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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 58: Chapter Fifty-Six: The Garden of Stone

Back in Eden, they began to cure the fossilized inhabitants.

Ohhh, Felt…
Are you okay, Yach?
Y, yeah.
Whoa, what happened?
We’re chasing Palaxius. Please, Yach, just stay home.
Okay, but…
I’m going to sell my family’s real hidden treasure.
It’s an item that absorbs the powers of fire and ice.
I’m sure it’ll be useful for your next fight.
That should help a lot.
But you know, I can’t give it to you for free.
Always the salesman, huh…

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures:
Yach now sells the Fire, Ice, and Thunder Brands, which absorb elemental damage. It’s also very appropriate he’s charging us for stuff because recall, he would gladly sell his own family members if it were legal.

They moved from Yach through Noir, person by person, until they reached Melona’s shop.

Are you alright?
Oh, Felt! How have you been?
Uh, fine, I guess.
I see… Then this might be useful.
It’s a brand new item I added to my store.
It’s supposed to revitalize people, so it’s perfect for a fight.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures:
Melona now sells Angel Feathers and Illusion Bracelets, which speed up characters in battle. They’re pretty good if you’ve not been diligent in creating crazy cool things with alchemy and tracking down chests.

Eden Temple was their next destination.

Lutanus, are you alright?
Yeah, I’m back.
So, Palaxius… Iris was…
I understand.
I will search the library for items that will aid you in your fight.
Thank you…
But, it may take some time.
Felt, Viese.
In the mean time, will you please cure everyone in Eden.
No problem.
I will finish my search as soon as possible. Thank you.

And when they cured Kreuz, he had some important revelations.

Is that you, Felt?!
Yes, I just came back. Sorry I’m so late.
Don’t worry, you came back safe. That’s all that matters.
Viese’s here, too… I guess you’ve both seen tough times.
We have.
Look, this incident… It all started with an evil alchemist over 400 years ago.
Is that so… The Azoth has the power of Lilith.
So it would seem that Palaxius has been the source for all these tragedies.
After Viese left to get you, I did some studying of my own.
About Palaxius?
About Lilith.

Kreuz was able to fill in some important parts of the puzzle.

They sealed Lilith in the Temple of Creation and sealed that inside Eden.
But, Lilith, the Creation Mana no longer exists.
Viese, it’s Iris who has the power of Lilith.
That girl is a human, but contains Lilith’s power.
Lilith reincarnated into Iris, so to speak.
Lilith reincarnated?!
Can that happen?!
Although she can’t control it yet, she certainly does have Lilith’s power.
This doesn’t change a thing. I will keep my promise.
Whatever she really is, she will always be a part of my family.
It doesn’t matter if she’s an insanely powerful reincarnation of Lilith.
You have a point.
She needs you now, just as she did when she was ill.
Please, help her.
I will.
Palaxius went through there.
I shall now leave this matter in your capable hands.
Yes, master. You can trust us.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Restoring Eden
Yes you have to go to every single Holy Ground and destone all the Mana there. Don’t worry that Aquitto Spring seems to be missing, it’s inaccessible since Eden descended. Imagine you helped them off camera, or maybe didn’t because Jiptus was a bitch to us.

After they cured everyone in Eden, they returned to Lutanus. She had turned up something truly singular.

Thank you very much, Felt and Viese.
We’re just trying to help.
I was looking through the library and I found this book.
This may be of great help to you.
System Message: Received [Heavenly Sigh]!
You now have the recipe for [Element Blaze]!
Felt, Viese, the fate of the world rests solely on your shoulders.
Just do your best.
We will!

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures:
This was the best reward of them all, Element Blaze is an incredible attack Mana Item and we’ll see it created next time when I just do a bunch of alchemy for awesome things.

Now all that was left was for Felt and his allies to prepare to face Palaxius, the greatest alchemist of all…