oh, Iris…
Why are you trying so hard to prove you’re alright? You don’t have to worry about anything.
I… don’t want you to have to work so hard, just for me.
But, I don’t mind working hard for your sake.
…But, I’m not really your sister…
Even though we’re not related by blood, you are my family now!
I can’t just abandon you while you’re sick like this!
The Elixir will help you right away. Please, stay in bed until I’ve finished it.
Huh?! Sleeping like that, Iris reminds me of someone. Where have I seen that face before?
Oh well, I guess it’s not important…

Viese got everything set up to begin the synthesis.

That girl, Iris… Is she your daughter?
What?! No!
Why do you ask?
On, no reason… I can just feel a weird power that I won’t get closer to…
Nuh uh.
You might not be able to feel it because you’re just a human.
The power I feel is usually only present and detectable by Mana…
But, I could be wrong.

And was able to create the Elixir with relative ease at that point.

Video- “Iris”

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Now to get her to drink it!
How is it…?
…You’re starting to look better.
Aion, thank you.
?! Iris?
What did you say?

Viese began to think back a bit.

Huh?! Sleeping like that, Iris reminds me of someone. Where have I seen that face before?
Oh well, I guess it’s not important…

And realized whose face Iris’ reminded her of.

Huh, Viese…
Oh, I’m sorry I woke you up. Please rest a little while longer.
Oh, and I better go tell Kreuz what’s going on.

Viese’s friends had gathered to see how things were going.

Is she still feeling sick?
Thanks to all of you, she’s starting to look and feel better.
That’s great! I was so worried about her.
I’m going to Eden Temple to let Kreuz know how she’s doing.
Finally! I’m so relieved.

Kreuz was quite impressed that she succeeded in creating an Elixir.

Viese. You came.
I think Iris is going to be fine now.
But, what would’ve happened without the elixir…
Alchemy is amazing.
No, Viese. You’re wrong.
It was your hard work that saved Iris. You are amazing, not alchemy.
…I’m very proud of you.
I’ll stop by to check on Iris later. You should watch over her ‘til then.
I will.
Bless us, Lilith.

Viese couldn’t help but stop by the historical society on the way home, though.

It still bothers me.
Hmm, I still say she looks just like Iris… Maybe it’s just me.
Here you are. I stopped by your workshop, but you weren’t home.
I’m sorry. Something’s been bothering me.
I checked on Iris. She looks fine now.
That’s good… Thank you for everything.
Is that a relief of Lilith?
I wonder where Iris really came from.
…I sensed there was something unusual about her when I first met her.
Something supernatural…
I thought she might be like a Mana or something.
Thank you very much.
What will you do now?
Whatever happens, Iris is still Iris. She’ll always be my sister now.
I’m going to take care of her until she’s better.
I’m going back to my workshop.
She still needs you, Viese.
Please stay by her side.
I will.

Iris was feeling all better by the time she got home.

I’m glad… Really glad… Really, really glad…
Iris looks fine to me.
Yeah, there’s nothing to worry about now.
I’m so happy!
I guess I don’t have to worry anymore. Oh, and I bought you a gift.
Oh, thank you. And… Thank you everybody.
Oh, and I have to tell Felt all about it.
I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written, Felt.
Iris had a really high fever, so I’ve been busy taking care of her.

Meanwhile, back in Belkhyde, the final battle against the Empire was brewing.

Video- “The Final Battle”

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Soldier: And, your shipment from Silvaresta has arrived…
It’s here? I’ve been waiting forever to get it!
Soldier: But, can such a massive giant be effective?
It was designed by Silvaresta’s finest alchemy researchers. For their sake, it better work.
And, it’s the ideal defender.
It’s certainly far superior than buffoons like Galahad!
Soldier: ……

Galahad, meanwhile, was outside the palace.

Some may think you’re grasping at straws for your own protection…

The Simsilts were gathered at Fort Zeyung to prepare for the final battle.

Our organization has grown so large, it takes time to organize us all.
Do we really have that many?
Many have joined after hearing that we’re led by a Slaith princess.
We now have 3 to 4 times as many people than we ever had before.
Whether you like it or not, you’re now in charge of Simsilt.
I will do my best.
Simsiltian: Reporting!
The Imperial forces in Riesevelt are gathering at Riese Palace.
Riese Palace…
Theodore must be trying to protect himself.
What are we gonna do?
Simsiltian: You are our leader. We trust your decisions.
Then we will storm Riese Palace.
What? Now?
Yes, now.
If we don’t go now, we may never get another shot.
This is our best chance. We know exactly where Theodore is.

Gray agreed with Fee’s plan.

It’s the right call.
We’ll go as soon as we’re ready.
We’ll be ready when you are.
This may be the final battle of the Simsilts. There’s no turning back now. It’s all or nothing.
So, please be prepared.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Another Alchemy Loop
I make use of a loop I normally don’t here, which is the Eden Outfit/Silver Armor/Slaith Dress. This is not a particularly overpowered loop, it mainly lets us stack defensive bonuses and weak elemental damage on our attacks. You need to grow the bushes in the Great Desert for the Desert Flowers to make the Slaith Dresses. We needed to go there anyway for this:

They were finished preparations to attack, all that was left was to do it.