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Part 54: Chapter Fifty-Two: The Village of Alchemy

With the Reptile Egg in hand, Felt and his friends decided to follow up on Max’s leads into Chaos. They weren’t the only ones, either.

Tolena, what are you doing here?
I came to check up on something…
I’m going to speak with the mayor.
Bye bye, Noin. I’ll see you later.
I guess she’s always a little strange like that…

There was a golden door they’d never been able to pass before, and it led to a most unexpected place.

The door to a workshop!
There’s no doubt about it.
But, why is it out here…?

Tolena had finished her talks with the Mayor, which led quite logically to the explanation.

A village for alchemists?!
Well, a village to pass on the knowledge of alchemy in Belkhyde, actually, hehe.
Mr. Mayor, will you please tell them what you just told me?
Mayor: Of course.
This village was formed 400 years ago, by the alchemists who were left in Belkhyde.
We were to pass on the heritage of alchemy here.
Pass on… the heritage?
Mayor: Yes.
With Lilith sealed away by that Gardo drive, the power of alchemy can’t be used.
But, heritage is pretty useless without the power behind it.
And the seal of Eden has finally been broken…
Everyone in Eden was fossilized by an alchemist named Palaxius.
And if we don’t stop him soon, the people of Belkhyde will be next.
Mayor: I see.
I’ll tell everyone in the village to help you out.
Thank you very much.
Let’s see what the people have to say.

It seemed the village was quite aware of why Chaos had undertaken this effort.

Guy: One day, the sister came down with an incurable disease.
Wanting to save his sister, the brother searched for a cure.
Until one day, he found it.
He found a medicine that can cure any disease.
Guy: But, even with the knowledge, it was impossible to create it in Belkhyde.
Soon after, the brother and sister left the village.
The brother was named Chaos, and the sister was named Rie.
Everyone in this village knows this story.
What happened to them after that?
Guy: I don’t know.
But, the old woman who guards the Azoth should know.

They were able to discover her whereabouts from an old friend.

Pops: I heard from the mayor.
Thank for you help when I was making the Tera Flame.
You know a lot about alchemy, don’t you?
Pops: Yeah, I guess.
It doesn’t do me any good, and I don’t have any interest in alchemy but…
I come from a long line of Azoth guardians. My grandma made me learn all kinds of things.
Azoth guardian?
Pops: Yes.
My ancestors were charged with guarding an ancient Azoth.
You’re talking about the Crimson Azoth, aren’t you…?
Pops: I don’t know. I never paid much attention to this stuff.
If you wanna learn more about it, go ask my grandmother sometime.
She’s a recluse. She lives up on Mt. Gelad, near the South Grand Plain.
Okay, I will. Thanks.

They decided following up on this new lead was the best course of action.

We should ask the Azoth guardian to learn more about Chaos.
So, shall we leave for Mt. Gelad…?
Yeah, it’s just south of the South Grand Plain.
Okay, let’s go.

Tolena wanted to tag along.

How mean, leaving me behind like that.
You don’t really think we’re taking you with us?
Why not? We’re both after the same thing…
You’re chasing Chaos and the Crimson Azoth.
And I have been looking for Chaos, too.
Looking for Chaos?
He’s interesting, that’s why.
He was always isolated within the empire…
Anyways, let’s head on over to Mt. Gelad.
I’m sorry, but we really can’t go there with you.
Why not? Because I was an Imperial Champion?
No, of course not, Tolena.
Going to Mt. Gelad isn’t safe, for any of us.
I’m sorry, but it’s just too dangerous.

They suggested that Tolena return to Riesevelt for now.

Please, wait for me at Riese Palace.
Tell Max that Fee told you to wait there. Then you should have your run of the palace.
Very well. I’ll leave it all to you, Noin.
But, please take this…
System Message: Received [Aroma Material]!
I found this while I was looking for Chaos.
I want you to have it, hehe.

Before they headed out to Gelad, they also investigated the Workshop in the back.

Ohh… This is the workshop that sustains the main continent of Eden…
So, this workshop is pretty much Eden itself.
But, what’s that building behind Eden Temple…?
I’ll have to remember to check it out.
The purpose of the Eden Project was to seal the power of Lilith inside the Temple of Creation…
And seal that from the land of Belkhyde.
It is the primary facility in Eden, as it increases the power of Lilith.
The Temple of Creation… I never even imagined it was inside Eden.

With this information Felt returned to the group.

Okay, I’m back.
This was the workshop that sustains the central part of Eden.
But, it wasn’t damaged.
Then, let’s go on to the next step.

They set out for Mount Gelad, and after a long hike they reached the home of the old Azoth Guardian.

???; Hey! What are you doing here?
We came to find someone known as the Azoth guard.
Azoth Guard: So, what king of business do you have?
Let’s start with why we’re here.
Azoth Guard: I see… This Chaos is…
Do you know Chaos?
Azoth Guard: I don’t remember how long ago it was…
But, Chaos came here with a little girl on his back.
He was searching for the recipe to create an Elixir.
But, I didn’t have the strength to create an ultimate medicine, like Elixir…
In order to create an Elixir, you need the power of Mana.
In Belkhyde, without Lilith or any Mana at all, it was impossible to Synthesize it.
But, Chaos wouldn’t give up…
So, he turned to the Crimson Azoth, which we had sealed away.
Before I noticed, Chaos and his sister were gone…
Along with the key to the ruin, the [Mirror of Dawn]…

The Guardian gave them the other key to the ruins.

Azoth Guard: The ruin is along the northern edge of the Tatalia region.
You’ll find the ruin deep inside the mountain, past the [Holy Path].
You must see the rest for yourself.
Thank you for lending it to us.
System Message: Receive the [Mirror of Twilight]!
Azoth Guard: I am sorry. I couldn’t dissuade Chaos at all.
We understand how you feel.
Please, don’t be so hard on yourself.

What they found in those sealed ruins is a tale for another day, though.