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Part 42: Chapter Forty-One: Storming the Castle, Part 1

The time had come to finish things in Belkhyde.

Video- “Storming Riesevelt”

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We’ll cross East Regenbogen to enter Riesevelt.
Once inside, our main forces will take the Palace. The new guys take the Lighthouse.
Who will lead the main forces?
I will.
I’ll coordinate our forces so they can fight effectively.
We’ll protect you, Fee.
You know me. I love watching your back!
You won’t get a scratch with us around!
…Yeah, what they said.
I’ll try my best ta help, as well.
Now that sounds like a plan. Let’s go liberate Riesevelt!

They rallied the troops by the south exit of Zeyung.

For I am Audrey, the servant of the people!

And they began their push across the Regenbogen bridge.

We can do it!
Soldier: Where do you think you’re going?
We are Simsiltians. We are sneaking in to Riesevelt to remove Theodore from power.
You’d better step aside or you might get hurt!

The Imperial opposition was light at first.

No! He got away!
Maybe I shouldn’t have told him all that. He’s going to alert the palace.
Then we better get there first.
Soldier: Who goes there?

But got heavier as they approached the city.

If we take them out now, they won’t mess with us later.
Yeah, he’s not going anywhere for a while.

The Imperials tried to charge cavalry through them with little avail.

Don’t give up! We’re stronger than you think!
We’re almost there. Keep going!

And eventually they reached the forward command.

We’re only after Theodore. Please step aside.
Soldier: I can’t do that!
Why are you defending Theodore?
Soldier: For the sake of my wife and children back in Silvaresta. I must fulfill my duties…
Nothing personal, but we all have our duties to perform.
We will defeat Theodore!

The palace gates were unguarded.

Video- “Outside the Palace”

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My name is Audrey!
Audrey Zeckzen Slaith!
The 16th successor of the Slaith Dynasty!
Imperial Consul Theodore! Can you hear me?!
You should never throw my name around lightly!
Well, well, you certainly are a cute rebel.
Do you remember the man you sentenced to die at this very spot?
The man I sentenced?
An, you must be referring to that scoundrel, Max…

What you are doing is simply exploiting the weak! It is pure greed!
Even if I should fall, someone will succeed my legacy and restore the Slaith Dynasty!

The Slaith Royal Family has found you guilty of oppression.
How amusing. Come right in.
The palace door is always open.
After all, how far can a pitiful band of rebels led by a kitten get?
Gang way!
His cowardice will rear its head soon! Let’s go!

While the main force engaged the Empire, they moved around to deal with trouble spots.

Adventurer: Oh, Audrey!
We’re fighting our way to Theodore, but…
There are more soldiers here than we planned. The battles are tough.
So, the Imperial soldiers are reinforcing the palace. This isn’t going to be easy.
What should we do?
Adventurer: It’s dangerous, but if we only had some support for our soldiers in each position…
Then that’s what we’ll do.
Adventurer: Thank you, your highness.

On the left of the courtyard a holding action was going on, as the main thrust was on the right.

Simsiltian: Our troops are concentrated on the other side. Enter from that direction!
…Okay. I’ll leave this side to you.
Felt, leave this to them. We’ll just go around.

Even there, though, they were having issues.

Hey, aren’t we being pushed back?
Simsiltian: Audrey.
It looks like we’re struggling.
Simsiltian: Yes. We need reinforcements.
If we could just get some more Simsiltians from other parts of the palace…
Alright. I’ll find some for you.
Just keep fighting here.

They found their first assistant nearby.

We’ll help you!
Simsiltian: Whoa, thanks…
Thanks for the help. I’ll find some way to replay you when this is all over.
Huh, you must be okay if you’re this happy.
We need more help in the courtyard. Will you help us?
Simsiltian: Sure.
I’ll see you there. It’s a date!
A date?
Experienced soldiers will face impossible odds if they have hopes to fight for.
That hope he has for you might save lives. Remember that.

The next was the man up front.

Adventurer: Just catching my breath.
Ha, it looks like there’s still a lot of fight left in you.
Sorry to keep you busy, but we need some help in the courtyard. Will you help us?
Adventurer: Sure, I’m on my way!
Oh, young man!
There’s still work to be done after this battle. Our goal goes beyond this fight.
Don’t be in such a rush to die!
Adventurer: I won’t!

They found another soldier in trouble on the other side.

We’ll back you up!
Simsiltian: Thank you for your help, Audrey.
Are you okay?
Simsiltian: I’m fine, thanks to you.
Our main force is struggling in the courtyard. Can you help them?
Simsiltian: Oh, absolutely!

And the last was one of Simsilt’s most experienced fighters.

The battle in the courtyard is getting fierce. We need your help.
Bully: It must be bad.
This must be the decisive moment.
You’re right. Will you help?
Bully: Of course. In the courtyard, right?

They had pushed the Imperials out of the courtyard after a great effort.

Simsiltian: Yes. And the scout troops have gone ahead to the 2nd floor.
Scout: Galahad! Galahad is here!
Ha, I knew he was somewhere!
Yes, this isn’t surprising to anyone who knows him.
If he’s going to stand in our way, we have no choice but to fight him.
It will be an interesting rematch.

Galahad was indeed waiting for them above.

Video- “Galahad”

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You must tell me something.
Why did you leave mom to suffer alone on her deathbed, just to go to war?
Didn’t you want to be by her side?
I set out on that journey, leaving you both…
Because it was your mother’s final wish.
Imperial soldiers are known for always being honest and brave.
Your mother wanted me to have that life.
The only reason I serve in the Imperial Army is because it was Ellen’s dream.
I shall be your opponent.
Do we have to fight?
You can’t have any doubts and win a fight!
Concentrate, Felt!

Boss Battle: Galahad
Galahad works pretty much the same way he did the first time. He’s got higher stats to make up for our higher levels. The main concern comes at low health when you’ve got to outdamage his healing while he’s buffed. Powerful single target moves are pretty vital.

Galahad was eventually defeated.

Go ahead. Theodore’s up in the consul’s room on the 3rd floor.
Fee; What? Should you be telling us that…?
I’m… no longer an Imperial soldier.
Theodore stripped me of my rank a few days ago.
I faithfully served the Empire for 12 years… And for what…?
I believe you have served honorably for your entire stint of your career.
Your wife should be proud of you as well.
Get going.
I didn’t waste the last 12 years of my life.
As long as Ellen is proud, it was all worth it.

There was still a long way to go to reach Theodore, however, and that is a tale for another day.