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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 44: Chapter Forty-Three: Crimson and Azure

Felt discovered Poe’s fate as he left Riesevelt.

Video- “Slouching Towards Chaos”

Watch Things Go Wrong

Hey, what are you doing here?
Oh, Felt! Save me!
This girl wants to drag me back to Zwital Village!
But, you promised me we’d be together forever after your mission was over!
You promised we’d live in Zwital Village from now on!
Sorry, Poe. I can’t help you here.
Besides, she looks like a good wife to me.
You see…
Attica! Attica!
Hush now, Poeywoey. Let’s go!

He had a much more jarring encounter in store towards the end of the bridge.

Are you okay?
Sister: Felt…
Felt? I’m Felt.
Sister: There’s an Imperial inside Altena Church…
Sister: Eizlen and Yuveria are in danger.
Please hurry…
Please hurry to Altena Church!

But he was far too late.

They must have thought this silly façade would conceal its true purpose…
Their carelessness will make this a lot easier.
I can’t let you pass through here.
If you don’t want to get hurt, you’d better step aside.
You can crush my body, but you’ll never crush my spirit!
In that case…
I have the perfect way to stop you from interfering!

By the time Felt arrived Eizlen was already fossilized.

Azure Azoth: This is Chaos’ handiwork.
We have to go inside!
Azure Azoth: If you don’t hurry, it will be too much.
We have to help Yuveria!

Even as they rushed to Gardo, Chaos was there.

I’m here to release Eden from its seal.
That would be most unwise…
You do not understand the true reason for Eden’s confinement.
The true reason?
I don’t need a history lesson.
All I need is the power of Mana and knowledge of alchemy.
I only need the power to save Rie.
That does not compute…
Just get out of my way.
There’s nothing you can do to stop me.
If you do not step aside, you will be destroyed.

By the time Felt arrived, Chaos had already struck the Gardo Continental Drive, which was sparking most ominously.

So, it’s the master of the Azure Azoth. Felt, was it?
You’re in my way. Kindly step aside…
I said, move!
We’re going to settle this!

And so began the showdown of Crimson and Azure.

Video- “Duel of Fate”

Watch the Battle

Azure Azoth: Palaxius!
Your tyranny will never come to fruition!
I made a promise! I will destroy the Crimson Azoth!

Boss Battle: Chaos
So, we’re dueling Chaos now. He’s got pretty much the same abilities he’s always had, and it’s basically a battle of attrition. We bring him down as best we can while staying healed, and eventually we’ll have the skill gauge to unleash awesome moves like Raging Strike and finish him off.

It seemed as though Felt had won…

Video- “Destruction”

Witness the Fate of All

I have no time to waste on the likes of you…
And, I have no intentions of losing!

But the treachery created by desperation cannot be underestimated.

Stand right there, Felt.
Azure Azoth: Coward!
Hmph, what a pity…
I will do anything to win… anything for Rie.
Azoth!! Exzanosis!
Crimson Azoth: Yes, my master—

And not even the Azure Azoth could stand against the power of Exzanosis.

Azure Azoth: I must stop the Crimson Azoth forever.
Farewell, Felt.
Crimson Azoth: Elusmus! Exzanosis didn’t…!
Azure Azoth: I cannot withstand the crimson power.
But, at least you two will…!
Crimson Azoth: Master, we must evacuate!
But, we’ve come so far…! We can’t give up!

Crimson Azoth: It is Gardo that has been damaged.
The seal will be broken in due time.
We must regain our energy.
Very well. We’ll return to our sanctuary.