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Part 57: Chapter Fifty-Five: The Azoth’s Return

’s Return

With all of the components in hand, they could finally create the Ruby Prism.

Video- “The Azoth Reforged”

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The Ruby Prism…
Wow… Even I can feel how powerful it is.
Yeah, it’s overwhelming…
Felt, here is the last piece of Elusmus.
Yes, that’s it…
I’ve done it.
Now, it’s your turn…
Right. Now I can repair the Azoth.

With the Ruby Prism in hand, it was now time for Felt to try and repair the Azoth.

And the Azure Azoth… I can feel their blessings.
Felt, do your best.
I will, thank you.
Fee, can I have a room? I don’t care where it is.
Yes, I shall have one prepared for you downstairs.
Do your best.
Everything will turn out fine. I believe in you.
I must go.

After some painstaking work to reinstall the Ruby Prism, the Azoth was restored to full power!

…How’d I do?
Azure Azoth: I feel quite spry, Master.
You did it!
It looks great!
Yes, we did it!
Azure Azoth: Because of the quality of the Ruby Prism, this Azoth is better than ever.
I bet it can be up to 3 times stronger than before.
We can defeat Palaxius with it now!
Azure Azoth: What? Palaxius…

They explained to Elusmus what was going on.

We have to destroy him!
Azure Azoth: Yes, of course. After all, that is my purpose.
Everybody, listen up. Our next battle will be the hardest we’ve ever had.
We must defeat Palaxius, no matter what.
Right. Peace is the very thing Simsilt hopes for…
And it is Slaith’s duty to defend our people.
I’ll take him out with one big shot…
And show him the power of justice!
I’ll follow Felt, wherever he goes.
And I will rescue Iris.
We are the only force that can stop Palaxius now.
Azure Azoth: It’s time to go, Felt.
Yes, we leave for Eden now!
System Message: The Azoth was repaired.
New Weapon Synthesis variations have been added.

With the Azoth repaired, dispelling the fog of Exzanosis was an easy task.

Video- “The Return to Eden”

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Ready, Elusmus?
Evil Fog! Disperse!
I just removed the petrifying fog from the land.
But the fossilized people are still the same.
I can use Destone Orb to help them one at a time.
Alright. Let’s hurry up and find out where Palaxius has gone to.

Palaxius of course noted this.

It must have been done by Elusmus and that meddling boy, Felt.
But, no matter. Soon, I will have finished absorbing Lilith’s power.
Let’s just see how good they really are…

Before they could even start curing people someone caught up with them to help out a bit.

I’ve finally caught up with you!
Mitsue! Don’t you know it’s dangerous around here?
But, I just found something to help you…
I just want to make things safer for you, even if it’s just a little safer…
Wooooo, hot couple over there, huh? Poeywoey~
Shut up!
System Message: Received [Speedster]!
Just make sure you come back in one piece.
Are you kidding? Do you actually believe that I can be defeated?
I know you’ll be careful…
So, I’ll wait for you at home.
Oh, and I almost forgot!
Pigeon Blood, the symbol of our love, has the power to avert bad luck.
Please keep it close to your heart and think of me.
Hahaha! Of course I will, honey.
Then, take care, my darling husband!
So, you didn’t tell her that we already used it to create the Ruby Prism?

Next time, we’ll see what happened when they cured the fossilization of Eden.