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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 49: Chapter Forty-Eight: The Destone Orb

Their terrifying encounter began on the way to the Wetlands cave.

Video- “Poe”

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I just can’t stand living in that village… With all those noisy cats…
Isn’t that…?
Poe, what are you doing in a place like this?
I’m just soaking up all this wonderful nature, babe.
Where’s your wife?
I don’t want to talk about it!
Do you think I like living there? Eating nothing but fish everyday!
Well, there’s no point in complaining to us.
So, you told her you were going out for milk and never came back?
Poe? You went to Belkhyde?
Wh-What? Viese?!
You two know each other?!
Yeah. But what’s this about his wife…?
Our boy Poe here married a nice girl named Mitsue. Right?

Poe was less than happy that Viese was informed of this.

I see.
Congratulations, Poe. I’m really happy for you.
Ah… The eyes are the window to the heart…
If you look into mine, you’ll see that my heart belongs to you, not her.
Waaaah! Someone, kill me now!
What is he talking about now…?

Poe rushed ahead, into the cave. They followed, obviously not for Poe but rather for the stalactite stone they needed.

Video- “Falling Rocks”

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But, I’m worried about Poe…
Oh, I wouldn’t worry about him…
He wouldn’t die, even if you tried to kill him.

Poe himself certainly gave it a good try.

That’s me!
Nobody even cares if I live or die!

Poe’s clumsy efforts had left him unharmed, while also bringing half the ceiling of the cave down.

Hey, is everyone okay?
Yes, thankfully…
Man… He sure is noisy…
I think something fell from the ceiling…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: A Minor Note
So, it is possible that the game just became unwinnable for you. See, you need Flay Hammers to gather the Ancient Stone from the stalactites that just fell, and I guess it’s technically possible to get this far without having triggered that event that gives you the recipe. If you didn’t you get to replay the game because it was impossible a bit ago. I can only imagine someone tried to minimize how many recipes they got because when playing normally you should have no problems getting the Flay Hammers without even trying.

Their near death at his hands did make their job a bit easier, though.

Are you guys really going to leave me during my darkest hour?
I can’t believe I thought you were my friends…
You’re the one who made the cave collapse.
Yeah, we coulda been trapped in there because of you.
Well, Poe wasn’t trying to hurt us, so please cut him some slack…
Ah, Viese… You’re just as kind as I remembered…
She isn’t mean at all, unlike some other girls I know…
What are you trying to say, Poe?
That’s it, I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to help Viese!
I, Flashbang Poe, am honored to serve as Viese’s guardian!
Alright, you can come with us, but you have to tell Mitsue first.

Feine’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Substitution
So, if you’ve not played around with alternate materials before this is actually going to force you to. The Mell Orb requires a Mini Pendelook, Shadow Stone, and Glow Lamp to make. The first and last are fixed, but the second is variable. Now that we have the Ancient Stone we can switch the Shadow Stone out, which will cause the recipe to produce a new item, the Destone Orb. Whenever an item has a variable ingredient you should swap through the possible materials, because Viese will note if it seems like there is a new item possible.

Returning to the camp, Viese was able to produce the powerful Destone Orb.

So, it’s done?
Yes, this item should be strong enough to cure Felt.
Then, you did it, Viese!
Yes, thanks to all of you.
Then, let’s go save Felt!

What happened next will have to wait, as events got rather… complicated when they returned to Altena Church.