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Part 45: Chapter Forty-Four: Retracing Your Steps

Weeks had gone by with no sign of Felt.

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You don’t look very happy.
Have you heard anything from Felt?
Not yet…
It’s been 3 weeks since I last heard from Felt.
I’m going to the Belkhyde Gate.
But… You went there yesterday.
I know… But, there might be something there…

Viese recalled when Felt had left, the promise he’d made.

Of course I am.
You have to. Do you promise?
I promise. I will come back.
Then, I will wait for you.
I may be able to help out around here.
While you are away, I must guard the place you’ll come home to.

Viese pulled out the last letter Felt had sent her.

Viese, the battle is over. Simsilt has won. Theodore has been imprisoned and the Empire has fallen. You should see their faces. Everyone is happy here!
With the Slaith Dynasty restored, this place will enjoy peace and prosperity. With Fee, Gray, and Noin, the country and Simsilt are in good hands.
During the course of my mission, I have traveled all over the world. Two worlds, even. Belkhyde is bigger and better than I ever imagined. I’ll miss it, but Eden is my home… I have one more task before I head home.
I won’t be long now, Viese.
Felt, what happened to you…

At that moment, the Belkhyde Gate opened!

Master Felt is…
Something happened to Felt?!
…Hope…for the…best…
Something did happen to Felt.

It should be noted that Viese thought this whole Belkhyde expedition through much more completely even before we begin.

Viese! I heard the news!
You plan on going to Belkhyde.
Please excuse me, but something has happened to Felt.
Please, let me go after him.
I doubt anything I say or do will stop you now.
Thank you.
Just promise me that you’ll be careful.
I promise.
May I ask for one more favor?
Of course. What is it?
Please take care of Iris.
I want to go with you!
I’m sorry, but it’s too dangerous.
Don’t worry. I’ll bring Felt back soon.
Please wait here.
Take this with you.
What is it?

From Iris, Viese received an odd set of notes with a recipe on it.

System Message: You now have the recipe for [Mell Orb]!
And this is from me.

And from Kreuz, an ancient relic from the vault of the Eden Temple.

Thank you, Kreuz. I’ll take good care of it.

Viese got her supplies ready and headed to the Belkhyde Gate, confident she could handle anything she found on the other side.

Felt risked his life to save Eden…
I think it’s time I risked mine to save his.
Don’t worry. I have to come back, for Iris’ sake.

Video- “Retracing Your Footsteps”

Watch the Story Unfold

Viese found herself deep in the desert sands of Tatalia.

I can’t even feel any Mana.
Felt was fighting in a place like this…?

And just like Felt, she soon learned the wildlife was far more aggressive than she was used to.

What’s attacking me?!

Fortunately, Viese’s preparations paid off and she was able to dispatch the creature with minimal effort.

Belkhyde really is a scary place.

Further, she traversed the deserts that had nearly killed Felt without particular issue.

Miss… By any chance, do you know anyone named Felt?
He’s a boy who wears blue clothing…
Desert Girl: A boy in blue clothing? Sorry… I don’t know him.
Oh, I see…
Desert Girl: Tatalia Village is just to the east. Why don’t you go ask the people around there?
Thank you, I will.

As Viese prepared to set out from the oasis, she also tested the folding cauldron she’d brought along.

This should work fine.
System Message: You can now Synthesize items at the camp!

Next time, we’ll continue to follow Viese’s travels through the mysterious land of Belkhyde.