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Part 51: Chapter Fifty: Yuveria

Last time Eden fell to Belkhyde, an evil alchemist took it over, and they started searching for a solution to this problem. Max suggested they look into Chaos’ home town of Alha, and Hagel mentioned that dragon king Ardgevald was back. There were other suggestions, though.

Tatalian Guy: You can see the seal of Chaos, the Lightning Blade.
Chaos probably uses it for a vacation spot…
Desert Girl: It’s north of those mountains in the northern Tatalia region.
That’s where those mysterious ruins are.
To get there, you have to take the Holy Path.

The stylist from Grand, Theresa Marvel, had heard an interesting rumor.

But they say that there’s a secret shop in Claire Village.
They sell dragon-related items and other rare accessories.
Let me know if you find it.

Eizlen had the same suggestion as to where to start as the group did when they created the Megido’s Key.

You may find materials for the Ruby Prism in there.
You should go down there and search for yourself.
Sister Altena: I’m worried about the Gardo Continental Drive.
How is Yuveria?
How was she when you went back to check on her?

The Puni Liberation Front had also found something interesting.

Puni Eagle: Using the power of the Puni Liberation Front, we have gathered some useful information for you.
Listen up!
Puni: Did you know about the golden door in Sessier Forest?
Beyond that is a store related to alchemy.
That alchemy store looks like our store in the hide-out did.
But ours was blown to bits…
What did you think when you saw it?

They decided to head to Gardo first. The Drive was smashed to bits, and Yuveria was unresponsive.

When the Gardo Continental Drive collapsed, Eden’s seal was broken…
I should have been able to stop Chaos…
You did your best. There’s nothing we can do to change what happened.
Besides, we have a lot of things to do before we can waste time with regrets.
…You’re right.
Come on, let’s check this place out.

Viese quickly came to a rather disturbing conclusion about Yuveria.

This ‘person’ isn’t human…
What are you talking about?
Well… I won’t really know for sure until I study it more, but…
Felt, do you mind giving us some space for a minute?
I have to remove its clothes…
Oh yeah. Sure…
I knew it!
What did you find?!
Felt! Don’t look yet!

With decency restored, Viese revealed her conclusions.

Artificial humanoid?
Yes. She’s a robot-like cyborg, programmed to perform certain tasks.
A robot?! But she was so noble!
I don’t even know what you guys are talking about. What’s going on, Felt?
Uhh… I don’t know either.
We learned all about them in class, remember?
But, they never taught us how to repair them.
If only our alchemy school wasn’t so poor…

They also found a strange red shard of crystal.

Looks like… A piece of crystal.
The Azoth… It’s a piece of Elusmus.
And, it’s still shining!
We might be able to fix it. Let’s take it with us.
System Message: Received [Elusmus Fragment]!
A fragment of the [Ruby Prism] in the core of the Azoth..
Can’t we just replace the broken parts?
It’s worth a shot.

Behind the nearby golden door, they found a surprising room indeed.

I know. The first time I came here, I sensed its similarity to the Eden Temple.
I know the reason for that…
You see, this church was built during the golden age of alchemy in Belkhyde.
So, the Eden Tample was probably designed with the same architectural style.
That makes sense…
Let’s look around already!

The first thing of note was a book on Palaxius.

Book: His workshop is located in Vintavne, on the Dark Island.
That is where he created the Crimson Azoth.
The Dark Island…? I’ve never heard of it.
According to the book, it’s an island in the sea southwest of Mt. Gelad.
Southwest of Mt. Gelad… Then, the South Grand Coast is the closest point to it.
South Grand Coast, huh…? Alright, let’s go.

There were also hints to his motives.

Book: The power of Lilith, the ultimate prize of alchemy.
Palaxius, the creator of the Crimson Azoth…
Started a war in an attempt to attain this ultimate power.
It truly shows his devotion toward his work and knowledge.
I was taught that alchemy is an art for helping people.
Even if it’s not, waging a war for research is wrong.

They also found the recipe for a Reptile Egg, one of the Ruby Prism’s components.

System Message: Received [Ancient Skills]!
You now have the recipe for [Reptile Egg]!
Can you make it?
Yes. But, I don’t know where we can find a Dragon Tongue…
Can’t we get one from that Dragon King thing…?
We should be able to, right?
Book: Ardgevald is the dragon king. His big red body shakes the land and his howl can be heard for miles.

The forest was nearby, so they headed for the mysterious store mentioned by the PLF.

It turned out to be much like the workshops!

The fragments of Elusmus may have allowed us to enter…
So then, the Ruby Prism must be the key to entering the workshops…
But, this one looks different from the other ones.
But, why is that?

It turned out this workshop was connected to something else they needed.

Workshop: They are designed to be able to respond to any situation imaginable.
Please see the brochure for the many features of the Y-017J.
The brochure?
Is this it?
System Message: Received [Y-017J Blueprints]!

With the blueprints in hand, Felt returned.

So, what is this place?
I don’t think it was one of the workshops that sustained Eden.
I don’t know what this place was for, but it wasn’t for that.
Do you know what it’s for, Viese?
These look like blueprints, written in the ancient writings.
Y-017J… Yuveria…
Yuveria? Like the girl at Altena Church?
We should go to Gardo and see if we can fix her with these plans.

They returned to Gardo.

Video- “Yuveria”

Watch the Story Unfold

Just as I thought, these are her blueprints.
Yes. I may be able to save her with these.
Fee, Noin, will you give me a hand?
Oh, yeah.
Of course.
Viese, what about us?
You boys will have to wait outside.
Yuveria is a woman, after all.
Are you sure? I can be really helpful!
…Get over here.
Hey, what are you doing?
I can’t stand just waiting around.
Let’s just trust Viese to do her job. You don’t want to send the wrong idea.

Viese was able to repair Yuveria rather easily once she understood how she worked.

All functions rebooted.
Thank you for your help, Master Viese.
No problem. How do you feel?
Gardo… The seal of Eden has been broken.
Requesting an update to the current situation.

They explained to Yuveria what had occurred while she was inactive.

The current situation is dismal.
Palaxius, the Crimson Azoth, the power of Lilith…
The Eden Project’s primary purpose was to seal Lilith away in Eden…
Where the Crimson Azoth could not access it.
It was the power of Lilith that motivated the tragedy of 400 years ago.
To prevent the Azoth from attaining its dark desire.
That was the purpose for Gardo’s creation and my existence…
With this failure, the only hope lies with the Azure Azoth.
Please take this, Master.
What is it?
Ares Liquid… It is a required material for creating the Ruby Prism.
System Message: Received [Ares Liquid]!
I wish you great success in your upcoming battle.
Thank you. I promise you, I will put an end to Palaxius’ ambitions.
Alright, let’s head back to Riese Palace.
New information may have turned up by now.

Next time, we’ll see how they finished the Reptile’s Egg, the first of the mysterious ingredients of the Ruby Prism.